SAS: Trends in Analytics: Intro to IoT

SAS: Trends in Analytics: Intro to IoT


The Internet of Things (IoT) has forever changed the analytics landscape with its (even bigger) big data and a need for faster insights and actions. The IoT has also expanded traditional analytic processing beyond stored data into the investigation and analysis of streaming data. It has also extended analytical deployment to devices on the edge, analysis that takes place at the source of data generation.

To achieve value in this connected world, you need a solution that senses the data, understands it and acts on it. Mastering all the steps in this IoT value chain is no easy task.

Why attend?

  • Understand why IoT is driving an unprecedented data explosion.
  • Learn how SAS® helps bridge the technology gap between IoT and your current environment.
  • See how SAS Event Stream Processing on the edge and across the enterprise helps make near-real-time decisions.
  • Discover the impact of IoT by exploring some real-world examples.
  • Hear about the new power couple – the combination of IoT and AI.

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