February 2020


Integrating Palo Alto with Logz.io's Cloud SIEM

First things first, why would you want to collect logs from Palo Alto and send them to a Cloud SIEM? There are many reasons. At its core, having a centralized location with a consistent user experience for managing alerts, notifications, and information coming from the technologies securing your environment can provide value in a lot of ways. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to collect, parse, and analyze Palo Alto logs in Logz.io Cloud SIEM, and how it can help secure your cloud workloads.


Securing IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS in 2020 with a Cloud SIEM

As the cloud continues to expand with no end in sight, it’s only wise to invest in it. Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service bring significant cost savings (personnel and ownership), improved performance, better reliability, freedom to scale and - above all - significant security benefits. It’s no wonder that so many businesses have already adopted all three of these models.


Pre-RSA Twitter Poll: 3 Interesting Observations on SOC, SIEM and Cloud

In advance of the RSA Conference 2020, we wanted to get a pulse of attendees’ perceptions on a few topics, specifically challenges facing modern SOCs (security operations centers) and the value they are getting from technologies such as analytics, automation, and their SIEM tools. To get this, we fielded a series of questions to the Twitter-verse and received nearly 17,000 votes! After going through the results, we found a few interesting things…


SIEM Yara Rules

The tongue-in-cheek named malware detection tool, Yet Another Recursive Acronym (YARA) is described as “the pattern-matching Swiss Army knife for malware researchers (and everyone else)”. The Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM Enterprise platform is one of the first SIEM solutions to incorporate it as a built-in feature. This gives blue teamers an additional layer of detection built into the SIEM.


3 ways Humio improves SIEM performance

Back in the early 2000s, SIEMs were the golden standard for security. Combining log management with analytics and compliance, they were the multipurpose tool that experts compelled organizations to adopt. But times have changed. SIEMs have grown into complex entities filled with subsidiary applications and lost focus on log management. They can even collapse under the weight of all the data they need and fail to return search results.


How to Secure Office365 with Cloud SIEM

SaaS adoption is continuously on the rise and so is the number of companies migrating their email services to Microsoft Office365. It’s the most popular SaaS service and while over 90% of enterprises use it, only less than a quarter of them have already migrated to the cloud-based suite. Nonetheless, this number is growing steadily, as cloud adoption rates are increasing.