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The brand new Foresight onboarding - Monitor GitHub Actions Workflows under 1 minute!

We improved the way you connect your workflows. With this update, we are also introducing Foresight’s Test Report Uploader step for your GitHub Actions workflow. You can pick your test framework, and our test report uploader automatically analyses each of your test runs.

Thundra Foresight, Test Observability Tool for Continuous Integration (CI) Pipeline, is coming soon!

Unlock Visibility into the CI Pipeline & Spot Test Failures in no time! Efficient microservices testing requires observable CI pipelines. By providing observability into the CI process, Thundra Foresight helps optimize the build duration and minimizes failed builds, enabling more frequent deployments, higher development productivity, and lower CI costs.

Webinar: The Non-Intrusive Debugging on Modern Architectures

Remote debugging in distributed environments is painful. Thundra Sidekick is more than just a remote debugger. It's secure and easy to use. When developers push their code to remote development or staging environments in pre-production, they usually lose the ability of traditional debugging with breakpoints. Instead, they have to read the logs carefully and understand what’s going wrong.

Introducing Thundra Sidekick to Product Hunters

Debugging, as in the form with breakpoints, is dead with the advent of distributed microservices. It's usually a problem to debug a remote microservice using intrusive methods because you can interrupt a user and/or another service that's using the debuggee service. Thundra Sidekick resurrects the debugging in microservices with non-intrusive breakpoints that could gather the same information a normal breakpoint would capture.

Remote Debugging Microservices with Thundra Sidekick

Thundra Sidekick is an application debugger for remote pre and post production platforms. It enables developers debug their applications 10x faster than before. With Sidekick, developers can debug any kind of applications such as microservices with distributed architectures hosted on cloud or on-premises. Sidekick offers non-breaking breakpoints aka. tracepoints seamlessly combined with distributed tracing. Software teams can debug any application hosted anywhere while collaborating with each other.