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Demo: Marketing Analytics & Fivetran: Google Ads Connector

With an ever-growing arsenal of tools available to marketing teams, it’s more important than ever to centralize all of your data in a way that’s fast, reliable, and in real time to realize and analyze the full impact of your marketing efforts. Our Google Ads Connector demo shows how quick and easy it can be to setup a connector with Fivetran.

Fivetran's mission with General Manager, EMEA - Nathaniel Spohn

Fivetran’s mission is to make data as accessible and reliable as electricity. We're focused on providing automated access to data so data analysts and engineers can be empowered to actually analyze their data. For small companies and large enterprises, Fivetran replicates data from 180+ sources to enable business intelligence and data-driven decisions alongside our partner companies.

Taylor Brown and George Fraser, Co-Founders of Fivetran, keynote the Modern Data Stack Conference

Throughout time data has improved the way we approach problems, find new discoveries, and make decisions. The technology that powers the creation and analysis of data hasn't always been reliable or simple to use, leaving some organizations ahead of others. This is disparity between the haves and have nots of data is changing due to the modern data stack. In this session, Taylor will give us a warm welcome and George will explain the impact of the modern data stack for analytic teams and how it is becoming as simple and reliable as electricity.