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Martello's 'Work from Anywhere' Monitoring Solutions

Measuring the user experience has become a critical priority and a constant challenge for IT teams. A growing number of services that users depend on to be productive are now delivered via the cloud. Few services are as critical to business today as Microsoft 365. Learn more about Martello’s new ‘work from anywhere’ solutions for Microsoft 365 that add capabilities that dramatically improve the user experience – from anywhere.

Guaranteeing Microsoft 365 Service Delivery: When the SLA Becomes an XLA

Microsoft 365 has become the new ‘virtual office’ and organizations are looking to ensure a consistent user experience, especially for employees working remotely. Watch this webinar to find out new approaches to manage your Microsoft 365 service delivery.

Troubleshooting Microsoft 365 End to End: Turning Interruption into Insight

How should you approach monitoring and troubleshooting Microsoft 365 so that you are the first to know of problems and have the tools at hand for quick remediation? Watch Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter MVP, Nick Cavalancia, and Martello VP of Product Development, Rob Doucette as they discuss how to troubleshoot SaaS applications like Microsoft 365 with end-to-end monitoring.

#ITConnections - Getting the Most from Your Microsoft 365 User Experience

From email, to word documents, presentations and spreadsheets, Microsoft’s suite of productivity software is an essential tool for most businesses. With Microsoft 365 being cloud-hosted it offers the ability to collaborate from any location. This flexibility comes at a cost, where it presents a new set of challenges to monitor and manage the end user experience. Organizations who are heavily dependent on Microsoft Office 365 simply can’t afford to not have visibility into what users are experiencing.