Quest: Quest KACE simplifies Microsoft Windows 10 migrations

Quest: Quest KACE simplifies Microsoft Windows 10 migrations


It’s inevitable; you’re going to need to migrate to Windows 10 at some point. But making the move to this exciting new OS isn’t as simple as putting new machines in place or just running UPGRADE.EXE.

There’s much more to consider, user environments, applications, new security options, how to actually plan and roll out Windows 10 successfully in your environment and how to do all this quickly and cost effectively.

Join this Healthcare specific webcast and discover how the Quest®KACE® solution will help you create a Windows 10 scripted installation, custom post installation tasks that will standardise your desktop. We will also demonstrate how to make your new desktop look more corporate.

You’ll learn and see how to:

  • Save time and money with unified endpoint management.
  • How KACE SMA can analyze your existing hardware and software prior to migration.
  • And How KACE SDA provides a flexible, concise platform from which to drive a controlled program of migration.
  • Installations of core applications, domain configuration and key disk encryption techniques.

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