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Webinar replay: Getting ISO 27001 certification as a SaaS scale-up

Getting ISO 27001 certification is quite a process, so why should SaaS companies do it? ISO 27001 is the accepted global benchmark for the effective management of information assets. It increases the reliability and security of your SaaS product, improves customer and business partner confidence. Watch the replay of the joint webinar between and Detectify to get actionable insights about ISO 27001 certification.

Webinar replay: Design and document the perfect API

Publishing an API is crucial for your SaaS growth! Here is a replay of a joint webinar between and ReadMe, and learn how to design and document great API. At, we often receive the question – “What is a good API”? We have been working with more than 500 APIs and we have compiled a top 10 of common mistakes and pitfalls regarding all aspects of a SaaS API.

WooCommerce Teamleader integration via

WooCommerce - Teamleader integration Do you use WooCommerce for your webshop and Teamleader as your CRM? Integrate WooCommerce with Teamleader and get these tools to work together. What’s in the WooCommerce - Teamleader integration Create a new contact, company, and a deal in Teamleader when there is a new order in WooCommerce Create a new deal in Teamleader and add it to an existing customer when there is an order from your existing customer If you customer already exist in Teamleader, you can choose if you want to update contact information in Teamleader with the new order information in WooCommerce If your customer ordered multiple products or services in WooCommerce you can create deals for each item in Teamleader The integration will sync all your existing contacts, companies and orders from WooCommerce to Teamleader Register on - the data integration and cloud automation platform and search for WooCommerce - Teamleader integration Activate the integration and connect your Teamleader and WooCommerce accounts Configure your integration and finish the setup Sit back and let the integration do the manual work you had to do before The name of the deal in Teamleader will be the same as the name of the order in WooCommerce. If you change the name of the deal in Teamleader, the integration will create the deal again with the WooCommerce order name. Make sure you get your orders right in WooCommerce to avoid duplicates. has partnered with Teamleader to offer you a special price of €50/month for this integration