Hortonworks: Why You Don’t Need PAAS For Big Data

Hortonworks: Why You Don’t Need PAAS For Big Data


Customers are increasingly moving to hybrid architectures with multiple cloud vendors and a combination of cloud and on-premise options. The Hortonworks global data management vision has produced the Data Plane which allows customers to manage big data in this type of hybrid environment.

Join us for this session as we introduce Cloud as an Infrastructure for Hortonworks. In this session you will learn more about the:

  • Data Life Cycle Manager (DLM)
  • Data Steward Studio (DSS)
  • Data Analyst Studio (DAS)
  • Streams Messaging Manager (SMM)

Creating clusters on different cloud platforms for ephemeral work-loads is another emerging area of focus. Cloudbreak is a component of the Hortonworks platform that is used for creating and managing clusters on different clouds. We will introduce Cloudbreak and walk through a demo.

The session will end with an overview of cloud storage and how it can be used with Hortonworks.

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