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Enhance and automate your cybersecurity operations

Watch Keysight and Flowmon present a cybersecurity solution reaching into the layer one transmission and utilizing behavior analysis to identify a hacker’s fingerprint.  Keysight will give a high level explanation on how to build an efficient visibility architecture utilizing Taps and Network Packet Brokers. Keysight will then provide an introduction to Threat simulator, a breach and attack simulation platform, which will be used in the demonstration to provide realistic attack traffic to the Flowmon. 

Tackling networking issues between users and cloud apps

By extending the capabilities of traditional network visibility, cloud adoption no longer comes at the cost of losing control over the quality of mission-critical systems. Even when employees can connect to an app from a mobile phone via places like a crowded airport Wi-Fi, with Flowmon's support of the cloud-native Packet Mirroring function, NetOps can ensure smooth service. This session will demonstrate how to identify the precise nature and origin of networking issues between your clients and apps hosted in Google Cloud Services.

Kemp Acquires Flowmon Networks: Ray Downes and J Tobola

Kemp acquires Flowmon for predictive network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPDM) and network detection and response (NDR). Kemp boosts load balancing and application delivery controller (ADC) solutions with advanced flow-based monitoring and encrypted traffic analysis to enable customers to uncover cybersecurity blind spots and accelerate application incident response. Kemp Technologies CEO Ray Downes and Flowmon Networks CEO J Tobola discuss the acquisition.

Power your digitalization with End-User Experience Monitoring

In the digital world, user-centricity is the one thing all successful modern applications have in common. But no matter how great the application is, users’ experience - whether customers or employees - is instantly ruined if performance degrades. This webinar will explain the differences between four major approaches to application and user experience monitoring and show how to get true end-to-end coverage by combining them.

Integrating Flowmon and PRTG guarantees IT performance and maximises security

Flowmon Networks, a global network intelligence company, and Paessler, a leading IT monitoring specialist, have integrated their solutions to bring together comprehensive IT monitoring capabilities with AI-powered analysis and advanced security features. Join this webinar to learn about the significant benefits of the integration for those responsible for ensuring availability, performance, and security for IT environments. We will also present a live demonstration of integration capabilities via use case focusing on operational and security aspects of remote workers.

Introducing Flowmon ADS 11

Facing the ever-changing threat landscape, businesses more than ever before seek for fast and precise answers when protecting their values. The new Flowmon ADS 11 is here to meet your needs, bringing massive performance increase, noise-free incident understanding and superior UX. Join this webinar to learn how you can lift your security operations up with a cutting edge network detection and response tool.