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Let It Flow: Using Flow Metrics to Combat Cognitive Overload

Do conflicting priorities and interruptions disrupt your week? Is your calendar crammed with back-to-back meetings? If you are already overloaded and continue to take on more work, it’s likely you’re stressed. Stress impacts cognitive functioning - making it onerous to focus on and complete important work. While cognitive overload is difficult to measure, the impact is huge. How can the impacts of stress be measured--and communicated?

From PMO to VMO: Accelerate your Transformation with Tasktop Viz

As organizations start to modernize and manage work by product, traditional roles are changing. PMO roles—such as Program and Project Managers—are expanding and evolving due to the reorientation of organizations toward value-based outcomes. So what does the shift from the PMO to the VMO (Value Management Office) really look like? During this on-demand webinar, Chris Ruch, SAFe SPCT at Agile Rising and Wendy Flowers, Sr.

Webinar: How to Get Real-Time and Actionable Visibility Into Your Value Streams

Tasktop Viz™ implements the Flow Framework® to enable organizations to measure business value and results, instead of projects and costs. It provides a live value stream visualization of your software portfolio to reveal bottlenecks and areas where you need to invest, and provides visibility into the health of your product value streams, measuring end-to-end flow for each value stream, while tying it all to key business results.

Tasktop Hub Demo: Sophisticated cross-tool integration for ServiceNow Agile Development

Demonstrates Tasktop's bi-directional integration solution for ServiceNow ITBM / ServiceNow Agile Development with 60+ software delivery tools. Tasktop integrates tens of common development and testing tools used alongside ServiceNow like Rally, Targetprocess, Micro Focus ALM, and Tricentis Tosca or qTest to name a few. In this demonstration, we’ll focus on Rally and MF ALM. Populate the unified backlog with stories, defects, problems, incidents, and tasks that originate in other tools.

Driving Digital Transformation Insights with Value Stream Management

Many organizations have been on the road to AD&D transformation, making significant investments in CI/CD and release automation, yet they still have nagging issues such as siloed teams and lack of actionable data--and the new reality of working from home has made gaining the insights needed to master software at scale even more difficult. Value Stream Management (VSM) is helping enterprises to align and make better decisions, but there is still work to be done.