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How leading organizations govern their data to find success

With the increased focus on delivering value customers, it is imperative to build a next generation customer hub that delivers high quality and governed data. In this video we will share best practices for implementing a comprehensive data governance approach. Learn how to leverage the capabilities of the Talend Data Fabric to deploy a forward-looking data management architecture that detects and retrieves metadata from across databases and applications, builds data lineage, and adds traceability.

The Modern Data Eco System - How teams collaborate to unleash their data

With data becoming the main asset of a business, one of the biggest challenges is how to successfully leverage data to gain a business advantage. In the modern Data Eco System people with different skills set need to collaborate and work together to achieve their data objectives. How does a modern analytics team with data scientists, business analysts and data engineers work together? How are technologies such as Machine Learning, Big data and Cloud come together in a productive way.

Why Moving to Talend in the Cloud Is the Right Choice

What if you used your data to become more productive and profitable? What if you reduced your data TCO by 20%? What if you could see your data's quality in real-time — and fix it just as fast? In this video, Talend Cloud Expert Thomas Steinborn and David Petrella explore all the possibilities that comes with better data integration and integrity in the cloud and drive the majority of new Talend customers to choose Talend in the cloud.

Talend Data Inventory - Turning Data Quality into a Team Sport

Talend’s Data Inventory application enables your organization to easily collaborate across multiple business and technology functions and strengthen data integrity by centrally organizing datasets, consistently applying standardization rules and proactively correcting data errors. In this video, you will understand how Data Inventory, combined with Talend Pipeline Designer and Talend Data Preparation, extends your collaboration capabilities and enables self-service across your organization.