January 2022

Incident Response: Virtual agent capabilities in app video

Virtual agent has two primary functions: to transfer user to a live agent and provide case status. In this video we’ll show you how both of those functions work. For more information on Incident Response, see: Your feedback helps us serve you better. Did you find this video helpful? Leave us a comment to tell us why or why not.

How the IT service provider q.beyond thrives with Icinga

We are proud of our many customers and users around the globe that trust Icinga for critical infrastructure monitoring. That´s why we´re now showcasing some of these enterprises with their Success stories. It´s stories from companies or organizations just like yours, of any size and different kinds of industries. Some of them are our long-standing customers, others have just recently profited from migrating from another solution to Icinga.

Our Selenium Synthetic Monitoring Stack

We maintain a highly optimised browser automation stack in order to provide the most stable environment for our customers to run their Selenium scripts in. Our goal is to deliver the best user experience for writing and maintaining a synthetic script and configuring the browser environments it runs in. The synthetic monitor data we produce is used for simulating website processes such as form-based authentication, eCommerce transactions, and regulatory checks.

Harnessing AIOps to Improve System Security.

You’ve probably seen the term AIOps appear as the subject of an article or talk recently, and there’s a reason. AIOps is merging DevOps principles with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning. It provides visibility into performance and system data on a massive scale, automating IT operations through multi-layered platforms while delivering real-time analytics.

Improve Apache Spark performance with the S3 magic committer

Most Apache Spark users overlook the choice of an S3 committer (a protocol used by Spark when writing output results to S3), because it is quite complex and documentation about it is scarce. This choice has a major impact on performance whenever you write data to S3. On average, a large portion of Spark jobs are spent writing to S3, so choosing the right S3 committer is important for AWS Spark users.

Ocean Insights now available for Google Cloud

As companies move more applications into the cloud, and package them into containers, environments become more complex with limited visibility. While infrastructure is abstracted away as much of it is delivered by the hyperscalers, this creates an opaqueness that makes it hard to control costs and understand resource utilization. As a result, many companies are experiencing high cloud bills and lots of cloud waste.

The 10 Best AWS Migration Tools (Updated 2022)

Moving large amounts of data to the cloud can be arduous and time-consuming. A cloud migration would take years if engineers manually moved data from assessment through mobilization and migration phases. An effective cloud migration also requires adequate data encryption, fast data transfer speeds, and constant monitoring. Migrating workloads to AWS requires you to monitor costs in real-time as well to avoid overspending.

Cloverleaf and Customized Management Packs

Every business is different, and every IT environment has its own set of challenges. Customized SCOM Management Packs are created to meet the monitoring and automation requirements of your company's critical applications. OpsLogix offers a wide range of off-the-shelf monitoring products, but for companies working with niche applications, these are not always applicable.

Using automation and monitoring for documentation

I often have discussions with N-able partners who need help capturing data for either regular reporting or just to have when a customer asks for it. Often people will use a tool like BrightGauge to pull data from their RMM platform and generate dashboards and reports. However, these can be overly complex if you only need to capture the data so you have it and can act upon it. What I regularly recommend is that you create a monitoring script to capture just the data that is needed.

How to save on your Azure Monitor and Log Analytics Costs

Thomas Stringer has a couple of great blog posts on how to understand your Azure monitoring costs and also on how to reduce your costs, see Azure Monitor Log Analytics too Expensive? Part 2 – Save Some Money | Thomas Stringer (trstringer.com). In the past I’ve blogged on How to calculate the Azure Monitor and Log Analytics costs associated with AVD (not an easy task!).

The Business Case for Observability and Site Reliability Engineering

Unlike traditional IT Ops, the role of the SRE isn’t simply focused on finding and solving technical problems. The big win for today’s SREs is supporting the organization’s strategic innovation initiatives. With the appropriate observability capabilities, it’s possible to quantify the value that software infrastructure contributes to this innovation effort.

Get the most of your .Net Builds

Give your.Net ecosystem the full power of DevOps running on AWS - The JFrog Platform covers the full application lifecycle of.NET builds from developer fingertips through distribution to consumers while covering application security, vulnerability analysis and artifact flow control. In this webinar will see how you can configure your.NET builds on AWS, so that they take full advantage of JFrog Platform for managing the lifecycle of your.NET artifacts.

How to use OpManager as an effective disk space monitor for your network monitoring environment

Disk space availability in servers is crucial. Applications that run on these servers save log files and write data to a database that is also installed on the server; if there isn’t enough disc space, the application may not work properly and may crash. Monitoring disc space is critical for IT administrators to maintain server performance and network availability by preventing a sudden and unexpected lack of server disc space.

What is MTTR? Resolve incidents faster through ops, alerting and documentation

When downtime strikes any distributed software deployment or platform, it’s all hands on deck until the lights are green and service is restored. This process, from the recognition of a problem to a deployed solution, has most commonly been defined as MTTR — mean time to resolution. In just the last few years, DevOps and site reliability (SRE) professionals have developed sophisticated new models for how they work and audit their successes.

Why you need network monitoring?

Network monitoring is a continious analysis of a network to detect and correct any performance issues. Network monitoring involves collecting network statistics to determine the quality of services offered by the network. With tools like Icinga, it’s possible to monitor hardware and software in your network. Espacially in the pandemic when many employees work from home, it’s good to have a tool which checks the network permanently.

A single pane of glass for automatic incident response for Bridgeport Public School District

“I have been doing this for 20+ years and have been using literally every product out there. Derdack is unique at how issues are addressed and communicated out because of the seamless integration, maturity and flexibility of the platform. Working with Derdack has been a game changer for us and helped us to do more with less.” Jeff Postolowski, Director Information Technology Services, Bridgeport Public School District

Wisdom of the Crowds: The Value of User Sentiment Observability

What’s the first thing most people do when they’re unhappy with a business? Take to social media to complain about it. Observing those comments – otherwise known as “user sentiment observability” – gives you a head’s up as to when problems become big enough to impact user experience. How can you monitor that voice of the customer? And why is it important to do so? Let’s take a deeper look at the issues.

8 Best Sentry Alternatives You Should Try

Selecting the best sentry alternatives for error monitoring is likely to be difficult. It might be difficult to sort between the features, benefits, and drawbacks of many software companies and sellers. Let's talk about how to make this process easier by looking at the eight best alternatives to Sentry. Sentry is open-source application performance and error-tracking tool that allows developers to track and fix errors in real-time.

A Complete Introduction to SQL Server Transactions

One of the most fundamental concepts in any relational database management system (RDBMS), such as SQL Server, is the transaction. During my consulting career, I've seen many performance problems caused by developers not understanding how transactions work in SQL Server. In this tutorial, I'll explain what transactions are, why they're necessary, and how they work in SQL Server.

How to become HIPAA compliant on AWS in 2022?

Since the 90s, when you run a company in the Healthcare industry in the US market, you must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Rule. Some of the security rules are directly linked to how you operate your organization, the others how you manage your application data for your customers. This article will walk you through what to consider on AWS to be HIPAA compliant in 2022.

APM Insight: 2021 in Review

2021 was the year of hybrid work. An interesting year full of hope and thoughtfulness, 2021 saw increased office-based collaborations complementing our diverse remote workforce. Through this, we sought to look within to sort our processes and deliver what it takes to ensure the best monitoring experience for our customers worldwide. Here is a quick recap of the APM features we rolled out last year and a brief note on our plans for 2022.

Get Started with Playbooks Permissions

The goal of Mattermost Playbooks is to help teams consistently orchestrate any and all recurring workflows. A Playbook is a prescribed, repeatable process that a team has agreed on and formalized as a collaborative checklist saved on their Mattermost server. We at Mattermost use Playbooks for incident collaboration, customer onboarding, and product releases, along with many other complex processes.

No Internet? No Problem. Use Xray with an Air Gap - Part II

With software supply chain attacks on the rise, implementing DevSecOps best practices in an air gapped environment is a must. In an effort to secure an organization’s internal network, there is an increasing trend of separating the internal network from the external one. Essentially creating an enclosed and disconnected environment from the public internet. An air gapped solution provides stricter security requirements, but that’s not enough.

Rundeck Office Hours: Best Practices for Setting up Rundeck ACL's

Presented by Nathan Fleugel, December 9, 2021 Register to attend Rundeck’s monthly community office hours. Each 60-minute session will focus on a Rundeck topic followed by a live Q&A. Join us this month for an AMA discussion followed by a live Q&A led by technical experts from Rundeck’s engineering, product, and solution engineering teams. Experts are available to provide advice on your technical architecture, give recommendations for operational best practices, review current Github issues, or dive into the open source code itself.

Unpack Kubernetes Blindspots in 5-Minutes

With Kubernetes being used to scale the operation of containerized microservice architectures, mass amounts of metrics are being delivered on a continuous basis. That continuous stream of data damages the possibility of ensuring the performance of your IT footprint. Especially if the proper tools are not in place to pinpoint missing data. Humio’s ability to gather deep insight from unstructured and structured data provides the visibility needed to highlight what is unseen.

Show it Off with Splunk TV! More Ways to Display Your Best Dashboards

Splunk TV lets you easily display your data on the big screen to visualize and monitor what’s going on in your business. Splunk TV is optimized for a hands-off experience, with slideshows and automatic scrolling so you can display the most important metrics securely and easily. We’re happy to announce that in addition to Classic (Simple XML) dashboards, we now support Studio Dashboards and IT Service Intelligence Glass Tables.

A beginner's guide to network monitoring with Grafana and Prometheus

Networks are the backbone of inter-communications within computer systems and applications. When networks go down or experience any interruption of service, the impact is widely felt and can result in significant service disruptions and lost revenue. This is why network monitoring is mission critical for organizations. Visibility into network performance is key to ensuring that network engineering teams can be more proactive and identify problems before those issues cause outages.

A Developer's Guide to Continuous Performance Testing

One of the most important phrases of DevOps practices is “Test early, test often.” It’s crucial to perform functional testing early with unit tests and integration tests. But it’s equally important to perform non-functional testing. That means you should have performance tests. As markets become more saturated with each passing day, you no longer have the luxury to postpone performance testing until all features are developed.

Webhook, Pub/Sub, and Slack Alerting notification channels launched

When an alert fires from your applications, your team needs to know as soon as possible to mitigate any user-facing issues. Customers with complex operating environments rely on incident management or related services to organize and coordinate their responses to issues. They need the flexibility to route alert notifications to platforms or services in the formats that they can accept.

Creating custom notifications with Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Run

The uniqueness of each organization in the enterprise IT space creates interesting challenges in how they need to handle alerts. With many commercial tools in the IT Service Management (ITSM) market, and lots of custom internal tools, we equip teams with tools that are both flexible and powerful. This post is for Google Cloud customers who want to deliver Cloud Monitoring alert notifications to third-party services that don’t have supported notification channels.

9 Types of Phishing and Ransomware Attacks-And How to Identify Them

Cyberattacks have become more pervasive globally, evolving quickly in sophistication and scale, and are now more lucrative than ever for cybercriminals. Not only has The Everywhere Workplace extended the cyber risk and threat landscape—especially for data privacy and its protection—but a lot of Agile software developers, many of whom lack any DevSecOps process, are publishing untested or poorly tested software that can be exploited as zero-days by criminal gangs.

Monitoring Endpoint Logs for Stronger Security

The massive shift to remote work makes managing endpoint security more critical and challenging. Yes, people were already using their own devices for work. However, the rise in phishing attacks during the COVID pandemic shows that all endpoint devices are at a higher risk than before. Plus, more companies are moving toward zero-trust security models. For a successful implementation, you need to secure your endpoints.

ICYMI: Honeycomb Developer Week: The Partner Ecosystem

We know that you value collaboration. That’s why we share incident reviews and learnings—because we believe the entire community benefits by working together transparently. In the spirit of working better together, we invited ecosystem partners from ApolloGraph, Cloudflare, LaunchDarkly, and PagerDuty to present at Honeycomb Developer Week, a three-day event filled with snackable, time-efficient learning sessions to help you uplevel your observability skills.

RPA vs. IPA - What's the Difference?

The promise of robots integrating into our everyday lives has long been on the minds of forward-thinkers and visionaries. Perhaps none were quite as bold in their future predictions as American chemist and Nobel Laureate Glenn T. Seaborg, who envisioned a 21st century in which every home would not only have its own robot, but also an intelligent species of animals that could help with household chores.

How business optimization efforts stack up

Like many business leaders, you may be wondering if you’re getting the most out of your technology investments and if there are things you can do to gain efficiency. Many organizations have taken steps toward optimization to reap the rewards of: In fact, 35% of organizations have made significant or very significant progress toward optimizing risk management and cybersecurity, according to a global survey of 900 senior business leaders by ServiceNow and ThoughtLab.

Consulting Business Models (3 Potential Paths)

Consulting business models can make or break the success of firms. Before you decide on a business model for your consulting firm, consider the following questions: The right professional services business model will support scalability and profitability. If you're actively considering business consulting models and find yourself at a crossroads, this is the perfect article for you to read. A consulting firm's business model can determine the trajectory of the organization.

Introducing Flexible Subscriptions: Websites Are Dynamic, Monitoring Should Be Too

Have you ever felt limited or “locked into” a fixed SaaS subscription plan? Have you ever been forced into a Sales call only to struggle with the decision – and costs – of upgrading to a higher plan tier to add incremental features or usage you need? Are you subscribed to a SaaS plan today that’s chock-full of features or capabilities you’ve never used (or asked for!) – but are still paying for? If so, you’re not alone.

Modernizing Government Technology: How Federal Agencies Are Progressing on Technology Transformations

When the U.S. Congress passed the Modernizing Government Technology Act (MGT) of 2017 as part of the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act, it established both funding and a process intended to help bring aging federal IT systems and infrastructure up-to-date with state-of-the-art technologies common in the private sector. According to the legislation, the goals of MGT are to.

Continuously Securing Software Supply Chain

Catch this session to see a breakdown of the recent news related to software supply chain security and what you can do to meet new requirements and protect your software from such attacks. With new software supply chain attacks reaching the spotlight at an accelerating pace, security research uncovering novel attack methods and new mandates and guidelines starting to come into effect — it can be hard to stay on top of the latest developments and their implications.

Can You SPL? Splunk4Splunk: The Next Level with Tony Read

Hear from Tony Read, Splunk's Solutions Engineer in our Public Sector as he shares how to dive deep into advanced commands unlocking the true power of Splunk's platform capabilities. Tony also shares some of the key lessons he’s learned throughout his career, along with advice for success as a Sales Engineer.

GitHub Actions and Shipa Webinar

As a software engineer, leveraging GitHub is one of those tools that transcend your personal and professional development activities. Bringing open source to the masses, GitHub is a familiar platform for many. A newer addition to the GitHub Platform is GitHub Actions which was originally a workflow engine, now expanding into CI/CD. Combining the ubiquity of GitHub Actions to your GitHub project/repository with the powerful application abstractions that Shipa provides is a great developer experience. Watch this webinar recording combining the power of the two platforms.

mooving to...Remix

Learn from Kent C. Dodds, Co-Founder, Director of Developer Experience at Remix, about moving to Remix, a new way to build websites. This 30-minute conversation will review the ups and downs of accessible, scalable, performant apps. Discover tips to achieve the ability to write code once and deploy anywhere. Hear first hand how to build: New full-stack web framework for modern UX Fully fused frontend and backend of any website Simplified code without sacrificing usability

Introducing wachy: A New Approach to Performance Debugging

Wachy is a new Linux performance debugging tool that Rubrik recently released as open source. It enables interesting new ways of understanding performance by tracing arbitrary compiled binaries and functions with no code changes. This blog post briefly outlines various performance debugging tools that we commonly use, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Then, we discuss why and how we built wachy.

Just How Important Is Your Integration Infrastructure?

Most companies take their integration infrastructure for granted. I’m talking about middleware such as IBM MQ, Kafka, Solace, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ. These form the basis of most enterprise-level businesses. One of our electronic manufacturing customers was building products worth $40K per minute. A failure in one of the factory floor’s automated systems brought manufacturing operations to a complete halt.

Best Practices for IT to Support Hybrid Work in 2022

I hate to say this, but #Omicron is at the doorstep. According to the CDC website, there have been over 60M cases in the US so far. As a result, companies like Google and Apple are delaying returning to the office while some call the return date as now ‘history’. Although we cannot predict the nature of the virus, we have some best practices to help our customers and IT manage their employee experience in a hybrid distributed environment.

Getting the best out of Samsung Knox management with Mobile Device Manager Plus

In case you missed it, Samsung Knox has verified Mobile Device Manager Plus as a Knox Validated Partner solution. This means that our EMM solution meets its business-level requirements for 2022, and that we support a wide range of features to help you get the best out of all your mobile devices that support Samsung Knox capabilities.

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What is Incident Response?

When a service is down, a system is failing, or a security issue is in the midst of occurring, organizations need a solid incident response process to get up and running again. Incident response isn't just for high severity, lights out incidents either; if you've rebooted your computer to fix a problem, you've been an incident responder yourself! Incidents happen, and any successful organization knows that instead of pretending that one day nothing will ever go wrong, it's far more useful to develop a comprehensive operational response plan. And to do so, you need to know what incident response is! Let's get into it.

Monitor Dell EMC Isilon with Crest Data Systems' integration in the Datadog Marketplace

Dell EMC Isilon is a petabyte-scale network attached storage (NAS) system that allows you to archive unstructured data. Isilon operates in a cluster to provide high availability, and you can scale up its throughput, IOPS, and storage space by adding nodes to your cluster. Isilon automatically replicates your data throughout the cluster to ensure durability and provides caching to minimize data retrieval latency.

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) - 101

This is a multi-part series that covers monitoring Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD). In this blog post, which is part 1 of the series, you will learn about and understand Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and how it is different from an on-premises Active Directory (AD). As technology keeps evolving, companies increasingly look to technologies like Cloud Computing to expand, modernize and stay competitive, and in doing so companies can expose themselves to risks.

Diving Under the Hood With Our New 'Node Status' Feature

More than anything else, Kubernetes troubleshooting relies on the ability to quickly contextualize the problem with what’s happening in the rest of the cluster. As complicated as this may sound, SPEED is really the name of the game. After all, more often than not, you will be conducting your investigation under the glow of fires burning bright in production. Getting relevant context quickly and seeing things holistically is exactly what Komodor was created for.

What is ServiceOps?

ServiceOps is a new business technology strategy that combines IT service management (ITSM) with IT operations management (ITOM). ServiceOps is fundamentally about connecting people, processes, and technology that are dependent on one another to enable successful service delivery and make user experiences better with automation, collaboration, and visibility across traditionally fragmented departments.

Improve Incident Response by Getting Control of Your (Unintelligent) Swarm

Incidents happen. Things go wrong. Systems fail. Sometimes they fail in unexpected and dramatic ways that create Major Incidents. PagerDuty makes a very specific distinction between an incident and an Incident. Your organization may also make such a distinction. Determining if an incident is major or not can come down to a number of factors, or a specific combination of factors, like the number of services affected, the customer impact, and the duration of the incident.

How to Build the Ultimate Database Monitoring Dashboard

Using the PerfStack feature in the Orion Platform, we will show you how to create the ultimate database dashboard that allows you to correlate performance across your entire IT stack. Quickly see if the problem truly is a database problem or resides somewhere else, such as the networking or system layers.

How to Import/Export Orion Alerts

The Out of the Box alerts on the Orion Platform are good, but alerts for specific needs are better. The flexibility of the alerting engine in the Orion Platform is one of the best ways to tune the platform to your needs. We'll show you how to import alerts from THWACK and how to share any of your excellent alerts with the SolarWinds community. Working with real-world examples is just another way to have your Orion Platform performing properly for your organization.

Have You Forgotten About Application-Level Security?

Security is one of the most changeable landscapes in technology at the moment. With innovations, come new threats, and it seems like every week brings news of a major organization succumbing to a cyber attack. We’re seeing innovations like AI-driven threat detection and zero-trust networking continuing to be a huge area of investment. However, security should never be treated as a single plane.

Telegraf Best Practices: Config Recommendations and Performance Monitoring

Telegraf has reached the ripe old age of V1.21.2. Thanks to community feedback and contribution, there have been many features added over the years. Lately, I have seen these questions pop up. If any of these questions plague your mind, have no fear — this blog is here to help! Here are my golden rules for maintaining best practices when building your Telegraf solution.

Report: Flawed Hiring Technology is Exacerbating 'the Great Resignation'

As “the Great Resignation” continues, employee turnover remains a key challenge and source of anxiety for businesses around the world. In the U.S. alone, last November saw a record 4.53 million workers quit their jobs. But oddly, hiring teams are scrambling to fill open positions. In theory, a mass exodus of employees leaving their jobs would mean there’s an overflow of qualified candidates in the hiring market. But new research suggests that isn’t the case.

How to create an Azure storage account

So you finally are ready to try out some of Azure’s most common and loved technologies.Well the cheap storage they provide is definitely one of them that we do. Whether you want to store your own personal files and photos, or you have a requirement from your business to quickly expand some storage, with Azure its quick and easy to setup, access and use. In this quick tutorial I will run you through just how easy it is to setup an Azure Storage Account.

Helping customers answer the trillion-dollar digital transformation question

As a former chief experience officer, I’ve seen just how impactful digital transformation can be. When I worked at Under Armour, we focused on our customers’ connected fitness journey, which unlocked new revenue streams and engagement opportunities. Yet, I’ve been around long enough to see my fair share of disappointments and underperforming projects. Any C-level executive will say the same.

Why COGS Isn't The Most Relevant Cost Metric For SaaS Companies

For most SaaS companies, COGS (which stands for cost of goods sold) is used to calculate gross margin and profit. COGS is an accepted term with a specific definition under U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) — and is widely used as part of calculations to gauge the health and valuation of a company. Like many accounting practices, COGS stems from the industrial era, when most businesses were concerned with the creation of physical goods.

The Biggest Developer Platform in the World - GitHub Actions and Shipa 101

As a software engineer, leveraging GitHub is one of those tools that transcend your personal and professional development activities. Bringing open source to the masses, GitHub is a familiar platform for many. A newer addition to the GitHub Platform is GitHub Actions which was originally a workflow engine, now expanding into CI/CD.

CIS benchmark compliance: Introducing the Ubuntu Security Guide

The CIS benchmark has hundreds of configuration recommendations, so hardening and auditing a Linux system manually can be very tedious. Every administrator of systems that need to comply with that benchmark would wish that this process is easily usable and automatable. Why is that? Manual configuration of such a large number of rules leads to mistakes – mistakes that cause not only functional problems, but may also cause security breaches.

Ubuntu introduces the Ubuntu Security Guide to ease DISA-STIG compliance

January 17th: London, UK – Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, the world’s most popular operating system across private and public clouds, now offers the Ubuntu Security Guide tooling for compliance with the DISA Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. The new automated tooling builds on Canonical’s track record of designing Ubuntu for high security and regulated workloads, powering U.S. government agencies, prime contractors, and service providers.

Automic Automation Kubernetes Edition v21

Kubernetes has become a fixture in production for most IT Operations teams. The VMware “State of Kubernetes 2021 Report” shows a distinct shift towards a reliance on Kubernetes, with almost two thirds of respondents now saying they use it in production. Companies with over 500 developers are driving this adoption, with 78% reporting that they run mostly- or all-containerized workloads in production.

Patterns for better insights and troubleshooting with hybrid cloud logs

Hybrid and multi-cloud environments produce a boundless array of logs including application and server logs, logs related to cloud services, APIs, orchestrators, gateways and just about anything else running in the environment. Due to this high volume, logging systems may become slow and unmanageable when you urgently need them to troubleshoot an issue, and even harder to use them to get insights.

VMware Tanzu Service Mesh - Connectivity and Security for Modern Applications

Tanzu Service Mesh provides advanced, end-to-end connectivity, security, and insights for modern applications—across application end-users, microservices, APIs, and data—enabling compliance with Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and data protection and privacy regulations. Learn more and contact us at tanzu.vmware.com/service-mesh

How to Monitor Calico's eBPF Data Plane for Proactive Cluster Management

Monitoring is a critical part of any computer system that has been brought in to a production-ready state. No IT system exists in true isolation, and even the simplest systems interact in interesting ways with the systems “surrounding” them. Since compute time, memory, and long-term storage are all finite, it’s necessary at the very least to understand how these things are being allocated.

Model Library Update for January 2022

Sunbird’s Models Library release for January is now available: Version 3.148. Download and update to Version 3.148 to get all the most recent model data! Sunbird’s Models Library simplifies your data center asset management. The library includes detailed information—such as U space, dimensions, weight, power ports, and data ports—for over 40,000 models across over 450 manufacturers.

Achieving Maximum Patient Satisfaction Through Effective Clinical Communications

Judit Sharon, CEO and founder of OnPage Corporation, sits down with Healthcare Innovation to discuss how advanced, effective clinical communication systems help teams achieve ultimate patient satisfaction. How has the landscape around time-sensitive communications between and among clinicians and others in patient care delivery, evolved in the past few years?

Using GitOps for Infrastructure and Applications with Crossplane & Argo CD

During this Webinar, Tracy and Viktor cover GitOps best practices for uniformly dealing with infrastructure and applications. If you have been following the Codefresh blog for a while, you might have noticed a common pattern in all the articles that talk about Kubernetes deployments. Almost all of them start with a Kubernetes cluster that is already there, and then the article explains how to deploy an application on top.

Managing Machine Learning Workloads Using Kubeflow on AWS with D2iQ Kaptain

While the global spend on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) was $50 billion in 2020 and is expected to increase to $110 billion by 2024 per an IDC report, AI/ML success has been hard to come by—and often slow to arrive when it does. There are four main impediments to successful adoption of AI/ML in the cloud-native enterprise.

Uptime vs. Availability

Unlike physical stores and organizations that operate during set hours, the IT world never sleeps. In today’s highly connected digital environment, many believe that when an investment is made in technology, it should be accessible at all times — which is virtually impossible to guarantee. Since disruptions occur, organizations should evaluate the services needed to run operations smoothly. For example, what services are required during an IT service outage to ensure minimal disruptions?

DevOps State of Mind Episode 7: How AI and ML Can Empower Your Developers

Nick Durkin is the Field CTO and VP of Field Engineering at Harness, where he focuses on solving the technical challenges that are standing in the way of true innovation. Today, we're talking about how Harness uses AI and ML to remove the most annoying parts of your job so that you can focus on what you do best.

Cheat Codes for Game Development with Sentry and Unity

Whether you’re building the latest FPS or a turn-based classic, you need visibility in how your game is performing on a gamer’s device. Unity is arguably the most popular engine used to develop games so there’s a pretty good chance you, the game developer, are using it. Join Joona Rahko, Principal Software Engineer at Unity, Sentry’s own Bruno Garcia, Mobile Engineering Lead, and Stefan Jandl, Unity SDK Engineer, as they wax poetic about game development, why monitoring matters, and what’s possible with Sentry’s new Unity SDK.

The Delicate Art of Monitoring Kubernetes

The process of monitoring servers and applications has undergone many transformations throughout the years. When it began, the main question was whether the server was up or down. Now, monitoring helps answer questions about the internal state of an application and infer its status (also called white box monitoring). Monitoring today's complex infrastructure systems can be just as much an art as a technical skill.

Server Management Software: 5 Tools to Check Out

Around 30 years ago, a server was usually a standalone PC or mainframe that provided only one service. Think of a dedicated mainframe for emails, for instance. Things evolved from this to single standalone hardware that provides multiple services (email, http, ftp combined, for example) through virtual machines that can host multiple operating systems running dozens of services, and up to today, where servers are software defined and can run on anything from your washing machine to a drone.

5 Ways AIOps Tools Can Increase ITOps Productivity

There’s no doubt that the software development and engineering industry has become one of the fastest evolving industries in the world. This greatly affects the way things are done within the industry. The rapid change within the software industry can be said to be in an exponential form. These changes are evolving so quickly that you can measure and track them within daily timelines as compared to the growth of other industries.

Announcing lockc: Improving Container Security

The lockc project provides mandatory access controls (MAC) for container workloads. Its goal is to improve the current state of container/host isolation. The lockc team believes that container engines and runtimes do not provide enough isolation from the host, which I describe later in the “Why do we need it?” Section. In this blog post, I’ll provide an introduction to lockc, discuss why you need it and show you how to try it out for yourself.

Eight best practices for a successful cloud migration strategy

As a result of the pandemic, we are all navigating an unpredictable mix of virtual, hybrid, and in-person conditions in our business and personal lives. This situation isn’t going away any time soon. The pandemic has prompted businesses across all industries to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, where the cloud is critical. On-demand self-service environments provide a reason for cloud migration as cloud architectures help businesses reinvent and address uncertainties.

Testing locally with CircleCI runners

Many development teams start their CI/CD journey with a local build box (or six) that run their tests. In several mobile teams I worked on, for example, we had a few Mac Mini boxes with physical devices plugged in that we used for running local UI and unit tests. Eventually we migrated to a cloud-based solution, which brought us much greater stability and many new features. But moving to the cloud also meant our local hardware was obsolete.

How to Troubleshoot Networks with Employees Working from Home

Since the start of the pandemic, many employees have been working from home, which has changed the way that companies manage their IT services. In this article, we’re running you through how you can use Obkio Network Monitoring to help IT Teams troubleshoot and solve a variety of network problems affecting users working from home.

The growing demand for multi-cloud monitoring and Site24x7's featured releases: 2021

Catalyzed by the pandemic, 2020 and 2021 witnessed an exponential growth in digital transformation and cloud computing. According to Forbes, this growth is expected to continue in 2022. Site24x7 added more integrations and features to its cloud monitoring portfolio to keep up with the business trends and enterprise demands. Let's dive deep into Site24x7's multi-cloud monitoring releases in 2021 and shed some light on what you can expect from us in 2022.

How To Select The Right NaaS Partner

The end-goal for a CIO adopting a Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) approach is to create a predictable, cloud-like consumption model for enterprise infrastructure. NaaS is designed to ensure that the enterprise network is state of the art and continually adopts innovations, frees the enterprise IT staff from monitoring tasks, rolls up the range of SLAs, and reduces the need for specialist skills in-house.

How to be an authentic leader in tech w/ Tutti Taygerly | The StackPod EP #3

Welcome to the third episode of the StackPod, with Tutti Taygerly. Tutti is a leadership and executive coach with 20+ years of design experience across large companies, design agencies and startups. She now teaches women and men to be authentic leaders. Using all lessons Tutti learned along the way, she now helps women ánd men to be the leader in tech they want to be, by, basically, being true to themselves. In this episode, Anthony talks to Tutti about her journey, she shares concrete tips to stay authentic ánd she spills the details about her new book that just came out.

Implementing SRE at the largest online retailer of NL and Belgium w/ Bart Enkelaar (bol.com) | EP #5

For the fifth episode of the StackPod, we invited Bart Enkelaar. Bart is a lead SRE at the largest online retailing platform in the Netherlands and Belgium: bol.com. He's been a backend engineer for 13 years and is now responsible for setting up site reliability engineering across more than a hundred DevOps teams. In this episode, Bart and Anthony talk about.

What Is Load Balancing

Load balancing means splitting up network traffic so that you can distribute it evenly across a group of backend servers. For example, if you run two web servers, both hosting a copy of the same website, then you can balance the traffic across them, sending half to one and half to the other. The goal of load balancing is to increase the availability of your website or web-based application by routing a portion of requests to each server.

Benefits of Enterprise Alert's Mobile App

Being in touch with your customers is key to any business. We at Derdack pride ourselves in being customer first when it comes to not only product enhancements and features but also support and building that customer/vendor relationship that lasts for years. We recently took a trip to Texas to visit several customers and the feedback was invaluable! We received a lot more information with a face-to-face meeting that just would not be the same if it were done virtually, like over Teams.

8 Signs You Have a Cloud Optimization Problem

In a survey we conducted last year, we discovered that many enterprises overestimate their ability to optimize their hybrid cloud infrastructures. More than three-quarters of respondents gave themselves high marks for a range of capabilities. Here’s the exact breakdown of the number who rated their abilities a 4 or 5 out of 5: This sounds like great news, except there’s a problem. When we asked about how easy it is to get a global view of cloud costs, 42% said that it takes some effort.

Canonical Kubernetes for Financial Services

Adopting a container-first approach represents an unrivalled opportunity for financial institutions to increase system efficiency and resource utilisation, improve security, introduce automation, and accelerate innovation. Containers offer a logical packaging tool in which applications can be decoupled from the underlying infrastructure on which they run.

How to Diagnose Internet Problems in your Network | Obkio

Many Internet problems are intermittent which means that they appear in your network for a short time, and then reappear when you least expect them to. So you need the right tools to diagnose Internet problems. Choose a Network Monitoring Tool Obkio continuously monitors end-to-end network performance with synthetic traffic using Network Monitoring Agents. Monitoring Agents monitor network performance from the source up to the destination to identify network issues, diagnose connection problems, and collect information to help you troubleshoot.

What Is DataOps and How Does it Impact Data Management?

Government IT administrators manage several different types of operations. There’s DevOps, which led to the creation of DevSecOps. Now, data-driven agencies are being introduced to a new operational concept: DataOps, the bridge connecting IT operations and data sciences and accelerating the use of data analytics.

Customize Your Public Dashboard

Many customers have asked us how they can customize the look and feel of their public status dashboard. These pages have become a popular feature of StatusGator. In addition to notifications about the services you depend on, StatusGator provides you single page that you can publish to your users or team aggregating the status of all your services.

The secrets behind our growth - Customer Success

Companies that want to take care of their customers have to invest in a Customer Success team and define the right strategy (Thanks Rav Dhaliwal for your help here). Thinking about customer success is typically something that happens much later (too late?) after the Sales efforts. Growth pressure on startups puts effort in the sales machine to close as many customers as possible while forgetting that growth comes from the current customers. A happy customer is less likely to churn.

The Importance of Application and Infrastructure-Level Dashboards in Cloud Environments

In the current infrastructure world, we all understand the critical importance of monitoring when it comes to running a business. Dashboards offer a single pane for a high-level view of all your resources, plus let you drill down to analyze the details. You can even customize various views of your metrics and create alarms. Different services provide their own set of dashboards.

Operations Analytics - The Next Big Thing

Cloud Data Warehouses (CDW) were designed to support business intelligence use cases focused on historical data analysis, but less so on “what is happening now?” class of queries. We think operational analytics are the next big focus and we want to discuss the space and how enterprises will connect their operational data to these new tools to get results right now instead of next week.

IoT in Banking: Examples of IoT technology used in financial services

Banking is becoming more convenient thanks to the Internet and our many connected devices, and the future of the banking industry is growing increasingly digital. Whether discussing the future of retail banking or the future of mobile banking, technology is playing a larger role in our everyday transactions. The Internet of Things (IoT) is part of this rapid evolution toward the bank of the future, and both consumers and financial institutions need to adapt to these retail and mobile banking trends.

Dashboard Fridays: Sample SolarWinds Orion Nodes Dashboard

This SolarWinds Orion dashboard gives an overview of nodes alongside a summary of health, using the Web API and dashboard sharing capabilities of SquaredUp. Using the powerful Web API tile in SquaredUp, the SolarWinds dashboard connects to the SolarWinds Information Services REST API endpoint, using SQL queries in the request data, in real-time. Join Adam Kinniburgh and Customer Solutions Engineer Casey as they showcase how it was made, the challenges it solves, and their top tips for building it yourself.

Managed Kubernetes Comparison: EKS vs DigitalOcean Kubernetes

The container orchestration service Kubernetes has taken cloud-native application hosting by storm. By automating infrastructure tasks, Kubernetes—an open-source system designed by Google—simplifies the technical work of application deployment, scaling, and management. Managed Kubernetes services take this process a step further, handling more of the management tasks so that engineers can focus more time and resources on developing apps.

Six sales skills MSPs need for successful selling in 2022

The MSP sales process has experienced some serious disruption over the past couple of years as a result of the pandemic, and as we make our way through this fifth wave, it is still unclear how much more we will all have to endure. But your MSP business still needs to grow—and to grow, you need sales, so what are the top sales skills your team needs to generate success in 2022?

Communicating to Users During Incidents

Imagine you're having a regular day at work, opening up your browser, double checking something for a client in that web app your team built for them, when suddenly, you see this screen: You hit refresh a few times, just to be sure. Nope. Still down. What happens next depends on how well your team has planned for incidents like this (some folks call it unplanned downtime).

Automated application dependency detection and service mapping

At AIMS, we have invested 1000s of hours developing the feature that will change the way you monitor your digital business and technology stack - Correlation Topology. The pain that we're solving with the Correlation Topology (which some might call automated application dependency mapping and detection) is something that many enterprises and service providers are already facing.

6 Actionable Ways To Improve Your Cloud Efficiency

With incredibly complex cloud architecture — that may even includes Kubernetes and multi-tenant infrastructure — organizations are finding it hard to measure and monitor the performance and cost of their cloud environments. To stay competitive, organizations should aim to be as efficient as possible — which can help companies to lower costs, increase margins, and improve cloud efficiency.

Volvo Uses InfluxDB to Evolve Its DevOps Monitoring to Enable Data-Driven Decisions

Production delays or stoppages are the bane of any manufacturer. When you’re a global automaker like Volvo, even the smallest delays can have significant ripple effects. But not even global leaders are immune to IT issues. This was the situation Volvo faced several years ago. It had a legacy DevOps monitoring solution in place for the previous 15–20 years, but that system no longer met the company’s needs. On the surface, it seems like a robust system.

New Analyst Report: The State of Microsoft 365 Performance Management

Martello recently commissioned EMA to conduct an entirely independent exploration of the state of Microsoft 365 and how enterprises are managing its performance and user experience in today’s modern workplace. With special attention given to Microsoft Teams, EMA set out to gauge the criticality, impact, performance, management, challenges, and best practices of Microsoft 365.

AIOps: Predict and prevent IT issues before they happen

In today’s highly competitive and volatile business environment, service outages can result in the loss of customers. Because of those high stakes, it’s imperative that companies take action to avoid outages. But how can you prevent them before they happen? Enter artificial intelligence (AI). AI and machine learning can run in the background to monitor systems and detect anomalies before humans can spot them. ServiceNow Predictive AIOps was designed with this purpose in mind.

Real-Time Debugging of Kubernetes Applications in Production

In this talk, “Real-Time Debugging of Kubernetes Applications in Production”, Josh Hendrick from Rookout looks at some of the challenges developers typically face when remotely debugging Kubernetes applications. We then dive into a hands-on demo of how production debuggers can help you get to the root cause of issues faster, making debugging applications in remote environments much easier.

All about the Grafana Labs Hackathon 2.0

After the success of our first company-wide hackathon last June, we committed to hosting more hackathons each year. So in December, Grafana Labs invited the company to once again press pause on the daily grind and commit five days to our second hackathon. And the Grafanistas showed up: 148 staffers (almost 20% more than the last round) signed on for the week-long event that involved virtual brainstorming, collaborative coding, and creative presentations.

Insurance Management Software (2022 Guide)

Insurance management software automates customer service and office management activities for insurance agencies. Many insurance agency software solutions include task management systems and cloud storage facilities, enabling team members to centralize key administrative tasks without having to navigate between multiple platforms. It’s a no-brainer for all agencies. Insurance agents are wasting far too much time on tedious and repetitive tasks that could easily be automated.

Delivering Seamless Customer Experiences in the Financial Services Industry

A good customer experience is one of the most important metrics of success for financial services, whether it's in person over the phone or on a device. And to deliver information transactions and interactions quickly and efficiently to your customers, you need to rely on a vast collection of interconnected technologies that work seamlessly together.

Guide to the future-proof Azure Monitoring

The adoption of Microsoft Azure and the public cloud, in general, grows quickly. There are obvious advantages from moving traditional servers to virtual machines in Azure, such as provisioning and administration of the servers. Adopting microservices and elastic resources represent a material change from a traditional server-based or monolithic approach and with different benefits and advantages.

Big Growth Forecasted for Big Data

These are heady times to be in the big data business, with big growth predicted for the foreseeable future across several measures, including data generation and storage, market spending, and data analytics hiring. First, the growth of data shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, data creation leaped forward in 2020 thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to IDC’s DataSphere and StorageSphere reports.

Can Oracle catch up in the era of the developer focus?

Does this combination of words sound somewhat new to you as well? It may be just me, but having the opportunity to work on both sides, software development and system administration, the combination above seemed somewhat new or different to me. I always saw Oracle as something that would be managed and owned by the System Administrators. Technologies such as the database, ERPs, finance systems, and more which would take quite a lot of effort and cost to implement and maintain.

Ocean explained: container-driven autoscaling with Kubernetes

Whether you’re using a managed Kubernetes service like AWS EKS, GCP GKE or Azure AKS, or self-managing a DIY cluster deployed with open source tools like kops and Kubespray, the underlying hardware can vary from container to container. Each container requires specific resources (CPU/ memory/GPU/network/disk) and as long as the underlying infrastructure can provide those resources, the container will be able to execute its business logic.

Logit.io Launch New & Improved Alerting Features

We are pleased to announce that we’ve recently launched new and improved alerting features which have been rolled out to users across all of Logit.io’s operating regions. As part of these improvements, we have sought to improve platform usability and have now included a new menu from which users can readily configure a number of popular alert types straight from our pre-configured templates.

Accelerate incident analysis by incorporating Ocean logs in any pipeline

Spot Ocean delivers container-driven autoscaling to continuously monitor and optimize your cloud environment. Positioned at a busy crossroads in the application deployment pipeline, Ocean has a critical role when shipping new containers. Given the highly dynamic nature of Kubernetes environments, events happen constantly and take shape as logs in Ocean. These can help you understand the chain of events in different scaling scenarios, from debugging cluster issues to incident analysis.

How We Implemented a Zero-Error Policy Using Coralogix

With dozens of microservices running on multiple production regions, getting to a point where any error log can be immediately identified and resolved feels like a distant dream. As an observability company, we at Coralogix are pedantic when it comes to any issue in one of our environments. That’s why we are using an internal Coralogix account to monitor our development and production environments.

Building, Tracing, and Monitoring Event-Driven Architectures on Google PubSub and BigQuery

The use of distributed systems is increasing day by day. This makes communication between systems important more than ever. In this article, we examine event-based communication between these systems. And we present a basic event-driven architecture (EDA) for basic use cases.

HighByte and InfluxDB Provide Critical OEE Data for Manufacturing Companies

HighByte is an industrial software company based in Portland, Maine building Industry 4.0 based solutions that address the data architecture and integration challenges inherent in manufacturing. The company developed the first DataOps solution purpose-built to meet the unique requirements of industrial assets, products, processes, and systems at the Edge.

Monitoring Django application performance with OpenTelemetry

Django is a popular open-source python web framework that enables rapid development while taking out much of the hassle from routine web development. It also helps developers to avoid common security mistakes. As such, many applications are built with Django. Django is very popular among web developers and has a huge community behind it. It gives web developers ready-to-use components for common things that you will need to accomplish for a web application.

Presenting Role-Based Access Control for Squadcast users

Role-Based Access Control is an effective means to enable authentication and ensure only the authorized personnel have access to sensitive data within the platform. This blog explains how to implement RBAC in your organization's Squadcast account to achieve maximum security and confidentiality during Incident Management. We recently released this new functionality into Squadcast (called RBAC) that helps organizations fine-grain the access control provided to users within our platform.

How Can Enterprise Organizations Reduce DevOps Tool Sprawl?

The world revolves around DevOps tools. DevOps engineers go insane when they have too many tools. The first statement is correct. Also, the second one. Tooling that helps in the automation of software development and infrastructure provisioning workflows and pipelines is critical for both the engineers who create the automations and the developers who use the automated workflows on a daily basis.

Learning from the AWS Outage: Internal Monitoring Alone Isn't Enough

If you have set up your own monitoring services with Amazon CloudWatch, Azure Monitor or another internal tool, we suggest you consider looking beyond the horizon. These services often provide internal web monitoring only. Perhaps they validate HTTP availability from locations outside their networks, but HTTP checks won’t give you a 360º view into the state of your services.

Virtual offsite ideas that work: How the Grafana Cloud team brings together 150 people online

It was a Wednesday in November, and we had just wrapped Grafana Labs' third virtual Grafana Cloud offsite of 2021. Outside my window, it was a dark and cold (8 degrees Celsius) night in Cologne (Köln), Germany. In Austin, Texas, it was early afternoon and headed for 80 degrees Fahrenheit. In Cape Town, South Africa, it was a windy and cool spring evening. And in Melbourne, Australia, our final speaker — who was up very early at 5 a.m. — was heading into a cool spring day.

Best Practices for Maximizing the Value of Situation Alarms

Today, IT operations teams have to process large volumes of events or alarms in near real-time in order to protect service levels, stay competitive, and deliver a great experience to customers. If it takes too long for teams to spot and repair issues, an organization runs the risk of significant business service downtime, SLA penalties, and brand reputation damages. As IT landscapes continue to grow in scale and complexity, guarding against these risks becomes increasingly difficult.

Build private CircleCI orbs on any organization

Using CircleCI’s orbs is a great way to share CI/CD configuration across projects. Public orbs work well for wide adoption, but private orbs have been helpful for organizations needing to share common internal configuration in a secure, non-public way. Private orbs work only within the organization that publishes them. We recently opened up private orbs access to all CircleCI customers, including those on the Free plan.

How to monitor any SaaS Application without Scripting

Exoprise lets IT administrators easily monitor any SaaS application (internal or external) without scripting. Collect performance data metrics (login time, upload and download time, network path performance, connect time, proxy connect time, DNS lookup time, TTFB, etc.) using our Web Login sensor. The sensor auto detects credential forms, supplies login credentials, and is able to record the server uptime and availability statistics in real-time. All this without the need for any complex scripting. It's simple to deploy the sensor. Start web application monitoring right away and improve the end-user digital experience.

Canary Deployments | The Benefits Of An Iterative Approach

At Blameless, we want to embrace all the benefits of the SRE best practices we preach. We’re proud to announce that we’ve started using a new system of feature flagging with canaried and iterative rollouts. This is a system where new releases are broken down and flagged based on the features each part of the release implements. Then, an increasing subset of users are given access to an increasing number of features.

Want to accelerate your organization's digital innovation in 2022? Here's three ways to do it.

After two years of sky-high spending on cloud and related technologies, 2022 is the crunch point for corporate IT and digital leaders. Investments in technology helped facilitate the rapid shift to mass hybrid working and supported businesses to embrace the digital-first models of the new normal. But beyond merely investments to support new working styles, leaders also must ensure their organization continues to innovate.

Use Datadog's new GitHub Action to add Synthetic testing to your workflows

Testing early and often throughout the software development process (shift-left testing) helps teams stay agile and reduce the time it takes to validate and release new updates. Datadog Synthetic CI/CD Testing enables you to implement shift-left testing throughout your CI/CD pipeline so that your team can prevent faulty code deployments from degrading your end user experience.

SNMP monitoring solution: Significant monitoring insights in a click

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a networking protocol that aids in the transfer of data among devices, thereby managing and monitoring devices present in the internet protocol network. Networks have an array of devices connected to them, and new devices get introduced to them as trends in technology evolve. These new devices are often used to simplify complex processes but end up complicating simple networks.

How to build a data science and machine learning roadmap in 2022

Closing the gap between their organization’s choice to invest in a data science and machine learning (DSML) strategy and the needs that business units have for results, will dominate data and analytics leaders’ priorities in 2022. Despite the growing enthusiasm for DSML’s core technologies, getting results from its strategies is elusive for enterprises.

Getting started with continuous integration for Nest.js APIs

Nest.js is a scalable and efficient server-side Node.js framework built with TypeScript. Nest.js was created to provide a structural design pattern to the Node.js development world. It was inspired by Angular.js and uses Express.js under the hood. Nest.js is compatible with the majority of Express.js middleware. In this tutorial, I will lead you through building a RESTful API with Nest.js. The tutorial will familiarize you with the fundamental principles and building blocks of Nest.js.

Top tips to extend SCOMs monitoring

In today’s monitoring world most SCOM admins are pulling data from a range of tools and applications, as well as cloud platforms. It can be difficult to sift through all this data, let alone distill it down into a useful format. SCOM is a great resource for making this happen, and if it’s done well can be a superb monitoring hub for your other applications. But how do you get SCOM to consume data from other sources?

How did Site24x7 monitor your infrastructure in 2021?

2021 was not much different from 2020 concerning the pandemic. However, it did give many the opportunity to focus on the way forward with offices around the globe opening up, at least partially. At Site24x7, we also started to focus on monitoring other IT components along with remote work infrastructure. Grab a look at our infrastructure monitoring releases if you missed our announcements and “what's new” updates.

VMware Tanzu Application Platform: How Can It Help You?

Join Ryan Baker and Aaron Torgerson as they demo both the developer and operator experience for VMware Tanzu Application Platform. They’ll give a brief overview of what Tanzu Application Platform is and how it will help your organization go from developing code to securely running applications on any Kubernetes!

Year in Review: A Look Back at Mattermost in 2021

For all intents and purposes, 2021 was a jam-packed year for Mattermost, our contributors, employees, customers, and extended community. We broke through the muck that was a challenging 2020, and shared in celebration as we delivered the first open source collaboration platform to feature messaging, project and workflow management all in one convenient suite. But 2021 was about more than just our major platform 6.0 announcement in October.

A successful Monitoring as a Service Case: Refinery and Base Oil Industry

Saving time, money, and resources while keeping your IT infrastructure better monitored than ever – that’s what one of our customers in the refinery and base oil industry did. By implementing our Monitoring as a Service, they managed to turn unstructured monitoring into high quality, consistent such. Their biggest pain point was the lack of time allocated for monitoring activities.

Logz.io Now Fully PromQL Compatible

The popularity of Prometheus speaks for itself. The project doesn’t post official numbers, but there are at least 500,000 companies using this project today as one of the most mature CNCF projects – one that has over 40k Github stars as of the writing of this blog. And since Prometheus is highly interoperable, compatibility is key. This comes into play not only with the exporters, but also with long-term storage options and alerting systems.

What is End User Experience Monitoring? How Does It Help?

End user experience monitoring is a mindset and a philosophy. It’s the acknowledgement that IT is not the outcome, but rather a means to an end. Think of it this way: IT is here to support business operations. It does so by delivering technology to the tech-dependent workforce so employees can do their jobs seamlessly. Therefore, the most important thing to monitor in the IT ecosystem has shifted. It’s not the network, the device, or the cloud – these are only delivery mechanisms.

How to deploy the Google Cloud Ops Agent with Ansible

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and Operations teams responsible for operating virtual machines (VMs) are always looking for ways to provide a more reliable, more scalable environment for their development partners. Part of providing that stable experience is having telemetry data (metrics, logs and traces) from systems and applications so you can monitor and troubleshoot effectively. Many Google Cloud services, including Google Compute Engine, provide basic system metrics out of the box.

9 Cloud FinOps Challenges - And The Solutions To Overcome Them

Companies migrate to the cloud to become more productive, respond to market changes, and be flexible — while spending less on cloud infrastructure. But there is one thing that many cloud-based organizations have learned: Cloud costs add up. Fast. As a result, 71% of cloud financial management teams doubt they will achieve expected results at the expected time or at all. Only 29% of cloud FinOps teams expect to achieve their cloud goals.

Shay Banon to (re)assume the role of CTO, Ash Kulkarni promoted to CEO

Today we had an exciting announcement at Elastic. Below is part of an internal email that we shared with our fellow Elasticians. First, hear from Shay: Almost two years ago, I decided to move to Israel because it was better for my family (that took time to happen, Covid!). At that time, I started thinking about how to do what is right for my family while being able to be a meaningful part of Elastic. Those of you who know me, know that Elastic is my life’s work. And we have only just begun.

Configuring Grafana Tempo and Linkerd for distributed tracing

Anders Østhus is a DevOps Engineer on the Digital Tools team at Proactima AS, a consulting firm based in Norway that offers services and expertise in risk management, cybersecurity, healthcare, environmental solutions, and more. It can be difficult to orient yourself in the distributed tracing space, and getting all the parts of a tracing setup to play well with each other can be a bit tricky. But the benefits of tracing are undeniable.

What is a Workflow?

Workflows are no stranger in the DevOps world. But where did this term come from, and what does it really mean? Perhaps it’s no surprise that workflows originated from the industrial revolution, which brought powerful machinery for mobilizing huge workforces unlike ever before. To maximize the potential of these new industrial tools, people had to first figure out the best way to use them to get work done as efficiently as possible.

Refined User Experience, New Executive Visibility, and Enhanced Cloud Monitoring with Splunk Enterprise Security 7.0

Just like that, another year has gone by full of remote work, virtual conferences, and lengthy Zoom calls. And, although we were not able to see our fellow Splunkers in person at.conf21 that didn’t stop us from previewing the latest enhancements to Splunk Enterprise Security. And now, it gives us great pleasure to announce that Enterprise Security 7.0 is available!

Payment Optimization with AI-Based Analytics

The fintech market grows larger and more diverse each day. The financial news website Market Screener says the global fintech market will be worth $26.5 trillion by 2022, with an average annual growth rate of 6%. In Europe alone, the use of financial technology increased by 72% during 2020. Competition in this market segment is also on the rise.

How GitHub's protocol changes impact your Puppet code deployments

GitHub is in the process of improving Git protocol security by removing insecure DSA keys and legacy ciphers, updating requirements on RSA keys, and adding more secure key signature algorithms ECDSA and ED25519. On January 11, GitHub ran a planned brownout event day to shake out affected clients. Our team at Puppet discovered that many users of Code Manager and r10k were affected by this change.

Effective Incident Management: How to Improve Collaborative Software Development

* Are you using Azure DevOps as the starting point of your delivery process on the Azure cloud? Join this webinar to learn advanced tips and tricks for simplifying and accelerating your CI/CD pipelines with Azure DevOps and the JFrog Platform. Sharing a detailed demo of a real-world release pipeline triggered from Azure DevOps, we’ll review best practices and hard-won lessons for how you can streamline your end-to-end process and ensure it meets the security and quality requirements of large-scale enterprise delivery.

PagerDuty Named a Leader in the Latest G2 Grid for AIOps Platforms

At PagerDuty, we are committed to championing the customer — it’s a core company value. Our product has to provide great value, we have to provide excellent service, and we need to make it simple to do business with us. The Winter 2022 G2 Grid for AIOps Platforms Relationship Index showcases these values and highlights PagerDuty as a leading player in the AIOps space.

The Importance of Network Insights in Achieving Full End-To-End Observability

When we talk about observability, we tend to focus first and foremost on the metrics, logs, and traces that you can collect from applications – such as request rates, error rates, and request duration. Infrastructure-level metrics, like CPU and memory utilization, might factor into the discussion as well. Here’s a third category of critical observability insights that teams tend to overlook: the network.

How proactive support operations can reduce customer escalations

Minesh Patel, senior manager of support account management at ServiceNow, and JP Renaud, senior director of support management at ServiceNow, contributed to this blog. As part of our customer service and support team, the ServiceNow support account management (SAM) and customer escalations (CE) teams are committed to averting situations where performance affects customers’ ability to operate their business.

Collecting Metrics from Windows Kubernetes Nodes in AKS

Windows applications constitute a large portion of the services and applications that run in many organizations. When moving to a Kubernetes-based architecture, there is a need to support these as well. Up until April 2020, the lack of container support within the Windows operating system left Linux container images as the only viable option for Kubernetes container deployment.

Netreo Full-Stack Monitoring and Observability Suite Achieves Veracode Verified Standard Recognition

Netreo, the award-winning provider of IT infrastructure monitoring and observability solutions and one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies, today announced that the Netreo full-stack IT infrastructure monitoring and Retrace by Netreo full lifecycle APM solutions have both earned Veracode Verified Standard recognition for proven security practices in application development.

WED2B Prevents Disruption from Ransomware Attack Using Rubrik in 24 Hours

It was 11 PM on a Friday in November of 2019. WED2B IT systems administrator Jamie Jeeves started receiving a barrage of email alerts warning that antivirus (AV) clients were crashing in the company’s central office. All prospects for a relaxing weekend vanished when Jeeves logged into the remote system to investigate the AV shutdowns. While checking the network’s file share, Jeeves noticed they were in trouble. Mass encryption of data was underway.

Top Dashboards For Remote Digital Employee Experience Monitoring

Your business is already operating in a hybrid model, isn’t it? Perhaps, you are deciding to become an entirely remote workforce. Whatever be the case, IT must support employees working from multiple locations and track remote digital employee experiences using real-time dashboards. In this article, we are going to cover three Digital Experience Monitoring dashboards to help your team identity and troubleshoot problems that your employees might face in their home environment.

14 Ways To Leverage AI To Better Connect With Customers

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic of conversation among agency leaders for some time now, and mass adoption of AI as a valuable marketing tool is already well underway. While brands come up with innovative ways to use AI to meet their strategic business, marketing and sales goals every year, they also learn a lot through trial and error in the process.

5 needle movers in public sector data strategy for 2022

As we kick off a new year, so does new and refreshed thinking in the public sector. With another full year of lessons learned from the pandemic, public sector leaders will apply these insights in the way they execute their documented data strategies. Synthesizing what we see and hear from our stakeholders, below are five of the needle movers we see in public sector data strategy execution.

Optimizing Database Connection Loads With PgBouncer and Testwick

The majority of engineers know that a minor misconfiguration might lead to some big troubles. Usually, we tend to forget the importance of that tense when we are configuring a new tool or a new service, as our focus is initially to make the tool functional and to evaluate if it fits our needs. Mattermost Cloud hosts thousands of workspaces which each one needs to have a different database backend, as in Mattermost we think that isolation is one very important aspect in our security guidelines.

Configure Cribl LogStream to Avoid Data Loss With Persistent Queuing

Preventing data loss for data in motion is a challenge that LogStream Persistent Queues (PQ) can help prevent when the downstream Destination is unreachable. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to configure and calculate PQ sizing to avoid disruption while the Destination is unreachable for few minutes or a few hours. The example follows a real-world architecture, in which we have.

Cloud 66 Feature Highlight: Web Application Firewalls (WAF)

(Network Features - Part 2 of 3.) Web Application Firewalls (WAF) WAF is an HTTP-level firewall that protects your application against well-known attacks and exploits. Using WAF, you can block traffic to your applications from certain origins and detect and block specific attacks from reaching your application.

CloudFormation to secure and manage apps across multiple clusters and clouds

If you are not familiar with CloudFormation, an easy way to define it is AWS CloudFormation is an AWS service that uses template files to automate the setup of resources. It can also be described as an infrastructure automation or Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) tool. You can use CloudFormation to automate the configuration of workloads that run on the most popular AWS services, including their managed Kubernetes offering, the Elastic Kubernetes Service, or EKS.

New API Tokens UI

InfluxDB Cloud allows users to create API tokens that are used for authentication and authorization to sets of resources when interacting with our API. We recently made changes to the user interface so that after generating a token, you will need to immediately store it in a secure vault of your choosing for safekeeping. We made this change to conform to industry best practices around both token generation and retrieval.

CircleCI now offers the most generous free plan anywhere

TL;DR: Our free plan is newly re-launched, giving teams access to more build minutes, larger resource classes, and our most popular features formerly only available on paid plans. Visit our sign up page to get started today. Our mission has always been to help teams deliver software faster and better, and today marks a huge milestone for development teams everywhere: we are proud to now offer the most feature-rich and most generous free tier for CI/CD on the market.

What developers get, out-of-the-box, from the most generous free plan anywhere

Freemium plans are a great way for companies to introduce developers to their products and offer a hands-on demonstration of the value they provide. But it can be extremely frustrating for developers when a free tier limits access to key features or doesn’t provide enough capacity to evaluate how the product performs in real-world development scenarios.

What exactly is Digital Operations?

IT modernization (for example, cloud computing), digital optimization, and the creation of new digital business models are all examples of digital transformation. The concept of combining company processes with agility, intelligence, and automation to build operational models that delight consumers while also improving performance is known as digital operations.

The Importance of Database Backups: A Guide to Costs, Benefits, and Risks

Data is the lifeblood of businesses, and protecting it is incredibly important. One of the ways DBAs help ensure the continuous availability of data is through database backups, a process involving copying the data and schema from a database and saving them elsewhere for retrieval later. But like any other process in IT, database backups have costs, benefits, and risks associated with them.

Equitably distribute on-call responsibility and streamline incident response with Round Robin Scheduling

PagerDuty is excited to introduce Round Robin Scheduling. Round Robin Scheduling allows teams to equitably distribute on-call shift responsibilities amongst team members. Automatically assigning new incidents across different users or on-call schedules on an escalation level ensures that teams are resolving incidents as efficiently as possible. And, by balancing the workload across multiple users, there’s less risk of burnout.

How Automated Application Monitoring Saves Time and Money

With the increase in demand for technology and quality assurance, companies are looking to improve their products day by day. For many, time and workforce are limited, so companies are interested in solutions that automate their day-to-day work. Whether developing software or testing it, almost every part of application lifecycle management is reliable on the human workforce. But some parts like monitoring, tracking, and alerting can be automated using some latest software.

Podcast: Break Things on Purpose | Unpopular Opinions

Time for a bit of a review! Join Jason as he looks back on some previous guests who have shared some opinions that range from the idiosyncratic to down right unpopular. Pulling from a handful of “Breaking Things” interviews, Jason covers death to VPNs, to the validity of “AI Ops,” check out the litany!

Top 5 user-requested synthetic monitoring alerts in Grafana Cloud

We often hear from Grafana Cloud users who are asking for guidelines on how to write better alerts on synthetic monitoring metrics and get notified when synthetic monitoring detects a problem. We already ship a predefined alert in Grafana Cloud synthetic monitoring. A predefined alert that we ship is alerting on the probe_all_success_sum metric and makes use of the alert sensitivity config to create multiple Grafana Cloud alerting rules. Check out synthetic monitoring alerting docs for details.

Splunk Enterprise Logs Now Available in Splunk Observability for Simplified Troubleshooting

We are excited to announce that Splunk Log Observer Connect for Splunk Enterprise, previewed at.conf21, is now generally available! Log Observer Connect is a new feature that lets observability users explore the data already being sent to existing Splunk instances with Splunk Log Observer’s intuitive no-code interface for faster troubleshooting and root-cause analysis.

Config best practices: Docker layer caching

Let’s face it: Creating the optimal CI/CD workflow is not always a simple task. In fact, writing effective and efficient configuration code is the biggest hurdle that many developers face in their DevOps journey. But you don’t need to be an expert to set up a fast, reliable testing and deployment infrastructure. With a few straightforward techniques, you can optimize your config.yml file and unleash the full potential of your CI/CD pipelines.

What Is IT Infrastructure Monitoring? Here's Everything You Need to Know

IT infrastructure is the backbone of any IT organization. An IT infrastructure comprises multiple components such as hardware assets, networks, applications, etc. And for an IT organization to function smoothly, it is important for all these components to function properly—autonomously as well as with each other. But how do we know if our IT infrastructure and its components are functioning properly? Through IT infrastructure monitoring.

Graylog Insights -- How 2021 Will Shape 2022

People may not reminisce over 2021, but as Winston Churchill once said, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” 2021 swooped in on the coattails of a major supply chain data breach, and a lot of the challenges we experienced during this past year seemed to follow suit. To celebrate the best and hopefully move away from the worst that 2021 had to offer, this look back at 2021 trends can inspire us all to learn, and most of all, show us how to move forward.

Why cloud native requires a holistic approach to security and observability

Like any great technology, the interest in and adoption of Kubernetes (an excellent way to orchestrate your workloads, by the way) took off as cloud native and containerization grew in popularity. With that came a lot of confusion. Everyone was using Kubernetes to move their workloads, but as they went through their journey to deployment, they weren’t thinking about security until they got to production.

xMatters Ninja Release Updates - xMatters Demo

Join Belinda Joseph, Sr. Director of Marketing Events, and Corey Blakeborough, Solutions Architect, as they highlight and walkthrough some of the fantastic new features that rolled out during the xMatters Ninja release. Some of these great new features include the service dependencies map, the automation of digital and business response, and brand new unified alert reports!

Comparing REST and GraphQL Monitoring Techniques

Maintaining an endpoint, especially a customer-facing one, requires constant monitoring, whether using REST or GraphQL. As the industry has looked for solutions to build a more adaptive endpoint technology, it is also a must to monitor these endpoints. GraphQL and REST are two different technologies that allow user-facing clients to link to databases and platform logic. Both GraphQL and REST include monitoring techniques.

What is an AWS Lambda Function?

In this article, we will cover the basics of a Lambda function and its functionality in our every day digital lives. AWS Lambda, as we already know, is a compute service that allows you to run code without managing servers. AWS Lambda runs the code when it is needed, and it is automatically scaled. The code you execute on AWS Lambda is called Lambda function, and it can be considered, for better understanding, as a formula in a spreadsheet.

Data Federation and the Modern Enterprise

In our increasingly hyper-connected, data-dependent world, it can be difficult to keep track of where resources are, how to access them, and how to put data assets to work to run a more efficient and reliable enterprise. Traditional approaches to IT operations analytics are becoming outmoded as the sources and types of data grow more mobile, ephemeral, diverse and distributed.

Debug source code in real time with Rookout's Datadog App

Earlier this year we launched Datadog Apps, which seamlessly integrate functionality from third-party tools into Datadog’s centralized monitoring platform. This project has enabled us to collaborate with some of our partners, such as PagerDuty and LaunchDarkly, to extend the Datadog UI and provide our customers with new solutions for incident management, feature flag optimization, and more.

Key metrics for monitoring Azure SQL databases

Microsoft Azure SQL Database is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) database offering for modern cloud applications. It’s a fully managed service that runs on the latest version of the SQL Server database engine, enabling you to create highly available and performant database instances without needing to maintain hardware upgrades, patches, or backups.

Tools for collecting Azure SQL Database data

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed key metrics for monitoring Microsoft Azure SQL databases. We also looked at how your database resource and audit logs complement metrics to provide more insight into database performance, activity, and security. In this post, we’ll show you how to collect metrics and logs from your database instances and monitor them with Azure’s monitoring and reporting tools.

Monitor Azure SQL databases with Datadog

In Part 2 of this series, we showed you how to monitor Azure SQL Database metrics and logs using the Azure platform. In this post, we will look at how you can use Datadog to monitor your Azure SQL databases alongside other technologies in your infrastructure. Datadog provides turn-key integrations for Azure along with more than 500 other technologies, enabling you to track long-term performance trends across all systems in your infrastructure, not just your SQL databases.

5 top hybrid cloud security challenges

Hybrid cloud environments can add complexity, reduce visibility, and require different logging and monitoring approaches for security teams. For a growing number of organizations, IT environments encompass a blend of public cloud services, private clouds, and on-premises infrastructure—with the latter becoming an ever-smaller portion of the mix. The past two years have seen a major uptick in the use of cloud services, and the trend shows no signs of slowing.

2022: Let's do this!

Happy new year! 🎉 It's 2022, and even though not much has changed in the past year, I'm happy to know that Monitive is running smoothly and brings value to our customers. For the first quarter of 2022 our main focus is fixing issues, either bugs we know of or small tweaks that make everyone's lives better. There are some feature requests in our backlog that we're jumping on starting February, and also a few surprise updates that are in the works and will be launched when they're ready.

Site24x7 end-user experience monitoring: 2021 in a nutshell

From coping with life during a pandemic, to getting updated for the new virus variants, to witnessing a major outage of the social media stalwart, to rebuilding hope with the vaccines, 2021 has been an eventful year. We, at Zoho, managed to run our services smoothly in a hybrid mode with employees working from home as well as from our offices. Our journey in 2021 was fueled by the support from our dedicated customers and that helped us meet our goals for the year.

Civo update - January 2022

Welcome to the very first Civo Update of 2022! On behalf of everyone here at Civo we wish you happiness and prosperity for the year ahead. With lots on our roadmap for 2022, it's certainly going to be another exciting year for us at Civo. We recently launched our "Write for Civo" initiative where you can share your cloud native expertise and get paid for doing so. Check out the tutorial for more information.

How to prepare for a product design interview

As the well-known saying goes, by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. This might not be true of everything in life, but it certainly is true of job interviews. Whether you’re preparing for a product design interview at Redgate, or elsewhere, here are some key considerations to help ensure that you get your preparations right.

Why Are IT Pros Hesitant to Deploy Windows 11?

A key aspect of my job is to speak to End-User Computing (EUC) professionals on a regular basis—analysts, customers, partners, etc.—to better understand their challenges and objectives. Unsurprisingly, one topic has been coming up a lot lately: Windows 11. Surprisingly, nobody wants to actually deploy it. Or, at least, not right now. Why? After countless discussions, 4 reasons were made clear for their reluctance with Windows 11: These are all valid points.

Why Mixing Microsoft Teams, PBXs and PSTNs is a Challenge

The work landscape has changed dramatically over the past two years and it has been a challenge for an organizations IT teams to keep the workforce connected. For many businesses, Microsoft Teams has become a core part of their efforts to keep connected but supporting the Microsoft Teams infrastructure has been something many IT departments have had to learn on the fly. Pre-pandemic, businesses might have had thousands of employees working in a handful of offices.