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Managing Your Full Application Lifecycle Using #GitOps

#GitOps is nothing new. Or, to be more precise, the principles of GitOps existed long before the term was invented. But hey, that's the pattern in our industry. It is the fate of all good practices to be misunderstood, so we need to come up with new names to get people back on track. That is not to say that we are in a constant loop. Instead, I tend to think of it as a periodic reset trying to eliminate misinterpretations. GitOps is one of those resets. It fosters the practices and the ideas that existed for a while now and builds on top of them.

#GitOps: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We all know what #GitOps is or what it should be. Nevertheless, not everything is full of roses and unicorns. Just as there are many benefits, we have many problems that need to be resolved both from the tooling and process perspectives. Join us in the open discussion with Viktor Farcic from #Codefresh and Adam Sandor from #ContainerSolutions

Using CLI To Configure Codefresh And Create And Manage Kubernetes Pipelines

Have you tried using Codefresh CLI to configure and operate Codefresh? UIs are great as a learning experience, but using them is slow, prone to errors, hard to reproduce, and results in hard-to-document processes. Writing code and scripts to accomplish the same results is a sign of maturity and experience. It is proof that we are capable of working in a team while also being an expert. Let's see how we can use everything-as-code and CLI to configure, create, and observe a fully operational Kubernetes pipeline in Codefresh.