Spiceworks: Addressing Security Risks in a Multi-Cloud World

Spiceworks: Addressing Security Risks in a Multi-Cloud World


As enterprises continue to seek scalability, flexibility and efficiency in their technology stack, cloud platforms become very attractive. Because of this, many organizations find themselves overwhelmed with the cyber security challenges imposed by the use of multiple cloud platforms across their environment.

As organizations look to find a balance between the use of SaaS applications, public, private and hybrid cloud models, it is critical for security professionals to understand the nuances of these various clouds and their associated security risks.

Strategies must be developed that empower the business’s consumption of critical cloud services while also adopting the necessary security measures, balancing the risks and rewards of cloud computing.

Join the session to:

  • Learn which components of security you vs. the cloud provider are responsible for, depending on the type of cloud platform
  • Understand the top security concerns and risks for SaaS applications, public and private cloud platforms
  • Learn how Optiv and Palo Alto Networks can help you design, implement and optimize powerful cloud security solutions to ensure protection across any type of cloud environment

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