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Super-Charge Your Site Reliability Practices with Runbook Automation

To win in today’s digital age, organizations need to balance product reliability and feature delivery with dynamic business needs and legacy and multi-cloud environments. Automation, as a main SRE practice, scales product reliability practices by reducing tedious tasks related to production operations, freeing up engineers to work on innovation.

Rundeck Overview

What is Runbook Automation? View this 2 min. video to learn more about Rundeck's runbook automation solution. Automated runbooks enable faster, more effective incident response and maximize existing investments in people and automation. Rundeck automates Ops actions so your team can focus on improving customer experience and staying ahead of the competition.

DeveloperWeek 2021: From Ticket-Time to Real-Time

From Ticket-Time to Real-Time: Enabling Developers to Run What They Build, presented by Damon Edwards at Developer Week 2021. The DevOps movement has been undeniably pulling Developers into Operations. “Shift left” and “You build it, you run it” have become familiar rallying cries. But how do you actually enable developers to participate in Operations when so many policies, processes, and tools were designed to keep them out?

Runbook Automation: The Next Great Unlock for DevOps and SRE

Damon Edwards presentation at AWS re:Invent 2020. Operations is hard. Failure is inevitable. There is always more to do and not enough time to do it. With the pace of change rapidly increasing and complexity skyrocketing, those who do operations work are under tremendous strain. In this talk, we’ll discuss techniques that high-performing organizations use to achieve shorter incidents, fewer disruptive escalations, and get more done.

Modernizing Incident Response

Failure is inevitable. But are you incurring more downtime and disruption than necessary? Legacy incident response techniques have difficulty keeping up with the increasing pace of change and skyrocketing complexity of today’s application environments. During this webinar, you’ll learn about modern incident response techniques that can dramatically shorten incidents and reduce escalations. How a real-time operations platform intelligently manages alerts and on-call mobilization, delivering the right people the right information at the right time

Streamline your Incident Response with Datadog and Rundeck

Presented by Forrest Evans of Rundeck and Meghan Jordan of Datadog. In today’s digital age, customer experience is top priority. When an outage occurs, the tools that you have at hand can make all the difference for your customers and your brand. Your tools shouldn't just help you solve the immediate problem, but also prevent the same issue in the future.

Automated Remediation with Rundeck + Sensu

As operators, it’s our job to monitor infrastructure, systems and applications and only wake up humans for tasks machines can’t fix on their own. Automated remediation pairs monitoring and runbook automation, giving you a monitoring system that can trigger operational actions with runbook automation to shorten incident response times and avoid alert fatigue.