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Webinar - How to find, understand and measure your product-market fit webinar with Pendo and Zendesk

Achieving product-market fit is an important early milestone in a technology company’s long-term growth trajectory. In fact, many venture capitalists won’t invest in a company without evidence of product-market fit. And for good reason: How can you justify putting resources toward innovation or strategic initiatives if you can’t first prove that your product has enough of a potential market to sustain itself and, ideally, generate profit?

What's New at Zendesk: Set your team up for success

Not only do customers expect you to respond immediately and with context, but they expect you to be accessible on every channel. To resolve each issue with care, agents are tasked with an endless list of tasks. Shawna and Andrew walk through the importance of setting your agents up for success in order to deliver the best CX for your customers. Catch Hannah Bastian demonstrating how this all works within Zendesk.

What's New at Zendesk: Conversations Are the Future of Service

Your host and product expert, Andrew Forbes, is joined by Zendesk’s EVP of Product, Shawna Wolverton. Join us to discuss how Zendesk is delivering a service solution with three components to address common CX problems: managing a growing number of increasingly complex customer requests, supporting their agents and internal teams by improving productivity and efficiency, implementing service fast with the ability to customize and optimize as their needs grow and change.

What's New at Zendesk: Work the way that works best for you

Shawna and Andrew know you have some pressing questions. How do you enable all of this on the backend? How do you set up your Zendesk in a way that it allows your customers to have conversations with you anytime, anywhere, and empower your team with the context, tools, and workflows to process these conversations? Stick around to see a demo by Jeremy Korman as he explains how to serve your customers well and set your team up for success.

What's New at Zendesk: Make it easy for your customers

We all know what conversational experiences are- we experience them every day in our personal lives, but when we interact with a brand or a business it's a different story. Listen to Andrew Forbes and Shawna Wolverton discuss how Zendesk is offering a solution making it easy for your customers with conversational experiences. Also, wait to see this in action with a demo from our very own Polomi Batra.