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The History of CI/CD

When you’re new to an industry, you encounter a lot of new concepts. This is especially true with DevOps, a fairly young corner of tech where things move very quickly, by design. Some of the concepts we consider central to DevOps are actually pretty old, though, predating the birth of DevOps by a decade or more. Without this context for how things evolved, and for the specific ways in which software development was more difficult without the methodologies and toolsets we have today, grasping the "why" for modern abstractions can be difficult. Without understanding the "why," learning to use a new tool well isn’t as easy as it could be.

Tracing Issues in Your Application

Imagine that you are receiving a support ticket that your application is not working. You read the attached stack trace and now it's time to solve the mystery—what did the user do that led to triggering this exception? Is it possible to find all the logs from all the applications that correspond to this user's business operation? What if the user is complaining that the system is slow? How can you decide which concrete operation is the culprit? Is there any way to visualize the latency?

Tanzu Talk: Container Strategy Notebook, kubernetes or PaaS, and why in the first place

Now is the time to figure out your container strategy. Instead of scrambling to do so, start with a solid footing of why you're doing it in the first place. Then decide on the approach you want: a PaaS or building a platform based on kubernetes. Coté covers all this, plus eats some French toast.

Using DevSecOps Flow to Operationalize Kubernetes

Interested in learning how to make Kubernetes more efficient for developers, security operators, and app operators using a DevSecOps workflow? VMware Tanzu is at the forefront of Kubernetes application lifecycle management, operationalizing DevSecOps and CI/CD workflows and application catalogs seamlessly into our development environment suite. Tanzu ensures your teams can spend less time configuring their applications for Kubernetes and more time on what really matters: building powerful apps that will delight customers, getting them to production quickly and securely, and managing them with ease.