Yellowfin 8 Pre-Launch

Yellowfin 8 Pre-Launch

Santa Clara, CA, USA

We are launching 2 new industry-first products that will provide automatic analysis and create common and consistent understanding across the organization.

If you create or consume dashboards you can’t afford to miss this event.

Analysts will get their time back. Business users will no longer have to wade through a deluge of dashboards. And organisations can identify opportunities through the increasing avalanche of data.

Join us to see how you can add context to your reports, tell better stories around your data and automate your insights, no matter which dashboards you use.

Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie, will be in Santa Clara, CA to you give you an exclusive look at this breakthrough in BI.

This pre-launch event, in Santa Clara on October 18th will:

  • Reveal exciting new research on automated analytics
  • Demonstrate why Yellowfin 8 will transform the way we consume and act on insights.
  • Share insights into our future roadmap
  • Inspire your thinking around future-proofing your BI strategy

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