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August 2022

Strategies to Align AI Data Collection and Management with DevOps Practices

DevOps is characterized by the acceleration of processes to ensure continuous delivery without compromising high software quality. Balancing speed and quality is quite a challenging task, though. Data issues are among the most significant problems encountered by DevOps teams. These can be worse in the context of AI development, where massive amounts of data play a crucial role in machine learning.

Statistics on Cyber Terrorism Attacks and Computer Security Costs

For the last three decades, cyber terrorism has risen exponentially. Not only do these attacks cost time and money, but they also produce mass fear and hysteria, undermining national infrastructure and leading to resource scarcity in countries all over the world-including the United States. in this article, we give an overview of cyber terrorism, taking a look at what it is and what impacts it can have.

The Core Components of a Successful Travel Risk Management (TRM) Solution

Organizations with a global reach often require employees to travel near and far. Now more than ever, businesses have a duty of care to ensure the safety, well-being, and security of their workforce, no matter the destination. To ensure traveling employees are kept safe, organizations must prepare their people for potential risks and keep them informed throughout their journey, providing further assistance and care if needed.


Get Git Info with GitLens

GitLens is a popular extension built for Visual Studio Code that helps developers extract the powerful insights hidden within Git code repositories. This VS Code extension makes development effortless by providing tools to quickly glance through, compare, and track each line of a code. It also helps address the drawbacks and intrusiveness of native Git features in large-scale projects.

HEAL Software

How Modern Infrastructure is Impacting Application Availability at Scale

The complexity of modern information technology (IT) infrastructures has grown exponentially and changed the way software companies operate and deliver products and services. The days of a single application server and a simple delivery path are long gone. Today’s application development and delivery process can encompass multiple platforms, cloud vendors, code libraries and customer bases.


Automate AWS Lambda function deployments to AWS CDK

When you build a cloud-based application, you can choose to deploy the resources using the GUI (Graphical User Interface) or CLI (Command Line Interface) provided by the cloud provider. This approach can work well with just a handful of resources, but as the complexity of your application increases, it can become difficult to manage the infrastructure manually.


7 Most Important Key Metrics of Server Monitoring Software

Modern-day servers are robust enough to accommodate as many applications and processes as possible. Still, there is a limit to how much load a server can handle. If your business does not heed the server constraints in time, you are bound to suffer from operational loss due to server downtimes. To closely monitor your server health, you must track specific metrics regularly. Here are some server monitoring metrics that every business should report and analyze.


Steps to Implementing ITIL Software for Your Business

A service-oriented approach to automation, ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Here, a central framework is designed using software solutions that help businesses map, select, deliver, and monitor their IT services more comprehensively. Here is a guide on the steps involved in implementing ITIL V4 software strategies for greater efficiency and higher productivity.


AWS Monitoring Tool

Businesses today know what a cloud migration brings to the table regarding growth and optimization. AWS is the most popular cloud platform for hosting applications of varying complexity. But, with businesses aiming to upscale faster, the deployments tend to become difficult to track. This is one of the many reasons businesses need AWS monitoring tools. This blog will discuss the industry’s best practices for AWS monitoring.


Network Availability Monitoring Tools

For any digital service provider, there’s nothing worse than remaining in the dark and responding to network issues only when a customer rings in with a complaint. However, the planning and management needed to remain ahead of such network issues requires consistent monitoring. Network availability monitoring is a crucial aspect of network management and administration today. Here’s a detailed guide on network monitoring and network availability monitoring tools.