SAS: The Future of Advanced Analytics in Clinical Research

SAS: The Future of Advanced Analytics in Clinical Research


From discovery to development, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Medical Things have the potential to improve speed and efficiency at every stage of clinical research.

The resulting insights and efficiencies enable life sciences companies to bring life-changing therapies to market faster while improving safety and reducing costs.

Join us for a deep dive into use cases that demonstrate how data and analytics are shaping the different stages of clinical research.

What we'll cover:

  • See how you can mimic the behavior of the clinical trial enrollment process and quickly predict likely outcomes.
  • Learn how an end-to-end clinical analytics framework approach translates to less time spent on operational data management activities and more time spent exploring and monitoring data quality and executing advanced analytics and statistics.
  • Explore SAS® and open-source machine learning adoption for data transformation to industry data standards, driving automation and consistency across clinical trials.
  • Discover applications for event stream processing and edge analytics to speed and improve decision making in clinical development.
  • Understand the role of IoMT technology and AI in developing services that improve compliance, outcomes and safety.
  • Find out how usage of advanced analytics for unstructured data can help you in different clinical research areas, like regulatory intelligence, pharmacovigilance and more.

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