SAS: A Connected Future: IoT for Health Care Providers

SAS: A Connected Future: IoT for Health Care Providers


Hear real-world examples of the ways data and analytics from devices are shaping the future of health care.

About the Webinar

We’ll be exploring use cases that show how increasing connectivity via the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is introducing a tremendous amount of new data with the potential to improve operational and clinical decision making for medical providers.

Analysis of data from devices can be used to improve hospital or clinic efficiency and patient satisfaction. And greater connectivity means the ability to access more patient data at a higher frequency to better measure and predict health outcomes.

Why attend:

  • Explore the role of connectivity in creating better operational decision making around patient satisfaction, scheduling, supply chain and more.
  • Hear IoMT use cases for sepsis detection and prevention, antibiotic resistance monitoring and control, opioid addiction prevention and treatment and more.
  • Learn how the use of edge analytics and event stream processing empower analysis at the point of the sensor.

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