December 2021

2021: The new working model is hybrid

As the world is trying to regain its usual pace, we at Site24x7 have been engrossed in churning out new features to help organizations enhance the health of their IT resources and meet their evolving monitoring needs. We've drafted a summary of notable features to look back on our achievements this year. We extended our monitoring capabilities for Kubernetes, network traffic, ISP latency, VMware ESXi hardware, and Mobile APM for React Native apps.

4 Strategies for Modernizing your Business Applications

Today, organizations across sectors are driving relentless efforts in migrating to cloud platforms. But the presence of heavy, legacy enterprise systems makes the journey towards cloud extremely challenging. These complex systems are not only deprived of the security needed to operate in today’s business world, but the absence of integration capabilities also make them an extreme misfit in a cloud-friendly world.

ECS Monitoring Metrics that Help Optimize and Troubleshoot Tasks

Compute functions that run on Amazon’s Elastic Container Service (ECS) require regular monitoring to ensure proper running and managing of containerized functions on AWS – in short, ECS monitoring is a must. ECS can manage containers with either EC2 or Fargate compute functions. While EC2 and Fargate are compute services, EC2 allows users to configure virtually every functional aspect. Fargate is more limited in its available settings but is simpler to set up.

Grafana Tempo 2021: Year in review

Grafana Tempo has had quite a year. Just eight months after it was announced at ObservabilityCON 2020, the open source tracing solution went GA. Since the Tempo team released v1.0 in June, we have ingested more than 39 trillion spans, a 26x increase from last year. We also introduced Grafana Enterprise Traces, which is powered by Tempo, to the Grafana Enterprise Stack.

Part I: A Journey Into the World of Advanced Security Monitoring

Dealing with hundreds of security alerts on a daily basis is a challenge. Especially when many are false positives that waste our time and all take up too much of our valuable time to sift through. Let me tell you how our security team fixed this, as we built security around the JFrog products. First, let me tell you a little bit about our team.

Log4j Vulnerability Alert: 100s of Exposed Packages Uncovered in Maven Central

The high risk associated with newly discovered vulnerabilities in the highly popular Apache Log4j library – CVE-2021-44228 (also known as Log4Shell) and CVE-2021-45046 – has led to a security frenzy of unusual scale and urgency. Developers and security teams are pressed to investigate the impact of Log4j vulnerabilities on their software, revealing multiple technical challenges in the process.

Looking back at our journey through 2021!

As we step into another year, its time to reflect back on our most memorable moments & milestones that tell the story of Squadcast in 2021. 😇 The last 12 months have been nothing short of a spectacular journey for us as a company. We raised funding (Yaay!🙌), launched an open-source tool called SLO Tracker, helped organizations globally improve their reliability and made on-call shifts in general less stressful. Here’s how our year went by.

Datadog vs. Splunk vs. Scout | How Do They Compare?

Every day the world is changing in terms of technology. A new innovation happens every second, and software and websites are becoming more and more advanced. We can now access almost every service on the internet, and software needs to be maintained as a top priority so that customer service will not get hindered. Software monitoring, however, is not an easy task. It is a 24x7 business because any user can face an issue at any time.

REST API Observability for Python

In this blog post we’ll help answer the age old question, “What does this service talk to and what does it say?” We’ll see how to inspect inbound and outbound REST API calls to see what calls are being made and what incoming traffic causes a reaction. This can be pretty handy when you’re taking over maintenance of an existing service, or if your code just isn’t behaving the way you expect.

What Is DataOps for Database Professionals?

Silos in IT should be a construct of the past. Tight, rigid, and insulated IT silos were an unintentional design flaw of many IT organizations worldwide over the last few decades. Corporate teams would work on their respective piece of the puzzle in isolation, actively completing their tasks, but having little to no input or conversation on how their output contributed to the greater good. When you lay out the flow, it looks something like Figure 1.

Log4J Does What?!!!

You have probably heard of Log4Shell, the security vulnerability that has ‘earned’ itself an NIST rank of 10: In this post I will show a really basic example of how this vulnerability actually works. I will walk you through some basic usage of the Log4J library and then show how some fairly basic inputs into this library can cause truly unexpected, and potentially disastrous, outcomes.

Why you're probably ignoring container vulnerabilities

You’ve probably built a container image, whether you cloned a repo and ran docker build && docker run, or thoughtfully crafted your own Dockerfile and build process. Developers are increasingly shipping code packaged as images deployed to the cloud. A container image is a handy, portable format for running your code that encapsulates the entire runtime environment from OS to app layer. It's also the most logical place to look at vulnerabilities.

8 Best Practices to Simplify Your Data Center Consolidation

Whether you are downsizing your infrastructure within a single room or eliminating half of your data center sites, a data center consolidation is a complex, risk-prone project. Fortunately, you can mitigate many of the mistakes and unwelcome surprises that even the most experienced data center professionals find derailing their consolidation.

Remote Data Center Management: Metering, Monitoring, & Management in the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a "new normal," and data center professionals must adapt to keep up with the issues of today while maintaining uptime and business continuity. New challenges include an increased demand on infrastructure with a higher potential for outages, more time pressure on projects, and less staff onsite resulting in a more difficult environment for collaboration, planning new infrastructure and services, and performing changes and maintenance. Data center managers must develop a comprehensive remote data center management strategy to find success.

Digital Transformation In Banking: How To Make The Change

Digital transformation has remained an important trend in banking in 2021. Similar to its impact on other business domains, technology is gradually reshaping the financial services industry in every aspect. However, the industry has a long way to go, and banks are still dipping their toes in the digital water, with 27% only launching a digital transformation strategy in 2021. Meanwhile, customers have changed too.

What are AWS EC2 Instances? A Tutorial for EC2 Metrics Shipping with

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (a.k.a., EC2), is no doubt the core current computing infrastructure. It sits at the heart of AWS, the main kind of structure for housing virtual machines and containers for development and operations. Applying standards of observability with EC2 logs and obviously EC2 metrics (or any kind of AWS metrics for that matter) will inform you on if you have the right sorts of instances in place (and the appropriate size of those instances).

Outage Alert: Top 10 Downtime Incidents of 2021

2021 has been an eye-opening year for both businesses and consumers who use popular websites and applications. We have all seen notable increases in the frequency and severity of outages as dependency on internet infrastructure grows – with no signs of slowing down. With our reliance on automation and connectivity expected to increase in 2022 – let’s review some of the top internet outages and website downtime incidents of 2021.

The Right Power BI License for your Business

Microsoft BI is a powerful game-changer for business intelligence solutions that are widely used for data analysis and reporting. It is a unified self-service that delivers a great depth of data insights by combining interactive data visualizations with intuitive user experience. Whether you are a business enthusiast or an owner who likes to keep a tab on all things in a single dashboard, Power BI allows you to visualize and analyze your data dynamics like never.

New in StatusGator: See component statuses

A small but useful new feature is now available in StatusGator: You can see the status of all the components of a given service from your filter configuration page. As a reminder, component filters are a feature of all StatusGator paid plans. They allow you to filter your notifications and dashboard service statuses to specific components of a given service. Services such as large cloud providers often have dozens or even hundreds of individual regions or products.

21 Financial KPIs Every SaaS Company Should Be Monitoring

Since the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) company entered the market in 1999, Salesforce, the industry has exploded. Experts are predicting that the industry will exceed $600 billion by 2023 at an 18% compound annual growth rate. In order to play in this highly competitive space, SaaS companies need to have a deep understanding of their financial key performance indicators (KPIs).

Why IT documentation matters in times of crisis

For managed services providers (MSPs), providing the highest quality returns on your customers’ investments is always a top priority. There are many reasons for a business to hire an MSP, but increasing IT productivity and strengthening their bottom line tends to be at the core. While many practices are essential to achieving that goal, few are more important than IT documentation, which can increase productivity, boost quality of service, and heighten consistency.

Ruby Application Manual Instrumentation for Distributed Traces

OpenTelemetry is a project by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation aimed to standardize the way that application telemetry data is recorded and utilized by platforms downstream. This application trace data can be valuable for application owners to understand the relationship between the components and services in their code, the request volume and latency introduced in each step, and ultimately where the bottlenecks are that are resulting in poor user experience.

Grafana Loki 2021: Year in review

This year, we were excited to deliver the easiest version of Grafana Loki to use yet. With Loki 2.4, the Loki team introduced a simple, scalable deployment, and over the past 12 months, we added lots of great new features. Not to mention, we launched Grafana Enterprise Logs, a new addition to the Grafana Enterprise Stack that’s powered by Loki. But none of this would have been possible without our active community: In 2021, Loki had 166 contributors and 823 PRs in GItHub.

What to Expect From xMatters in 2022

With only a few days left of 2021, we all know what that means: making New Year’s resolutions. While some love the tradition of laying out their goals for the coming 12 months, others loathe it with a passion. And with approximately 80% of people failing to achieve their resolutions, it’s easy to see why there’s so much resentment towards this common habit. At xMatters, we plan to—and often do—beat those odds.

My New Year's Resolution: Going Passwordless!

What is your New Year’s resolution for 2022? Well, it is that time of year again! My resolutions are not necessarily new, but a continuation of several that I have made in prior years. Eat healthier foods, lose weight, and save money are the ones that immediately come to mind. Another best practice that I started several years ago was to adopt a passwordless authentication initiative for all my internet connected personal devices.

Faster troubleshooting of microservices, containers, and Kubernetes with Dynamic Packet Capture

Troubleshooting container connectivity issues and performance hotspots in Kubernetes clusters can be a frustrating exercise in a dynamic environment where hundreds, possibly thousands of pods are continually being created and destroyed.

What the concept of the Metaverse means to someone who has been looking at AR and VR for decades.

As a child in the 70’s who was consumed by technology, I go to experience the user interface changing from computers that only provided a hex keypad for input and 8 individual LED’s for output and memory that was well below 1K of RAM. I was delighted by what you could do with a keyboard and teletype printer. I Remember the green screens, acoustic couplers, Bulletin boards, Perkin Elmer minis that didn’t come with floating point arithmetic.

On-Call Escalations

With the AlertOps ServiceNow integration, you can use automatic escalations for on-call schedules and create custom escalations. Automatically escalate to a level 2 or level 3 team and notify management and stakeholders. Set each escalation to use the notification channel you choose (email, voice, SMS, mobile app, and chat). Set your escalations to trigger reminders when a response SLA or a resolution SLA has been breached or is approaching the deadline.

How to Detect Log4Shell Events Using Coralogix

The Log4J library is one of the most widely-used logging libraries for Java code. On the 24th of November 2021, Alibaba’s Cloud Security Team found a vulnerability in the Log4J, also known as log4shell, framework that provides attackers with a simple way to run arbitrary code on any machine that uses a vulnerable version of the Log4J. This vulnerability was publicly disclosed on the 9th of December 2021.

Open Source Projects Contribute to in 2022

With a nearly endless array of open source projects available to contribute to these days, knowing where to start contributing can feel easier said than done. Need some inspiration? Whether you’re new to the world of open source, are gearing up for Open Source Fridays in the new year, or just want to see what other folks are excited about, check out a few of our favorite open source projects to contribute to in 2022.

Kubernetes infographic: usage of cloud native technology in 2021

2021 has been an interesting year for the Kubernetes and cloud native ecosystem. Due to the pandemic, cloud adoption saw a big spike in adoption. As the year wraps up soon, we wanted to reflect on the top findings from the Kubernetes and cloud native operations report and we have a cool infographic for you. The new version of the report for 2022 is due some time in January so stay tuned!

Grafana 2021: Year in review

Numbers don’t lie — and the data shows that in a year in which we, once again, endured unpredictable changes, Grafana experienced unparalleled success. In June, we introduced Grafana 8.0, which included unified alerting, new visualizations, real-time streaming, and more. Since then we have introduced a host of new features as well as new data source plugins that only reinforce Grafana’s commitment to our “big tent” philosophy.

Log4j Detection with JFrog OSS Scanning Tools

The discovery of the Log4Shell vulnerability in the ubiquitous Apache Log4j package is a singular event in terms of both its impact and severity. Over 1 million attack attempts exploiting the Log4Shell vulnerability were detected within days after it was exposed, and it may take years before we see its full impact.

Hybrid Cloud Predictions: 2022 Will Be the Year of Cloud Arbitrage

The as-a-service model and shared economy has changed the way people think about products, properties, and partnerships. Netflix found massive success not by improving the DVD experience but by eliminating it altogether. Companies like WeWork, Airbnb, and Vrbo created a shared economy that reduces the need for ownership. As a part of our business transformation in the last one year, Virtana has embraced both the sharing economy and as-a-service subscription.

How to achieve CIS Compliance with Puppet

Security compliance is the new black. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is writing about it. Hopefully everyone is doing something about it, but it's a big lift for organizations. Compliance can mean adhering to departmental and company standards; it can mean well-defined regulatory standards like HIPAA, GDPR, and others. Compliance can mean adopting a standardized set of recommended protocols for cyber security. If compliance isn't on your radar right now, it should be.

Heroku vs AWS : what to choose in 2022? - Detailed comparison

As a developer, using Heroku (a Platform as a service (PaaS)) helps get our applications up and running quickly. Without worrying about servers, scaling, backup, network, and so many underground details. Heroku is the perfect solution to start a project. But as the project grows, the needs become more complex, and moving from Heroku to Amazon Web Services (AWS) becomes more and more a no-brainer choice (discover why so many CTOs decide to move from Heroku to AWS).

6 Alternatives to Sentry Error Monitoring

You are likely to face challenges in selecting the best alternatives to Sentry for error monitoring. It can be daunting to read through multiple software companies and vendors to note their features, benefits, and shortcomings. Let’s discuss simplifying this process by covering the six best alternatives to Sentry error monitoring. Feel free to navigate this guide using the links below.

How to help make sure your clients trust your MSP business

For a managed services provider (MSP) business, building a great relationship with customers is the ultimate way to secure continued business and build your brand. Every strong customer relationship centers on one key concept: trust. Without trustworthy correspondence between you and your customers, you can’t do much to prevent your end users from switching to another MSP team.

SRE Predictions 2022 | Blameless SRE

As the new year approaches, we at Blameless like to ponder the future of Reliability Engineering. For 2021, we predicted that the practice of site reliability engineering (SRE) would continue to grow in terms of adoption, we would see adoption increase faster among smaller organizations, and SRE practices would get more attention to drive adoption compared to hiring. We’re sure you’ll agree that these trends have indeed strengthened in the last year.

Podcast: Break Things on Purpose | 2021 Year In Review

For this episode your hosts, Jason Yee and Julie Gunderson, are sitting down for a year in review! With the new year just around the corner, lets take a glance back at a year of that is. The rest of the chaos we will leave out of the conversation. Julie and Jason talk about their favorite outages of the year. From Fastly to texts from Julie’s mom, we’ve definitely got a heck of a year to consider!

DevOps is going to determine who wins the Metaverse race

Which technology will lead the dive into the Metaverse – inspiring the infrastructure to give us an extra life If we needed evidence that the Metaverse is already alive and kicking, we don’t need to look farther than a recent wedding that took place in it. Incredibly, people are actually beginning to migrate part of their formerly-physical lives to the virtual world. Not to be left behind, companies are hastily repositioning themselves to cash in. Metaverse real estate is in-demand.

How to Monitor Microsoft Teams

There is no doubt about it that the events of 2020 triggered a huge surge in the use of unified communication products. In the consumer space, everyone and their grandmother became familiar with Zoom; in the enterprise space though, many took advantage of their Microsoft licensing to leverage Teams meetings and calls as a primary communication mechanism. This, in turn, has focused a lot more attention for system administrators on how to monitor Microsoft 365 (O365) and Teams in particular.

The 8 Best FP&A Software Solutions Every Finance Team Should Be Using

The right FP&A software can help you and your finance teams to better analyze, plan, and budget business activities. Thus enabling finance to maintain a more forward-looking vision. The software featured in this guide are specialized in nature and provide solutions to address different aspects of a business such as cloud cost optimization, accounting, payroll, budgeting, and forecasting.

What is Role-Based Access Control?

Most of us have visited a hotel at some point in our lives. We arrive at reception, if we request a room, they give us a key; if we are going to visit a guest, they lead us to the waiting room as a visitor; if we are going to have dinner at their restaurant, they label us as a customer; or if we attend a conference on technology, we go to their conference room.

Predictions 2022: OpsRamp Technology Leaders Sound Off on What to Expect in the New Year

2021 brought us widespread COVID vaccines, the Great Resignation, global supply chain disruption, inflation that went from transitory to persistent, accelerated digital transformation in the wake of the pandemic, an attempt at a return to normalcy—and the office—and plenty of uncertainty for the year ahead, thanks to the Delta and Omicron variants.

Introducing Correlation Topology

Understanding the dependencies and relationships between IT assets (breakable pieces) across your data centers and cloud becomes crucial to understanding what your business relies on. What if the dependencies and relationships could be surfaced and kept up-to-date without a massive project and ongoing maintenance? That is what AIMS is solving with the Correlation Topology.

Announcement: Pleco - the open-source Kubernetes and Cloud Services garbage collector

TLDR; Pleco is a service that automatically removes Cloud managed services and Kubernetes resources based on tags with TTL. When using cloud provider services, whether using UI or Terraform, you usually have to create many resources (users, VPCs, virtual machines, clusters, etc...) to host and expose an application to the outside world. When using Terraform, sometimes, the deployment will not go as planned.

Eight Effective Ways To Leverage Machine Learning Ad Tools

More and more agencies and brands are relying on machine learning these days to analyze mountains of data and provide insights they can use to better inform advertising campaigns. Using ML, artificial intelligence tools can recognize patterns in data gleaned from existing campaigns to see how ads are impacting customer engagement, purchase intent and conversion rates.

Tips & Tricks: Keeping Track of Event-Processing Delays

A couple of weeks ago our partner Rok Ponikvar from S&T contacted me about an issue one of his customers faced. His customer complained that Enterprise Alert is not alerting on current issues and even if he creates a test ticket in his OBM system no alert goes out. After a little back and forth we concluded that Enterprise Alert is still processing historic data from an Event Storm in OBM earlier that day.

Monitoring Office365 and Azure Health Status with Coralogix

Life is all about perspective, and the way we look at things often defines us as individuals, professionals, business entities, and products. How you understand the world is influenced by many details, or in the case of your application – many data sources. At Coralogix, we not only preach comprehensive data analysis but strive to enable it by continuously adding new ways to collect data.

Decoding Kubernetes: Is Robin the industry's answer to enterprise demands?

If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that digital transformation is an inevitable reality for all industries, across the globe. Enterprises are running thousands of applications to deliver to growing customer needs. Data centers are continuously evolving to cater to these applications, with yesterday’s siloed, on-premises versions eventually making way to the hybrid cloud models that we see today.

The rise of private 5G: Why enterprises are pushing play on private 5G deployments

Private 5G is becoming the technology of choice for organizations worldwide. Especially with the advent of Industry 4.0, private 5G has gained traction in emerging sectors, like smart manufacturing, where low latency, high capacity and data security are all critical parameters to business success. Recent studies have revealed that private 5G is becoming a key business strategy for CIOs, with the vast majority planning to deploy it in standalone or hybrid ecosystems within the next two years.

Five Building Blocks for Successful AI-Enabled IT

Advances in machine learning and NLP have cracked the flood gates open and AI is now emerging as the definitive transformational technology of our times. A recent IDG study found 93% of IT professionals have already deployed or started to explore AI to augment their ITSM and ITOM modernization efforts. Clearly, AI is making its way into our workplaces faster than we imagined.

How-To: Docker on Windows and Mac with Multipass

If you’re looking for an alternative to Docker Desktop or to integrate Docker into your Multipass workflow, this how-to is for you. Multipass can host a docker engine inside an Ubuntu VM in a manner similar to Docker Desktop. That Docker instance can be controlled either directly from the VM, or remotely from the host machine with no additional software required. This allows you to run Docker locally on your Windows or Mac machine directly from your host terminal.

Goodbye 2021 & Hello 2022!

Netreo enjoyed a tremendous year, and we are all exceedingly grateful for our outstanding customers. May you, your colleagues, family and friends enjoy a healthy and happy holiday season filled with laughter, warmth and joy. We know our success is based on your success, so without further ado, let’s take a look at how our 2021 highlights will fuel a great 2022 for all our customers!

How product teams can manage their performance using Grafana, Prometheus, and Oracle metrics

Ever known a project manager who thinks a task takes minutes when it really takes hours? One company has developed a helpful monitoring tool that not only helps project managers make more realistic estimates, but also helps product teams save time, increase efficiency, and improve their overall performance. At ObservabilityCON 2020, Walter Ritzel Paixão Côrtes, a product designer at Dell, gave a presentation about a data-driven solution his team developed called Product Team Observability.

Historical status data now available

StatusGator customers on our Venture plan have long had access to historical cloud status data. In the past, a simple support request was all it took to get a CSV or JSON feed of any cloud service status data. Now, we’ve brought that data into the StatusGator app itself. A new menu item is now available: Reports & Data. From there, you can choose a data range and download the complete history of all the services in your dashboard: We’d love to know what you think of this feature.

Smarter Digital Payment Monitoring to Protect Business Operations

You place your mug on your desk and boot your computer. Like every morning, you skim over various dashboards on one screen and sift through your email alerts on the other before you start pulling the regular reports. But this morning turns out to be nothing like other mornings. It is about to take a mean twist that will keep you from ever finishing your morning coffee.

Ask Miss O11y, Holiday Edition

Ooh, good question! My favorite thing about this part of the year is that work slows down, everybody is on vacation, and those of us not traveling get to work on little projects that we’re too busy to touch most of the year. As Martin Thwaites put it: “The Product Owners are away, the devs will play.” For Martin, this year, “play” means adding tracing to more of their services.

Codefresh 2021: Year In Review

Codefresh has a very clear mission to enable enterprise teams to confidently deliver software at scale. We are incredibly grateful to our customers who are succeeding with deployments to the cloud, on-prem, and at the edge. Codefresh is powering critical software delivery for some of the world’s most popular gaming and media companies as well as regulated environments in hospitals, at banks, and for defense. So this post is dedicated to all of you who have enabled Codefresh to grow!

Incident Review - The Third AWS Outage in December: When it Rains, it Pours

The following is an analysis of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) incident on 12/22/2021. When it comes to major AWS outages, three times is certainly not the charm. For the third time in three weeks, the public cloud giant reported an outage, this time due to a power outage “within a single data center within a single Availability Zone (USE1-AZ4) in the U.S.-EAST-1 Region," according to the AWS status page. Here at Catchpoint, we first observed issues at 07:11 a.m.

It's All About Developer Experience [DX]

Looking at where major DevOps trends are headed, a common theme across many tools and practices is improving the Developer Experience or DX. One paradigm of thinking is that if you improve your internal customer experience, then your external customers will benefit too. However, up until now, the Developer Experience has been quite siloed and segregated for a multitude of reasons, such as scaling or having best-of-breed technologies to support individual concerns. Presentation on DX.

How network policies can protect your environment from future vulnerabilities like Log4j

If you have access to the internet, it’s likely that you have already heard of the critical vulnerability in the Log4j library. A zero-day vulnerability in the Java library Log4j, with the assigned CVE code of CVE-2021-44228, has been disclosed by Chen Zhaojun, a security researcher in the Alibaba Cloud Security team. It’s got people worried—and with good reason.

Catching Log4j in the Wild: Find, Fix and Fortify

At many organizations, the surprise discovery that the widely used Apache log4j open source software has harbored a longtime critical vulnerability was as if Scrooge and the Grinch had teamed up for the biggest holiday heist of all. Incident response teams across the globe have scrambled to remediate thousands, if not millions of applications. “For cybercriminals this is Christmas come early,” explained Theresa Payton, former White House CIO and current CEO of Fortalice Solutions.

Common Security related Questions and Answers

In light of the recent news about yet another reported Zero-Day Exploit and the accompanying discussions about security, let’s touch on the topic of security audits and how Enterprise Alert can be configured to avoid or at least minimize potential security impact. First, let’s establish what we mean by security audit.

People Run Everything, Everywhere: Highlights from the O'Reilly Cloud Adoption 2021 Report

Hey there, it's your survey analysis pal: me! O'Reilly recently published its 2021 cloud survey, and it’s got some great insights into cloud usage, migration, and strategy. Here are three things I thought I'd look at more deeply.

Protect Cloud Native Applications from Log4Shell with VMware Tanzu Service Mesh

VMware has published a detailed analysis of the Log4Shell exploitation, explaining how VMware security products are helping in multiple ways to detect and contain the exploit. Source: Swiss Government Computer Emergency Response Team

What InsurTech industry trends to watch for in 2022

In case you missed it, insurtech — technology developed to improve and transform the insurance industry — is having a bit of a moment. Forrester recently reported record-breaking funding for insurtechs, closing Q3 at $15 billion – more funding than in 2019 and 2020 combined – with more deals anticipated by the end-of-year.

Grafana EMEA meetup recap: shift left observability, AI and load testing, monitoring plants, and more

On Dec. 8, we gathered the Grafana EMEA community for another dynamic meetup. Experts from the Grafana Labs and k6 teams alongside observability pros from different organizations covered topics ranging from shift left observability practices to monitoring your green thumb at home with Grafana. In case you missed the virtual get together, here’s a recap of each talk along with the session videos.

Authentication Methods for the Mattermost Apps Framework

In the first part of this series, we explored the fastest way to get started with Mattermost Apps. In the second installment, we looked under the hood of a Mattermost App and examined how it works and how its components interact with each other. In this piece, we’ll outline the various authentication methods available using the Mattermost Apps framework.

What IT agents really want for Christmas

It’s finally the most wonderful time of the year, and this calls for a blog post on what service desk agents really want for Christmas! In addition to a warm blanket, a holiday watchlist, and a steaming cup of hot cocoa, IT agents could also use these service management functions for an extra merry holiday season. Continue reading to find out what they are.

Auto-Instrumenting Node.js Apps with OpenTelemetry

In this tutorial, we will go through a working example of a Node.js application auto-instrumented with OpenTelemetry. In our example we’ll use Express, the popular Node.js web application framework. Our example application is based on two locally hosted services sending data to each other. We will instrument this application with OpenTelemetry’s Node.js client library to generate trace data and send it to an OpenTelemetry Collector.

Red Hat removing support for Puppet in Satellite: What you can do

Users of Red Hat Satellite will see changes coming out with regard to how Satellite interacts with Puppet. Satellite has long bundled Puppet in the distribution, using Puppet both as the Satellite installer and for configuration management. Users also had the option to leverage Satellite as an External Node Classifier (ENC) for their Puppet estates. Red Hat acquired Ansible, an imperative configuration management tool, in late 2015.

How To Use Buildpacks To Run Containers

The high demand to deliver software that is both highly available and able to meet customer requests has, in part, led to the adoption of microservice architecture, a software architecture pattern that makes it easier to deploy applications as self-contained entities called containers. These containers are nothing but processes that run as long as the application in them is running.

Top 15 Data Visualisation Tools

If you have been trying to compare all of the best data visualisation tools you may have found it difficult to find a detailed list that includes both open-source and proprietary solutions to help you compare and make an informed decision on what you need going forward. In this guide, you will find out everything you need to know about the leading solutions for data visualisation to help you get started with your next analysis project.

Video Observability: Videoconferencing Runs the World-Here's How to Make Sure Yours Keeps Running

When it comes to work, we all know to put our best foot forward. However, as we increasingly rely on videoconferencing in our everyday work life, success also depends on being able to put our best face forward. Unfortunately, that can add up to a headache for IT when it comes to delivering flawless video experiences to a widely distributed workforce.

Quarterly Product Update: Better Traces, CONCURRENCY, and RATE

At Honeycomb Developer Week, I got an opportunity to walk through a couple of fun new features we’ve shipped since August and ways that we’ve been able to improve Honeycomb for you. Hearing feedback from our users and customers— through support requests, in the Pollinators community, from Twitter, etc.—helps us make Honeycomb better for you.

DevSecOps - Shifting Security to the Left

Modern day software development approaches such as DevOps, have certainly reduced development time. However, tighter release deadlines push security practices to a corner. This blog explains how Shifting Security to the Left introduces security in the early stages of DevOps Lifecycle, thus fixing software bugs proactively. We have come a long way in the DevOps lifecycle, from releasing the code every month(or sometimes more than that) to every day(or every hour).

The 15 Best Cloud Reporting Tools You Should Know In 2022

Cloud infrastructure and the applications it hosts generate millions of rows of raw data in short periods. Viewed in the context of everyday business activities, most of the data makes little sense. So many companies amass mountains of this type of data in data lakes and data warehouses, hoping to figure out how to use it later but end up never tapping into it.

Enhanced Enterprise Alert Reporting with Power BI

The benefits of using the correct reporting, analytics and information delivery capabilities can transform an organization. Having access to timely data, reporting, and analytic capabilities helps to ensure the ability to get the right data to the right users at the right time. Having the ability to pull any information that your business needs at any given time allows for the flexibility to get the information for your business when and where it is needed.

Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Remote Workers with SPI Health and Safety

With many businesses having switched to part-time or even full-time remote work, the challenge for IT teams becomes how to provide quick and efficient support for network problems remotely. In this article, we’re running you through how SPI Health and Safety is using Obkio to monitor network performance and troubleshoot performance issues for all their remote call center employees.

Integrating GitOps with DevOps: implementing the best of both

GitOps has become a buzzword. Developers love it, because it folds DevOps into Git, a frequently used and familiar tool. Using one tool to manage multiple DevOps activities sounds fantastic, and it can be helpful for many. The truth is GitOps has limits. In this article, we explore DevOps and GitOps, compare their similarities and differences, and examine how their principles can work together to support your software development goals.

Oracle's Cerner Acquisition Will Drive Smarter Care Decisions

Oracle is gearing up to execute the largest deal in its entire history – the company has agreed to buy Cerner, a leading electronic health records vendor, for $28.3 billion. The Cerner acquisition is slated to be an all-cash deal of $95/share and is expected to complete early next year. Cerner is a healthcare technology firm that streamlines health information and facilitates its accessibility for modern clinical teams.

Hunting and tracking remediation of Log4Shell (CVE-2021-44228)

The internet has been ablaze since the announcement of Log4Shell, the nickname for CVE-2021-44228, an arbitrary remote code execution vulnerability in the Java logging utility Log4j. So far two additional vulnerabilities ( CVE 2021-45046, CVE-2021-45105) have now been identified. The code has been vulnerable since 2013 and millions of hosts and services are affected.

Get the best out of Azure Data Factory - Part 2

This blog is the continuation of the blog “Get the best out of Azure Data Factory – Part 1“. It explains how Serverless360 addresses the pain points and enhances the usage of Azure Data Factory. Serverless360 is a single platform solution that enables Operations and Support Teams to manage and monitor Azure Serverless services more efficiently. Let us have a quick recap of part 1 before looking into new features that Serverless360 provides for Azure Data Factory.

Rethinking Your Software Distribution Infrastructure

Accelerating software distribution is a critical part to enabling enterprise delivery at scale. Throughout the SDLC processes, we’re required to continuously distribute software packages — either to remote development teams as part of CI cycles, to production environments or devices for deployments, or for public downloads by your developers or partners ecosystem. The key attributes of Distribution workflows create network challenges around bandwidth, resiliency and availability.

All About Log4j/Log4Shell + Mitigation (CVE-2021-44228 and Beyond)

This article discusses the background, impact, identification, and mitigation of Log4Shell, one of the worst vulnerabilities to arise in the past decade. Here at Cloudsmith, security and privacy are paramount. As a hosted package management service helping customers distribute millions of packages worldwide, we're part of the story for securing software supply chains. Read on further to see how the vulnerability works and what you can protect yourself and your users.

Managing the skills gap: to hire or not to hire?

The MSP sector currently finds itself in a difficult situation: While the industry is growing, many are finding it increasingly hard to hire skilled techs quickly enough to fill their increasing knowledge gaps. We frequently hear from our partners that there just aren’t enough skilled techs in the market, and things are moving too quickly. This is particularly true in security, but it’s certainly not limited to that area.

How to Measure Uptime SLOs Using Pingdom and Nobl9

Do you find yourself asking, “What should our first service-level objective (SLO)be?” The simplest way to get started if you have a website is to measure uptime SLOs. The SLO will measure your uptime and how your site compares to your reliability goals. By following the steps outlined here, you can get up and running with your first SLO in minutes. To get started, you’ll need to set up an account on SolarWinds® Pingdom®.

The future is not the Internet of Things... it is the Connected Intelligent Edge

The ‘Internet of Things’ was first coined to help people understand the concept of digital appliances that could communicate with an app or central hub. If you’ve been to CES at any point in the last decade, you could see many examples on the show floor, such as connected weight scales or a connected fridge. But these early examples of ‘connected’ tech felt more gimmicky than useful, and were largely contained to the consumer electronics industry.

Use Datadog's GitHub and source code integrations to streamline troubleshooting

GitHub Apps is a service that helps you automate key processes in your workflow. Datadog now uses GitHub Apps to interact directly with the GitHub API, enabling you to add valuable context to your notebooks. And once you’ve also integrated Datadog with your source code, you can access links to Git repositories and inline code snippets for stack traces.

Monitor Kubernetes with Fairwinds Insights' offering in the Datadog Marketplace

Fairwinds Insights is Kubernetes governance and security software that enables DevOps teams to monitor and prevent configuration problems in their infrastructure and applications. Not only does Fairwinds simplify Kubernetes complexity, but it also reduces risk by surfacing security and reliability issues in your Kubernetes clusters.

To Mask, or Not to Mask? That Is the Question

While I write this blog post, I reflect on the years of being a system administrator and the task of ensuring that no sensitive data made its way past me. What a daunting task right? The idea that sensitive data can make its way through our systems and other tools and reports is terrifying! Not to mention the potential financial/contractual problems this can cause.

Connection Center in 3 mins

Cookdown's Connection Center is designed to make SCOM your single source of truth. Find out all about how it works, our code-free integrations, and much more. Unlock SCOMs full potential by connecting it to all your IT enterprise tools and you'll never miss a critical SCOM alert again! The setup is super simple! To get started just download a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL and you'll be syncing alerts in minutes.

Connection Center Deep Dive

A deep dive into Cookdown's Connection Center is designed to make SCOM your single source of truth. Find out all about how it works, our code-free integrations, and much more. Unlock SCOMs full potential by connecting it to all your IT enterprise tools and you'll never miss a critical SCOM alert again! The setup is super simple! To get started just download a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL and you'll be syncing alerts in minutes.

Connection Center for Webhooks Inbound Demo in 3 mins

This short demo illustrates how Cookdown Connection Center can integrate SCOM with anything, anywhere….! We simply use Webhooks to convert critical SCOM alerts into actionable notifications in real-time. So, now you can push alerts from SCOM to any application supporting Webhooks, which means your team can view alerts in their favorite tools. Find out how Connection Center can get your stakeholders more engaged and better connected!

Connection Center for Webhooks Inbound Deep Dive Demo

This deep dive illustrates exactly how Cookdown Connection Center can integrate SCOM with anything, anywhere….! We simply use Webhooks to convert critical SCOM alerts into actionable notifications in real-time. So, now you can push alerts from SCOM to any application supporting Webhooks, which means your team can view alerts in their favorite tools. Find out how Connection Center can get your stakeholders more engaged and better connected!

Log4j Log4Shell Vulnerability Q&A

In our recent webinar, Log4j Log4Shell Vulnerability Explained: All You Need To Know, our Senior Director Security Research expert Shachar Menashe shared information on the security issue and how to detect and remediate it. We are happy to share additional information in the following Q&A, based on the questions raised during the webinar.

A Comprehensive Guide to Firewall Monitoring

Securing your company's network against online threats can seem like a daunting task. There are so many different e-commerce security threats, and it can be hard to know where to start or if you're adequately protected against all of them. One important weapon in the fight for network security is your firewall. Although your firewall will remain hidden from view for most of your employees most of the time, you shouldn't forget about it.

ITSM 2021: A year in review

The IT Service Management landscape has shifted enormously over the last 12 months. From companies leveraging AI to modernize ITSM/ITOM capabilities to prioritizing employee experience in the workplace, the past year has seen ITSM emerge as an organizational superpower to implement highly cognitive technologies. In this article, we give you a complete rundown of what happened in ITSM in 2021.

DBAle 39: Short stories- the beginning, Moet, and end of Season One

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, that’s right it’s International Short Story Day. Our narrative covers Agile stories, Developer stories, short girl appreciation, and of course a novel Unwin original…or 3. In ‘The News’ we read all about Log4j, Y2K and Minecraft, before our hosts drop a big bang bombshell, turning a page in the book of life. It’s true poetry in motion as Chris and Chris raise their Moet (reading) glasses in testament to a whopping 39.5 episodes of DBAle Season One. So, grab yourself a beer and join our legendary Chris duo for the last chapter – the end.

Flask Application Manual Instrumentation for Distributed Traces

In this blog series, we share the application instrumentation steps for distributed tracing with OpenTelemetry standards across multiple languages. Earlier, we covered Java Application Manual Instrumentation for Distributed Traces, Golang Application Instrumentation for Distributed Traces, Node JS Application for Distributed Traces, and DotNet Application Instrumentation for Distributed Traces. In this blog post, we are going to cover.

Diagnosing Downtime, Made Easy with

Downtime is one diagnosis you don’t want to waste time with second opinions. You want accurate alerting the first time around, followed by drill-down tools to uncover and help you treat root cause as fast as possible. As with any form of health (even domain health), preventive care should always be your first defence. With “preventive care” means 360º monitoring that doesn’t skimp on analysis.

Monitoring AWS EC2 Cloud Instances with AWS CloudWatch

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale cloud computing easier for developers. Amazon EC2’s simple web service interface allows you to obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction. It provides you with complete control of your computing resources and lets you run on Amazon’s proven computing environment.

New Relic vs. Appdynamics vs. Scout APM

New Relic and Appdynamics were the two most dominating APMs in the software industry some years back. But after the advancement of technology, software monitoring tools started capturing the market. Due to some lack of functionalities, customers have begun switching to different tools because now they have a perfect solution for their particular use case.

New in Grafana Loki 2.4: The Simple Scalable Deployment Mode

New in Grafana Loki 2.4: The Simple Scalable Deployment Mode This mode is a bridge between running Loki as a single binary/monolithic mode and full-blown microservices. The idea is to give users more flexibility in scaling and provide the advantages of separating the read and write path in Loki. Command to run the flog log generator: Start correlating your data with Grafana Cloud and the new FREE tier.

DX NetOps Support for Symantec Secure Web Gateways (SWG)

DX NetOps network monitoring software now supports Symantec Secure Web Gateways (SWG). This short demo shows how the solution can provide visibility for SWGs in the context of your broader network and network delivery strategy. DX NetOps unifies alarms, performance and flow and can help solve key operational challenges for SWGs including event correlation and streamlined ticketing workflows.

How Grafana powers the dynamic visualizations of IoT data for AWS IoT TwinMaker

At re:Invent this year, AWS announced its new digital twin service, AWS IoT TwinMaker (in preview), which allows users to create digital twins of real-world systems like buildings, factories, industrial equipment, and production lines. Using a digital twin to monitor and improve operations for a physical system requires ingesting data from IoT sensors, process instruments, cameras, and enterprise systems, and curating and associating data from these disparate sources.

Help us help you with content usage telemetry

Let's rip off the bandaid and get the bad news out there first: we're rolling out telemetry for Puppet content. Read on to find out why I think that's actually good news for you, how you can see exactly what data it collects, and how to make sure it never runs if your corporate policy doesn't allow it. And maybe a free beanie if you choose to opt in?

Make Your Move to Multi-Cloud Kubernetes with VMware Tanzu

To meet Drax Group’s objective of a zero-carbon, lower-cost energy future, the company needed to change its technology architecture. Drax implemented VMware Tanzu Kubernetes and VMware Tanzu Mission Control to deploy and operate cloud native applications and manage their Kubernetes infrastructure. Learn more by watching their feature from VMworld 2021.

BeginSpan is the New Printf: Observability in the Developer Workflow

Observability is a great way to understand how your system is operating in production, diagnose errors when systems fail, and find subtle gaps in logic. But there’s no reason to wait until your code is in production—it turns out that observability can change the process of developing code. (Our CTO Charity Majors calls this observability-driven development.)

Cloud misconfiguration: vulnerability hiding in plain sight

This post originally appeared on The New Stack and is re-published here with permission. In our technology-driven business climate, most companies have at least some, if not all, workloads on the cloud. And unlike on-premises networks, these cloud environments lack secure outer perimeters and specific off times. Cloud networks are always on and always available. While convenient, this also means hackers can access them at any time.

Harvester: A Modern Infrastructure for a Modern Platform

Cloud platforms are not new — they have been around for a few years. And containers have been around even longer. Together, they have changed the way we think about software. Since the creation of these technologies, we have focused on platforms and apps. And who could blame anyone? Containers and Kubernetes let us do things that were unheard of only a few years ago.

Database monitoring with Sumo Logic and OpenTelemetry-powered distributed tracing

We are living in a data world. Data describes and controls almost every aspect of our life, from the president's elections to everyday grocery shopping. Data grows exponentially and so does the complexity of applications that manage that data. We all know the recent shift to microservices and other revolutionary changes that happened in the way we design, develop, deploy and operate modern applications.

QA Activities- What Should You Keep In Mind?

When your development team is under pressure to keep releasing new functionality in order to stay ahead of the competition, the time spent on quality assurance (QA) activities can feel like one overhead that you could do without. After all, with automated CI/CD pipelines enabling multiple deployments per day, you can get a fix out pretty quickly if something does go wrong – so why invest the time in testing before release? The reality is that scrimping on software testing is a false economy.

Automatically Manage DNS for Kubernetes with ExternalDNS and Tanzu Mission Control Catalog

If you have ever deployed Kubernetes services, you understand the pain of having to maintain DNS records for an ever-growing number of internal and external services. ExternalDNS helps address this pain and reduces the amount of toil required for manual record keeping by programmatically updating DNS servers. Before we get into the details of how that works, let’s quickly review what functionality the ExternalDNS package provides.

Auvik's Network Vendor Diversity 2021: Who Reigns the Network?

At the end of November 2021, Auvik released our annual Network Vendor Diversity Report, and the data we collected had some interesting findings. Over 520,000 devices across 40,000 networks contributed, showing which vendors are taking a leading share of the market. In this roundup, we’ll show you some of the most interesting learnings we saw in 2021.

Get the most out of kiosk devices while securing them using MDM

There’s a good chance we all interact with kiosks just as much as we do with humans, and this was true even before the pandemic. Self-service counters, airline check-in systems, library search devices, huge digital billboards for advertising, compact mobile devices for remote workers, ATMs at every corner, you name it.

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Discovering vulnerable Log4J libraries on your network with EventSentry

Just when the Microsoft Exchange exploit CVE-2021-26855 thought it would win the “Exploit of the year” award, it got unseated by the – still evolving – Log4J exploit just weeks before the end of the year! Had somebody asked Sysadmins in November what Log4J was then I suspect that the majority would have had no idea. It seems that the biggest challenge the Log4J exploit poses for Sysadmins is simply the fact that nobody knows all the places where Log4J is being used.

Diagnostic Artificial Intelligence Models Can Be Tricked By Cyberattacks

Researchers discovered that diagnostic artificial intelligence models used to detect cancer were fooled by cyberattacks that falsify medical images. Diagnostic artificial intelligence (AI) models hold promise in clinical research, but a new study conducted by University of Pittsburgh researchers and published in Nature Communications found that cyberattacks using falsified medical images could fool AI models.

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5 Process Improvement Methodologies To Change Your Business

Process improvement is an organizational strategy for achieving superior performance by systematically identifying flaws or inefficiencies in business processes, analyzing the data collected and determining how to address these issues. The methodology involves a series of steps. In this article, you will find 5 of the best process improvement methodologies.

Exporting and Sharing Graphs From AppSignal

You can now share any graph from AppSignal with your team, company, and the world. Click the export icon in the graph header to create a hosted image that you can link, embed, or download for further annotation. Developers often share performance screenshots with each other. Some screenshots end up on Twitter where developers explain how they improved their application’s performance with AppSignal. We regularly take screenshots of our graphs as well.

Outsourcing Trends For 2022

The pandemic has caused a stir and affected a lot of industries including IT outsourcing. As most of the businesses have gone digital with the new normal of work today. Our world is getting more and more digitised. The last two years of pandemics have proved and modified certain aspects of our life including how outsourcing operates. With the rapid growth in technology, the demand for custom software development outsourcing from organizations has increased.

A Look Back At Console Connect In 2021

If the events of the last two years have proved anything it is that businesses need to be prepared for the unexpected. The ability to embrace change and adapt rapidly to uncertainty has become essential for businesses. In 2021, Console Connect continued to put agility at the heart of our organisation – both in terms of our approach to technology innovation, and also in how our automated platform is helping businesses embrace digital transformation.

Critical - and Tapped Out. Just-Released Survey Reveals How IT Departments are Really Feeling in this New Landscape

This gives new meaning to the term “wired and tired.” A brand-new survey from Ivanti finds that IT professionals have never been considered more critical to a company’s operations and success, and yet in spite of – or perhaps because of – that pressure, they’re facing a mountain of obstacles and unrelenting fatigue.

Monitor all your Redshift clusters in Grafana with the new Amazon Redshift data source plugin

In collaboration with the AWS team, we have recently released the new Redshift data source plugin for Grafana. Amazon Redshift is the fastest and most widely used cloud data warehouse. It uses SQL to analyze structured and semi-structured data across data warehouses, operational databases, and data lakes by using AWS-designed hardware and machine learning.

MQTT Topic and Payload Parsing with Telegraf

Buckle up, this one isn’t short…but I’m hoping it will be thoroughly informative! This post is about Telegraf as a consumer of MQTT messages in the context of writing them to InfluxDB. If you are interested in and unfamiliar with Telegraf, you can view docs here. Unsure if Telegraf aligns with your needs? I make a case for it in the Optimizing Writes section of this blog post. It may also help to have an understanding of Line Protocol, InfluxDB’s default accepted format.

Use Microservices to Modernize IT Operations

Many organizations are experiencing the need to modernize their IT systems to keep pace in an increasingly digital world. Adopting DevOps helps companies implement and initialize the modernization processes. At xMatters, our path to IT modernization has included implementing DevOps, but we have done it a little differently to ensure we are using agile processes.

The Top 25 Grafana Interview Questions

If you are looking for your next role which involves an in-depth knowledge of Grafana then you will want to make sure that you have revised sufficiently beforehand. In this resource guide on the top Grafana interview questions, we've listed all of the leading questions that candidates are commonly asked about this popular visual analysis tool alongside the answers you’ll need to pass. Want to improve your knowledge even further?

Now at Work: Helping companies embrace digital transformation

The Now at Work 2021 Digital Experience provided a forum for companies around the world to demonstrate how they’re using the Now Platform, boosted by the Rome release, to bring about digital transformation. ServiceNow helped businesses not only cope with the pandemic, but also build more innovative, nimble organizations for the future.

Log4Shell: How We Protect Sematext Users

On December 9, 2021, a vulnerability was reported that could allow a system running Apache Log4j 2 version 2.14.1 or below to be compromised and allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the vulnerable server. This vulnerability was registered on the National Vulnerability Database as CVE-2021-44228, with a severity score of 10. Here is a diagram of the attack chain from the Swiss Government Computer Emergency Response Team (GovCERT).

Why leading healthcare organizations recommend OnPage

Adrienne, a Family and Nurse Practitioner at a leading healthcare organization recommends OnPage to anyone looking to adopt a clinical communication and collaboration solution. Keep watching to learn how her organization adopts OnPage to enhance their after-hours call paging workflows.

Empowering Data Management and DBAs Through Better Tooling | SolarWinds Roundtable

There isn’t a magical solution to the challenges that DBAs face on a daily basis. Instead, you need to become proficient in the use of a number of different tools to achieve your aims. In this roundtable, SolarWinds Head Geek Kevin Kline is joined with Megan Longoria and Jon Moore to discuss the evolution of tools for the accidental and seasoned DBA alike. The panel will discuss tools of the past, their favorite new tools, and overall, why you need database monitoring and operation tools.

What's new in Sysdig - December 2021

Here we are with the final “What’s new in Sysdig” monthly newsletter of the year. First of all, Merry Christmas, メリークリスマス, Buon Natale, 성탄을 축하드려요, С рождеством!, Vrolijk kerstfeest, Feliz Navidad! Whatever you may be celebrating, we wish you a wonderful holiday season from all of us at Sysdig!

What Are The Different Cloud Cost Models? 3 Types You Need To Know

Identifying the best payment plan for cloud services can be a challenge. For one thing, no two businesses are exactly alike. Since each organization faces a unique set of circumstances, it is tough to choose the best option from all the different cloud cost models without taking an in-depth look at business-specific aspects such as demand, spending preferences, and projected revenue over the next few years. On top of that, the payment plans themselves are very often confusing.

N-able Backup and Other Keys to Our Success: Lionel Naidoo of Dragon Information Systems

N-able™ Backup has provided a refreshing take on backup and disaster recovery, as Dragon IS Director Lionel Naidoo learned firsthand. By looking beyond the traditional legacy backup solutions on the market, Dragon uncovered a golden nugget in N-able Backup.

Designing and Creating a State-of-the-Art AIOps Solution with Elastic

In this session we will go over our journey during the design and creation of the Tuuring state-of-the-art AIOps solution dedicated to digital performance. We'll highlight our major breakthroughs, lessons learned, how Elastic powers the solution and the value it brings for our customers. Speakers: Eric van Wijhe, Commercial Director, Tuuring Pierre van Elswijk, CEO and Co-founder, Tuuring

ICYMI: Honeycomb Developer Week Wrap-Up

Getting started with observability can be time consuming. It takes time to configure your apps and practice to change the way you approach troubleshooting. So it can be hard to prioritize investing time, especially if you can’t clearly see how that investment will pay off. That’s why we put together Honeycomb Developer Week: short, snackable, time-efficient learning sessions to jumpstart your observability journey.

The values behind scaling cloud native security at Grafana Labs

On Nov. 8, I started as the new Chief Information and Security Officer at Grafana Labs. In my first five weeks, I’ve met about 100 really amazing people; learned and absorbed early lessons about our workplace culture; kicked off working groups for our 2022 initiatives (bug bounty FTW); and contributed to tackling our first-ever 0day. Amid all of that, I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking.

What is the Purpose of Observability? In a Word, Innovation

Asking an IT engineer or SRE to define the purpose of observability is kind of like asking someone to explain the purpose of life: There are lots of different opinions out there, and no way of proving any of them right or wrong. You could argue that observability is just a buzzword that refers to what used to be called monitoring.

Top strategies for Network Performance monitoring

Networks today span the world and provide many connections between geographically disparate data centers, public and private clouds. This creates a variety of network management problems. If your network is not working properly, it can be very difficult or even impossible to get the most productive or correct operation of your applications. Computer networks can run into problems due to poor software integration, bad connections, insufficient bandwidth, outdated software, and external attacks.

Object validation and conversion with Marshmallow in Python

Marshmallow is a Python library that converts complex data types to and from Python data types. It is a powerful tool for both validating and converting data. In this tutorial, I will be using Marshmallow to validate a simple bookmarks API where users can save their favorite URLs along with a short description of each site.

This Month in Datadog: December 2021 (Episode 7)

Datadog is constantly elevating the approach to cloud monitoring and security. This Month in Datadog updates you on our newest product features, announcements, resources, and events. To learn more about Datadog and start a free 14-day trial, visit Cloud Monitoring as a Service. This month we put the Spotlight on Datadog Sensitive Data Scanner which is now generally available.

Comparing Cloudflare Workers, Fastly Compute@Edge, Akamai EdgeWorkers

Building serverless applications on the “edge” is becoming a reality. The promise of fast execution and seamless deployment is near, but is it here? The goal: Use an edge platform to build a proof of concept clone of, a tooltip generator for external links (among other things).

Open Source FOMO? Not with Tanzu Application Platform

If you are not familiar with the term, FOMO is short for “fear of missing out,” and some developers are feeling it these days. Developers want to be a part of a technical community and stay current by working on, and with, the most innovative technologies. Open source FOMO comes when they witness their peers getting to explore new technologies that help them get ahead, while they’re bogged down with stale technology and monolithic apps.

Introducing the Sensu pipeline resource

Sensu’s observability pipeline includes resources for collecting, filtering, transforming, and processing observability data: checks, event filters, mutators, and handlers. These resources and Sensu’s observability pipeline concept are well seasoned and widely used at thousands of companies. However, configuration can be somewhat unintuitive, especially for new users.

Troubleshooting Using Prometheus Metrics in Epsagon

Observability is crucial for modern application development, as it enables organizations to achieve tighter control over dynamic systems. In addition to the inherent complexities of an application workflow, various cloud-native ecosystems, such as Kubernetes and Prometheus, introduce a number of components within an already distributed framework.

Your Log4shell Remediation Cookbook Using the JFrog Platform

Last week, a researcher from the Alibaba Cloud Security Team dropped a zero-day remote code execution exploit on Twitter, targeting the extremely popular log4j logging framework for Java (specifically, the 2.x branch called Log4j2). The vulnerability was originally discovered and reported to Apache by the Alibaba cloud security team on November 24th. MITRE assigned CVE-2021-44228 to this vulnerability, which has since been dubbed Log4Shell by security researchers.

Monitoring your Nestjs application using OpenTelemetry

Nestjs is a Nodejs framework for building scalable server-side applications with typescript. It makes use of frameworks like Express and Fastify to enable rapid development. It has gained wide popularity in recent times, and many applications are making use of the Nestjs framework. Monitoring your Nestjs application is critical for performance management. But setting up monitoring for Nestjs applications can get cumbersome requiring multiple libraries and patterns.

Spans - a key concept of distributed tracing

Spans are fundamental building blocks of distributed tracing. A single trace in distributed tracing consists of a series of tagged time intervals known as spans. Spans represent a logical unit of work in completing a user request or transaction. Distributed tracing is critical to application performance monitoring in microservice-based architecture. Before we deep dive into spans, let's have a brief overview of distributed tracing.

AutoNation delivers peerless experiences to every customer

AutoNation delivers everything automotive, from sales and service to collision and parts. It also understands that buying a car is a huge decision, which is why it chose AppDynamics to help it provide a seamless experience for its customers. With full-stack observability across its applications, AutoNation can track, manage and optimize its service performance across the business. AppDynamics breaks down silos between teams so they can triage problems collectively, and quickly. The result is a better experience for thousands of customers across AutoNation’s 300 locations and 27,000 associates.

AI and machine learning in compliance technology

It’s true that AI and machine learning have already provided us with some opportunities to transform entrenched methods of recording and monitoring communications in regulated industries. However, to date, most companies’ injection of AI has been limited and solutions have been piecemeal. But that’s all about to change as the rapid expansion in the applications of AI in compliance is just around the corner.

Chasing Log4Shell with an Automation Mindset

When zero-day vulnerabilities hit, it often feels like we have zero time to figure out the risk to our systems. Take the recent Log4Shell vulnerability as an example. By the way, Rundeck is a Java-based application, and older versions were subject to this vulnerability. If you have not yet updated to Rundeck 3.4.8 or later, please do so now. In this blog I will show you how Rundeck can be a force multiplier in helping teams quickly identify systems that need attention and take action where needed.

How to define software failure

Two of the four DORA metrics, Change Failure Rate and MTTR, require that you first define what failure means. Does failure always mean incident? Or should failure mean rollback? In this video, Don walks you through a couple different ways to define failure, and how Sleuth does it today. SLEUTH A deploy-based DORA / Accelerate Metrics tracker both managers and developers love.

How a Superior Site Uptime Monitoring Solution Could Save Your Organization $1.85 Million

We all know the pleasure we feel when we dig into an old pair of jeans and pull out a crumpled $5 bill, or when we finally get around to vacuuming our car (“Hey, I don’t remember eating onion rings in here”) and find a few bucks in loose change. It’s as if the universe has taken a moment to smile on us.

Robotics and Ubuntu rewind 2021

A year packed with news and events. A year where great competitions came to an end. A year that made us dream with new robots. 2021 inspired us to reach new heights and pursue new breakthroughs. As we power millions of robotics developers with Ubuntu and our robotics open source tools, we present a recap of what marked this year. Discover the victories and defeats of 2021. Those product launches that made the front page. Our best tutorials and whitepapers.

Stop Using Branches for Deploying to Different GitOps Environments

In our big guide for GitOps problems, we briefly explained (see points 3 and 4) how the current crop of GitOps tools don’t really cover the case of promotion between different environments or how even to model multi-cluster setups. The question of “How do I promote a release to the next environment?” is becoming increasingly popular among organizations that want to adopt GitOps.

Making software changes safer and faster with Jira Service Management

Customer expectations of software services are higher than ever before. Teams are under enormous pressure to rapidly deliver improvements to services without any disruption. In this session, we’ll share ways you can use Jira Service Management and other Atlassian products to harness the power of change management, automation, SLAs to supercharge the process so you can meet (and, even exceed) your customers’ expectations.

How an open approach to DevOps gives you the flexibility to adapt to anything

No single vendor will ever build or own all the DevOps tools your team needs. Atlassian has created a large ecosystem of partners who deliver expertise in key areas of the DevOps lifecycle. Join this session to learn about Atlassian’s open toolchain approach and how it can empower your teams with best of breed tools that work better together. In this session, Snyk, JFrog, and Gitlab will discuss how their integrations can help you achieve your DevOps goals.

Boosting ITSM with asset and configuration management in Jira Service Management

Organizations that use Mindville Insight for their ITSM practices often find that their resolution times shrink, their customer satisfaction increases, and their teams operate more efficiently. In this session we'll use in-app demonstrations to show how Insight can help you manage assets effectively, quickly troubleshoot incidents, minimize the impact of changes, and streamline the handling of requests.

Bulk Update Multiple WebLogic WLSDM Settings via WL-OPC

When you need to change WLSDM WebLogic settings and you have so many WLSDM WebLogic domains, use the “WLSDM Configuration” page to standardize the bulk WLSDM WebLogic domains settings. WL-OPC prevents struggling with numerous tabs, unwanted confusion and saves your time with WLSDM Configurations Page!

5 Performance Measurement Metrics for Node.js Applications

Node.js applications are those that are created on the Node.js platform, which is an event-driven I/O server-side JavaScript environment based on Google Chrome's V8 engine. Since both the server-side and client-side are written in JavaScript, Node.js allows for easier and faster code implementation, as well as processing requests quickly and simultaneously. This is especially useful for developing real-time applications, such as chat and streaming.

Dashboard Fridays: Azure VM Health Dashboard

Adam is back for our final Dashboard Fridays video of 2021, and is joined by Azure expert and community hero Cameron Fuller of Catapult Systems! The Azure Management Services team at Catapult required a quick way to visualize the key health pieces for their customers, using a visually intuitive dashboard. In this bitesize video, Cameron will showcase this sample Azure VM Health dashboard focused on free disk space, heartbeat and CPU utilization. Tune in to learn how it was made, the challenges it solves, and how you can easily get your hands on it.

Experiment with Calico BGP in the Comfort of Your Own Laptop!

Yes, you read that right – in the comfort of your own laptop, as in, the entire environment running inside your laptop! Why? Well, read on. It’s a bit of a long one, but there is a lot of my learning that I would like to share. I often find that Calico Open Source users ask me about BGP, and whether they need to use it, with a little trepidation. BGP carries an air of mystique for many IT engineers, for two reasons.

Collaboration: The key to a reimagined employee experience

The ServiceNow product team had a clear goal: Reimagine the employee experience on the Now Platform. That meant designing a solution that would deliver a unified and proactive experience personalized for each user. The team started by talking with customers around the world—of all sizes and across many industries. They also turned to the ServiceNow IT team. IT provided firsthand knowledge of what it means to deliver an exceptional employee experience on the platform.

Data centre networking: SmartNICs

This blog post is part of our data centre networking series: With the explosion of application traffic and the multiplication of data centre workloads during the last decade, east-west traffic greatly increased and ended up impacting the traditional north-south based architectures. This raised the need to review the entire data centre architecture while keeping the goal of meeting performance, security, and monitoring requirements.

Data centre networking: What is OVN?

This blog post is part of our data centre networking series: With the development of open source software-defined networking solutions, virtualisation took a progressively more important place in modern data centres. Concepts like virtual switching and routing became part of the data centre networking scene, with OVS as a pioneering example.

5 IT Financial Management (ITFM) Best Practices To Consider In 2022

If IT Financial Management (ITFM) was as simple as widely presumed, we’d be seeing IT expenditure dropping globally with the continued adoption of cloud services. For example, in 2020 it was expected that 83% of enterprise workloads would move to the cloud. That move happened but the results didn’t come with the extensive cost reduction benefits that businesses envisioned. Organizations are actually spending more despite the workload migration.

Broadcom Software Agile Operations Division Overview

General Manager Serge Lucio discusses Broadcom Software's Agile Operations Division, which offers business-critical software solutions that help the world’s leading companies transform their operating model to be more agile. Our ValueOps, DevOps, and AIOps solutions help these organizations drive innovation and achieve operational excellence to realize better business outcomes – and better experiences for their customers.

Monitoring remote user workstations with Prometheus, Ansible, and Grafana Cloud

Monitoring is usually associated with servers and applications, but the fintech automation platform Ocrolus recently needed to set up monitoring for a different purpose: to gain meaningful data and insights about nearly 1,000 remote user workstations.

A Historic Year for Enterprise Resilience

The year 2021 represented another historic period of resilience, during which businesses began to spring back from the pandemic lockdowns of 2020. Yet, many senior leaders and boards found themselves navigating their people and assets through the impact of new COVID variants and other critical events, such as severe weather, bushfires, cyber-attacks, IT outages, and more.

Building Observability in Your CircleCI Deploy

With Liz Fong Jones, Principal Developer Advocate at Honeycomb and Ryan Pedersen, Senior Solutions Engineer at CircleCI In this talk, you’ll learn how Honeycomb keeps its CircleCI workflow duration at about 10 minutes per build through parallelizing build steps, using native container builders per architecture, and tracing execution of the build to know where to optimize.

LogicMonitor launches Santa Tracker Dashboard to monitor annual Christmas flight

A pillar of the December holiday season, the Elves at Santa’s Workshop work tirelessly year-round to provide a quality Christmas experience for children around the world who have made it to the Nice list. To ensure all children on the Nice list receive their Christmas packages in a timely manner, the IT team at Santa’s Workshop turned to LogicMonitor to monitor Santa’s annual journey around the globe in real-time.

N-able Backup and Other Keys to Our Success: Nicholas Paulukow, One2One

N-able™ Backup has proven to make a real difference in the efficiency and profitability of managed IT services provider One2One. Hear from One2One CEO Nicholas Paulukow about how the company dramatically reduced the staff time and cost needed to provide top-tier data protection services by switching to N-able Backup.

Trigger your CircleCI pipelines from a GitHub Actions workflow

If you are already a GitHub user, you may know that GitHub Actions provides you with powerful tools to increase efficiencies in your software delivery life cycle. Actions can be impactful for team collaborations and process simplification. For example, you can automate things like building a container, welcoming new users to your open source projects, managing branches, or triaging issues.

"I love it when a plan comes together"-the questions to ask your customers before the next software vulnerability

I’m probably dating myself, but I used to love the television show The A-Team when I was little. Every week, the team would be put into the middle of a problem and work together to overcome some challenge. Plus, they had Mr. T and a really cool van.

Azure Thames Valley: Azure CosmosDB as a Knowledge Graph (in SquaredUp's Cloud product)

In this session, Richard Jones, SquaredUp CTO, shares how SquaredUp's new Cloud product utilises Azure CosmosDB as a graph database, to provide an explorable and searchable knowledge graph of all your applications, services, and resources spanning all your tools and platforms.

Log4j and VMware Tanzu Application Service

This video goes into detail on how to perform application and platform mitigation of the Log4j CVEs using VMware Tanzu Application Service. Please note: This content is relevant as of 12/16/21 and could become outdated due to the ever-changing Log4j situation. Here are some additional resources regarding this vulnerability.

Global Azure AD Outage Affecting Microsoft 365 Services December 15

Microsoft has had its own share of outages recently and during the evening of December 15th Azure AD was the cloud culprit. As a result, the Exoprise sensors detected this Microsoft 365 outage more than an hour before Microsoft informed customers of the issue. Here’s some of the errors that users were experiencing if they attempted to sign into Microsoft services: Most of our worldwide customers knew well in advance of the problem before users or business suffered.

Nastel Products Are Not Affected by Log4j Vulnerability Issues

Recent news about Log4j has enterprises and vendors scrambling for information and answers, including customers of messaging middleware and Integration Infrastructure Management (i2M) products. Nastel Technologies customers will not be exposed to any risks from this vulnerability, but enterprises are encouraged to check with their Cloud and other solution vendors to protect themselves and their data.

ITOM 2021 recap: Features that enabled an incredible network management experience

From introducing new automation capabilities to offering all new integration options this past year, ManageEngine’s ITOM suite of solutions have been supercharged to seamlessly manage complex networks. These new, powerful product enhancements and feature releases have honed the ITOM suit’s superior network management capabilities for IT admins worldwide.

Cloud monitoring 101

Cloud monitoring is a concept that refers to a process of examining, monitoring, and controlling a cloud workflow. Cloud monitoring may be performed manually or via automated monitoring services or technologies to ensure that a cloud is operating. This procedure, centered on security and administration, has become critical for firms that depend on cloud technology.

15 tips on how to market effectively when you're an MSP of one, part 1

With the end of another year, and a bright, shiny new year just ahead, many businesses take stock to reflect on their accomplishments and what they still need to do. In this vein, I have been getting quite a few questions lately about marketing and lead generation—specifically, how to conduct marketing when the MSP is small, without a lot of time or money to devote to such an initiative.

Import Spot resources into Terraform

More and more, DevOps and platform teams are using infrastructure as code to design and implement infrastructure in the cloud. Hashicorp’s Terraform is one of the most popular infrastructure as code tools. It enables you to define your desired state of infrastructure using code, and deploy those changes to your cloud. Spot by NetApp has extensive support for Terraform in Elastigroup and Ocean, our products for cloud infrastructure management.

Customer Experience: Working with OpsLogix

Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) is a monitoring platform that comes with many potential benefits; however, it can also be overwhelming to manage and be responsible for. With extensive, up-to-date knowledge and experience with SCOM, we provide products and services at the forefront of monitoring. In addition to the products and services, OpsLogix works with personal support and various sources of digital content to further enhance the application of those.

The 2022 State of Observability Report

Interest in observability is at an all-time high. When we attended KubeCon in Los Angeles in October, observability and security were everywhere—in conversations with attendees and other vendors, during sessions, and in messaging at booths—indicating that there’s still an unmet need. In fact, Gartner declared that observability is at the ‘peak of inflated expectations' in a recent Hype Cycle report.

VMware Advanced Monitoring for Horizon - App Volumes

Beyond VMware Horizon, eG Innovations includes purpose-built, fully integrated modules for other VMware technologies and even third-party products likely to be used alongside Horizon. Technologies supported include the Blast Extreme protocol, VMware Unified Access Gateway (UAG), thin clients, and of course, App Volumes. Today, I’ll focus on how to ensure that you can monitor App Volumes both via full insights via App Volumes Manager but also via continuous monitoring of user endpoints.

Supercharge Your Supply Chain: Meet Current and Future Supply Chain Demands with Ivanti Velocity

Over the last year, labour shortages and supply chain challenges have created a perfect storm, creating a business landscape marked by strained resources and little room for error. The 2021 holiday season ramped up pressure on businesses that are already struggling to keep up.

The wrong lessons to learn from the Log4j vulnerability

Log4j and Java sucks, but I don't use that, so I'm safe...right? Wrong. This video walks through the wrong lessons to take away from the huge Log4j remote code execution vulnerability, and points you at the lessons you should be learning instead. While the Log4j vulnerability may not directly affect you, its type of vulnerabilities certainly do.

RapidSpike 2021 Christmas Message

Whilst 2021 has been a tough year for many of us, almost as tough as 2020, whether in business, professionally or personally, we need to remain optimistic in 2022. Ecommerce and selling goods online will only grow stronger, with the Nasdaq predictions that 95% will be sold online by 2040 is accelerating much faster due to the covid pandemic.

Canonical Kubernetes 1.23 hits GA

The Kubernetes crew at Canonical is delighted to announce that Canonical Kubernetes 1.23 is now generally available. The team is committed to releasing in tandem with upstream so our users and customers can benefit from the latest features and improvements as soon as they become available. This blog is a quick introduction to Canonical Kubernetes and the top features available in release 1.23.

How we designed Ubuntu Pro for Confidential Computing on Azure

Not all data is destined to be public. Moving workloads that handle secret or private data from an on-premise setup to a public cloud introduces a new attack surface with different risks. As the public cloud environment shares its hardware infrastructure, a flaw in the clouds’ isolation mechanisms can be detrimental to the protection of sensitive data. The major public cloud environments tackle this by building their security following a defense-in-depth approach.

Splunk RUM Frontend Error Monitoring is Now Generally Available!

Debugging errors is an essential component to SRE and developer workflows. “How do we prioritize and isolate JavaScript errors more effectively?” is a top challenge we hear from engineering teams looking to improve end-user experience. Therefore, we are excited to announce the general availability of Splunk RUM frontend error monitoring.

Christmas Newsletter 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you are the most wonderful part of the Cloud 66 family! Thank you for being our customer - we are grateful. We wish you a holly, jolly holiday season full of magic, happiness, and laughter. Have a prosperous 2022 filled with clean code, smooth pipelines, effortless deployments, and spectacular success! Festive Greetings from the Cloud 66 Crew!

Replay Log in Distributed Icinga Environments

An essential part of a distributed monitoring environment with Icinga that includes master, satellite and agent nodes is the replay log functionality. The replay log is a built-in mechanism to ensure nodes in a distributed setup keep the same history e.g. check results, notifications and downtimes if nodes are temporarily disconnected and then reconnect.

Best in Enterprise Resilience

Becoming Best in Enterprise Resilience™ demonstrates comprehensive resiliency and sets you apart as a market leader in keeping people safe and ensuring your organization is optimized to fulfil duty of care. Resilient enterprises are transformative, technology-driven and they have the agility to keep their people and assets safe by providing business continuity and a strategy for success.

AI Search: The secret to better customer self-service

Hari Vats, senior knowledge manager of global technical support at ServiceNow, co-authored this blog. Who wouldn’t want a faster, more relevant search on their knowledge base? Improving search results is tricky. Organizations can spend a lot of time and money making small improvements to very complex, dynamic environments of information. When ServiceNow acquired an AI search technology company in 2020, we were thrilled to see an immediate return.

SecOps for Safer, More Efficient ITOps

When the Nobel Prize for physics was announced in October 2021, one of the winners was Italian theoretical physicist Giorgio Parisi, whose groundbreaking research helped decode complex physical systems, opening the door for breakthroughs in mathematics, science, and artificial intelligence. Decoding complex physical systems? If the science thing didn’t work out, Parisi could have pursued a career in security operations.

The secret to high quality SLOs

Everyone knows SLOs are great, but they’re actually really difficult to implement, particularly organizationally. In this talk, Lightstep co-founder Ben Sigelman and Lightstep Director of Developer Education Ted Young dig into the gritty details of real-world SLO design while unpacking how to leverage OpenTelemetry and modern observability techniques to overcome common SLO issues.