September 2021

Why Windows service monitoring is vital for optimal network performance

A network service is an application running at the network application layer and above that provides data storage, manipulation, presentation, or communication. It is often implemented using client-server or peer-to-peer architecture based on application-layer network protocols. Windows services are critical processes that support vital server functionality. Sometimes these services fail to start or they stop working.

Everbridge to Showcase Latest Innovations in Countrywide Public Warning, AI for Public Safety, and Emergency Response at European Emergency Number Association (EENA) Conference 2021

As a market leader for population alerting and public safety solutions, Everbridge powers the national Public Warning system for eight countries in Europe, and more countries than any other provider across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions. Everbridge to present on key trends, best practices and technologies related to artificial intelligence (AI) for public safety, Next Generation 112, and helping governments adhere to EU mandate requiring member countries to have a population-wide alerting system in place by June 2022.

A Performance Perspective for Graviton Based Lambda Functions

AWS Lambda is constantly growing and, in time, things start to push limits. AWS has been working on new hardware architectures to make price-performance more efficient. AWS Graviton2 is a custom silicon-based 64-Bit ARM processor that’s coming to AWS Lambda which will help Serverless customers to have the same leverage as other services that can be built on AWS Graviton2. Lambda functions powered by Graviton2 offer up to 34% better price performance over x86-based Lambda functions.

Cloud Hosting Flexibility and Reliability for IoT Solution. Logifleet Use Case

Modern IoT solutions make our environment smarter and more responsive, connecting digital and physical things around us. Of course, such complex systems require very flexible, secure and advanced hosting for smooth, reliable and fast functioning. Hidora, our hosting service partner from Switzerland, conducted an insightful interview with Nicolas Zieglé, the Logifleet R&D Lead tech, about their useful logistic IoT product and thoughtful choice of cloud hosting provider.

Salesforce Application Performance Monitoring

Can you imagine trying to keep track of all your prospect- and customer-related activities on a spreadsheet? What about ye olde days of rolodexes (do people still remember what those are?!)? Thank goodness for Salesforce, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that revolutionized sales, marketing, and customer care - and how we interact with customers in general. Salesforce is a critical component for many businesses.

5 AI Use Cases in ITSM and ITOM

A broad enthusiasm for AI is already evidenced by the technology’s adoption within many organizations in 2021. In a recent multinational survey conducted by IDG, we found that more than one-quarter (27%) of the survey respondents have fully deployed AI-enabled ITSM/ITOM solutions, and another 34% have made initial deployments in select use cases and departments. At the same time, another 32% are exploring AI-based solutions or gathering information about them.

How organizations handled incidents before and after deploying AIOps - Part 2

In this highly dynamic environment, organizations are looking for ways to innovate and manage resources efficiently. In the first part of the two-part blog series, we saw how organizations handled incidents without an AIOps solution and how long it took to resolve that incident — a scenario representing different steps to resolve an incident. In the second part of the two-part blog series, we look at how organizations were able to handle incidents after deploying AIOps.

Planning Ahead to Maximize the Value of Attending VMworld

The difference between attending as magnificent an event as VMworld with, versus without, a plan of attack is a night versus day experience. I’ve had the good fortune of attending this event as both a speaker and an attendee, and I look back with fondness on the interactions and experience. However, both those visits were in person. As I prepared to attend VMworld virtually for the first time, I wondered if my plan of attack would change? Turned out, not so much.

The Importance of Prioritizing Product Security

Achieving comprehensive security for the products delivered and deployed by organizations is becoming more difficult, due to a variety of factors. A key one is the growing volume, variety and complexity of software and connected devices in use. Another is the overwhelming risk of inherited software supply chain exposures. The result: Companies struggle every day to provide software with optimal security and protection against malicious activities, takeovers, data theft, and commercial sabotage.

The Complete Guide to Server Monitoring

IT structures form the backbone of many companies in today's world. Servers allow connected devices to share information within a network by analyzing, processing, and recording information. They store all the company's data and enable users to access their information from any computer connected to the network. It is essential to use server monitoring tools that ensure the servers keep running effectively and smoothly to prevent crashes and keep data safe.

Golden Signals - Monitoring from first principles

Building a successful monitoring process for your application is essential for high availability. In the first of this three-part blog series, Safeer discusses the four key SRE Golden Signals for metrics-driven measurement, and the role it plays in the overall context of Monitoring. Monitoring is the cornerstone of operating any software system or application effectively. The more visibility you have into the software and hardware systems, the better you are at serving your customers.

Rollbar Tip of the Day: Telemetry

Telemetry allows you to view a 'breadcrumb' of events leading up to an exception directly in the Item details view. Telemetry is currently available in the Javascript, iOS, .NET, and Node.js SDKs. (and more to come!) Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that proactively discovers, predicts, and remediates errors with real-time AI-assisted workflows. With Rollbar, developers continually improve their code and constantly innovate rather than spending time monitoring, investigating, and debugging.

ScienceLogic Acquires Restorepoint, Expanding Portfolio Into NetOps & SecOps Domains

Hi, my name is Erik Rudin, and I have the privilege of leading our technical alliances and ecosystem team here at ScienceLogic. We are excited to announce that ScienceLogic has acquired the network configuration and change management vendor Restorepoint. With this acquisition, we’re expanding our IT operations business into the Network Operations (NetOps) and Security Operations (SecOps) domains.

Innovate Faster and at Scale with Automic Automation v21

What connects Falcon 9 rockets, the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, and the Olympics sprint champion Marcell Jacobs? It’s the need for speed. The desire to always go faster, achieve results more quickly, and outpace the competition. This need for speed is also the driving force behind the latest release of our unified service orchestration and automation platform: Automic Automation v21.

Using Helm with GitOps

This is the first of many posts highlighting GitOps topics that we’ll be exploring. Within this post, we will explore Helm, a tool used for Kubernetes package management, that also provides templating. Helm provides utilities that assist Kubernetes application deployment. In order to better understand how Helm charts are mapped to Kubernetes manifests, we’ll explain more details below and how to use Helm with and without GitOps.

AppDynamics vs. Datadog vs. Scout APM

Currently, the world generates an unprecedented amount of data. Research shows that the world generated more data in the last two years than the amount of data produced in the history of the human race. The most critical part of this entails analyzing the generated data and observing trends. It's at this point where tools like Scout APM, Datadog, and AppDynamics become crucial. Working with an unprecedented amount of data means tackling millions/thousands of distinct data points.

Evolve hybrid cloud security to meet COVID-19 challenges

Remote work poses new demands for hybrid cloud security. Here’s how organizations can protect themselves from security threats in this complex landscape.With employees continuing to work from home to meet the social distancing requirements of COVID-19, more people are juggling business with personal engagements, at times outside normal business hours. Often, they’re using their mobile business laptop, as well as a plethora of additional wireless mobile devices.

Reliability is not an engineering metric

If you're an engineer reading this, you might be wondering what I mean by the title. You might be a Site Reliability Engineer whose primary responsibility is to maintain the reliability of your company’s product/solution. You might be a software builder, a programmer responsible for building new capabilities and shipping them to production. All of these are important for any business to remain competitive.

How Lightbend uses Grafana Cloud to monitor a platform-as-a-service launch

When top companies have needed platforms for their demanding, globally distributed, cloud native application environments and streaming data pipelines, they’ve turned to Akka, the most popular implementation of the Actor Model for cloud native applications running on Kubernetes. The company behind Akka is Lightbend, a leader in the world of cloud native applications and architectures.

Git vs SVN

If you’re writing or tracking code for a project you’ve likely heard of Version Control Systems, or VCS, also commonly referred to as source control. The primary function of a Version Control System is to host a project and track how it develops over time. With a VCS, developers can compare changes in files, track commits, propose changes, view project history, revert to old versions of the project, and more.

Understanding Lambda Sleep Cycles With CONCURRENCY

It started with a simple question: Why did one query take 10 seconds, while another almost identical query took 5? At Honeycomb, we use AWS Lambda to accelerate our query processing. It mostly works well, but it can be hard to understand and led us to wonder: What was really going on inside this box called Lambda? These questions kicked off the development of CONCURRENCY, a new aggregate in the Query Builder that lets us look at how many spans are active at once.

Performing database tests on SQL databases

Testing is one of those activities that if not exhaustive will not have its complete impact on your software development process. Oftentimes developers are only concerned about testing the application layer of the system (a.k.a the codebase) and ignore testing the data layer (the database) which is also as important as testing the code itself.

We are growing ... and hiring. Come join us!

We are GripMatix and believe in no-nonsense tooling to help organizations leveraging the quality of their IT infrastructure and applications and ensure Business Continuity. We think that quality tooling does not need too much explanation. What you see is what you get. We provide CITRIX® Ready Monitoring and because we have a lot of experience in IT consulting for many years ourselves, we provide value by offering tooling made by the experts, for the experts.

Q3 Roundup - What's New With Logs? Let's Log About It!

When we launched LM Logs in November of 2020, we knew the product would aid in reducing troubleshooting time and identifying root causes to enable a more proactive approach to not only monitoring and planning, but also taking action. After talking with our customers and understanding what they needed in order to accelerate their business transformation, we focused on a few key enhancements in Q3. TL;DR – Lumber Bob highlights the top features: Want the long version?

The Ultimate Guide to Using ELK for Log Analysis

ELK has become one of the most popular log analytics solutions for software-driven businesses, with thousands of organizations relying on ELK for log analysis and management in 2021. In this ultimate guide to using ELK for log management and analytics, we’re providing insights and information that will help you know what to expect when deploying, configuring, and operating an ELK stack for your organization.

How to Troubleshoot Clinician Issues with George Spiers

Check out this Health IT webinar with George Spiers: Citrix CTP and certified Epic Client Systems Administrator. He will share how to troubleshoot and resolve performance issues for clinicians using Citrix and EHR applications (Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, Allscripts).

Treating Security Like a Product at the U.S. Army Software Factory

Security is a constant concern for businesses large and small, public and private. Data breaches and software supply chain attacks are occurring more and more frequently. A growing gap in the cybersecurity workforce is hampering security efforts in every type of organization. And with the average cost of a data breach currently at $4.24 million, leaders have significant motivation to look for new and innovative ways to mitigate cybersecurity risk in their organizations.

3 ways telecommunications companies can improve the customer experience

The COVID-19 pandemic brought connectivity to the forefront, as companies quickly shifted to remote working. As the new world of hybrid work emerges, connectivity continues to be at the center of conversations, putting pressure on telecommunications companies to deliver. At the same time, customers are demanding a better user experience with more consistent, high-quality service, shorter wait times, and personalized interactions.

Updated: Let's Encrypt's root certificate expiry and what it means

You might have seen the name “Let’s Encrypt” across the internet for the past week and it’s because their root certificate expires on 30th September. It’s been planned for a good long while, with Let’s Encrypt providing users with updates on the expiry and new certificate since 2020.

How We Handled Bugs in CockroachDB and JDBI

At Instana we appreciate, contribute, and extensively make use of open source projects like Kafka, ClickHouse, Elasticsearch, CockroachDB, and many others. In this post, I would like to share an outstanding team effort that led us to quickly detect, investigate, and remediate an issue that ended up with fixes in two different open source projects: CockroachDB and JDBI.

Announcing Support for AWS Lambda Functions running on AWS Graviton2 processors

AWS Graviton2 processors use the Arm architecture to provide high-efficiency, low-cost computing. AWS already offers the ability to provision EC2 instances powered by Graviton2, and Datadog is proud to partner with them for the launch of new Graviton2 compute resources for Lambda functions. In this post, we’ll discuss how Datadog can provide deep visibility into your Lambda functions across whichever platform you’re using.

What is OpenTelemetry: A guide to understanding OpenTelemetry and the way forward

OpenTelemetry is a vendor-neutral approach that enables DevOps and developers to collect performance metrics in a standardized manner. Currently a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) sandbox project, OpenTelemetry was conceived by merging OpenCensus, Google's open-source method of collecting metrics and traces, and OpenTracing, a vendor-neutral API to collect traces.

How to monitor a web server running NGINX|httpd

Web servers are software services that store resources for a website and then makes them available over the World Wide Web. These stored resources can be text, images, video and application data. Computers that are interfaced with the server mostly web browsers (clients), request these resources and presents to the user. This basic interaction determines every connection between your computer and the websites you visit.

Upgrade to data-driven IT management with Analytics Plus 5.0

At ManageEngine, we continuously strive to give you the best IT solutions to help you manage your IT better. That's why we're excited to announce the launch of Analytics Plus 5.0, which brings several features that can help you upgrade to AI-enabled, data-driven IT management. Join us for a free webinar where we'll show you how you can leverage Analytics Plus' new features to achieve your IT and business objectives.

SQL Server Storage Best Practices: Choosing Storage Options

Storage is one of the most critical components for any relational database management system, and getting the right storage configuration affects reliability, availability, and performance. When it comes to SQL Server storage best practices, choosing between storage hardware options has changed significantly over the last decade, but that doesn’t necessarily make choosing the correct storage options for SQL Server any easier.

Log Observability and Log Analytics

Logs play a key role in understanding your system’s performance and health. Good logging practice is also vital to power an observability platform across your system. Monitoring, in general, involves the collection and analysis of logs and other system metrics. Log analysis involves deriving insights from logs, which then feeds into observability. Observability, as we’ve said before, is really the gold standard for knowing everything about your system.

Request Metrics Released! What We Got Right.

It's been a long time since we produced a new Request Metrics video and we wanted to give an update! Things have been going well and the product is out there! We made some good choices. Some not so good choices. And we've made many enhancements since launch. Watch Part 1 of our Request Metrics Released series to see how things are going, and what we did right!

New Feature: Slug URLs pinging API has always been based on UUIDs. Each Check in the system has its own unique and immutable UUID. To signal a start, a failure, or a particular exit status, clients can add more bits after the UUID: This is conceptually simple and has worked quite well. It requires no additional authentication. The UUID value is the authentication, and the UUID “address space” is so vast nobody is going to find valid ping URLs by random guessing any time soon.

Good Vs. Bad FP&A: 5 FP&A Best Practices You Should Be Using

Financial planning and analysis is becoming an increasingly strategic part of a SaaS organization. The role of finance is no longer about just taking inputs and calculating how they affect financial plans, but about driving business outcomes through effective financial planning. There is a popular Andreessen Horowitz article titled “Good Product Manager/Bad Product Manager” that showcases best practices compared to worst practices.

Improve data accuracy and reliability with the Puppet CMDB Sync for ServiceNow

It can be challenging to manage enterprise infrastructure across hybrid cloud and on-premises environments with accurate and timely tracking asset details — especially if you don't know what you have. The more systems deployed, the more visibility is necessary for your IT operations teams to meet critical business Service Level Agreements successfully.

Announcing Puppet Compliance Enforcement Modules

Hi, it’s me... Back again with something exciting: Puppet’s new Compliance Enforcement Modules, or CEMs. We’ve been working on some pretty cool stuff since we launched Puppet Comply last year. Lots of great feedback has come in, and we’re thankful for every opportunity we get to show our customers how we can help. This feedback comes in many forms, but one of the things we’ve heard time and time again is that achieving compliance is still hard.

JFrog Xray + Splunk + SIEM: Towards Implementing a Complete DevSecOps Strategy

Making security an intrinsic part of a DevOps pipeline is a “must-have” for organizations looking to secure their applications earlier in the development process. The combination of JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray enables organizations to build security into all phases of their software development lifecycle, so they can proactively detect and mitigate open source software (OSS) security vulnerabilities and license compliance issues that impact their software.

Introducing Sensu Plus: An Integrated Analytics Solution for All Sensu Users

As part of its recent acquisition of Sensu, Sensu Go is now part of the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform, empowering enterprises and developers to quickly get real-time insights from unstructured data for troubleshooting, performance improvement, and security across dynamic multi-cloud infrastructure.

From Metrics to Valuable Insights: Incident Post-Mortem Reports

IT organizations, such as managed service providers (MSPs), deploy incident alerting and on-call management solutions to accelerate software delivery and ensure seamless customer experiences. Incident alert management platforms orchestrate the distribution of alerts to ensure that technicians continue to maintain system uptime and minimize service disruptions.

The Way We Work: N-able's hybrid work model

We’ve all seen the headlines. It’s no secret companies are being forced to re-examine the employee experience and what the future of work will look like in a post-pandemic world. With the adaptation to remote work, the pandemic created a new normal—where office and home life are blended, and people became accustomed to more flexibility. Now that flexibility is a benefit people don’t want to lose.

Using the Resource Timeline in Request Metrics

The Resource Timeline in Request Metrics is a heat map of all the files requested by your pages. It shows the range of resource load time and critical load events experienced by all users, not just a single point load. The data allows you to see which resources impact your page metrics as well as the variability in their load time.

What Is Distributed Tracing?

Modern software development is evolving rapidly, and while the latest innovations allow companies to grow through greater efficiency, there is a cost. Modern architectures are incredibly complex, which can make it challenging to diagnose and rectify performance issues. Once these issues affect customer experience, the consequences can be costly. So, what is the solution? Observability — which provides a visible overview of the big picture.

The U.S. Department of Defense formally authorizes Grafana, Grafana Enterprise, and Loki for its 100,000 developers

Not so long ago, development teams working for the U.S. Department of Defense could take anywhere from three to ten years to deliver software. “It was mostly teams using waterfall, no minimum viable product, no incremental delivery, and no feedback loop from end users,” Nicolas M. Chaillan, Chief Software Officer of the U.S. Air Force, said in a CNCF case study. “Particularly when it comes to AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity, everyone realized we have to move faster.”

Shipa Cloud with Your Minikube Cluster

Embracing any new technology stack can certainly be a journey. No matter if this is your first time using Kubernetes or you have been on the Google Borg Team, getting up and started with Shipa Cloud is a breeze. You can bring your own Kubernetes Cluster and sign up for a Shipa Cloud account and you are well on your way to Application as Code excellence. Leveraging minikube is a free way to take a look at Shipa Cloud.

Troubleshooting Outages at 3 AM with Alert Response

Imagine you are an on-call engineer, who receives an alert at 3 AM in the morning informing you that customers are experiencing high latency on your website, and are unable to shop. Being an Incident response coordinator myself at Sumo Logic, I can tell you, I don’t envy being that engineer. If this alert fired, this is what would likely follow: The biggest challenge is how to gather this information quickly, so you can decide whether to jump out of the bed or go back to sleep.

How service ownership can help you grow your operational maturity

Digital operations management is about harnessing the power of data to act when it matters the most. It’s also about having the right processes and procedures to support teams when every second is critical. Maturing your digital operations takes time, iteration, and commitment. The change won’t happen overnight. But, if you put in the effort, you’ll reap outsized benefits. You’ll be able to learn from incidents and proactively improve your services over time.

Let's Encrypt DST Root CA X3 certificate set to expire

If you've been using Let's Encrypt for a while, you may have noticed that their certificates are signed by a root certificate titled DST Root CA X3. That root certificate is set to expire in a few hours. Any certificates still signed by that root will no longer be valid. But luckily, that shouldn't form a problem for most Let's Encrypt users. For a while now, new SSL issuances by Let's Encrypt have issued certificates against DST Root CA X3 (the one that is about to expire) and ISRG Root X1.

The Confident Commit | Ep. 12: Tenth Anniversary Reflections from Our Newest & Oldest Engineers

In this special episode of The Confident Commit, Rob celebrates CircleCI's 10 year anniversary with two CircleCI guests: the company's longest-tenured engineer, Gordon Syme, and one of our newest employees, our SVP Engineering, JP LeBlanc, to discuss the company's past, present, and future. Join us as we celebrate 10 years of working to help organizations build software better and faster. And don't forget to Like and Subscribe to The Confident Commit podcast playlist for alerts to new episodes published biweekly.

Sumo Logic Extends Monitoring for AWS Lambda Functions Powered by AWS Graviton2 Processors

Organizations are constantly trying to maintain pace with users' expectations and desires from a digital experience. These users expect an experience that constantly changes based on their preferences and behavior, which means innovating quickly and improving software is critical to user happiness and driving business success.

Graviton-Based Lambda Functions, What It Means For You

AWS just announced support for AWS Lambda functions powered by AWS Graviton2 processors. These are 64-bit Arm-based processors that are custom built by AWS and offer a better price to performance ratio. In this post, let me take through what we have learnt about this new option and what it means for you.

Announcing new malware scanning on the Puppet Forge

The Forge team at Puppet has been hard at work for the past few months building out a malware scanning framework in order to help folks be more proactive about their security posture. Now, to be clear, this doesn't replace your own security mitigations. You should still audit untrusted code. You should still run your own virus protections. There are many layers in a robust security profile, and this is only one of them.

Circumvent the Global Chip Shortage with Ivanti Virtual Desktop Extender

We’ve known for some time that the demand for new graphics cards is far exceeding the supply. A combination of the pandemic, natural disasters and unprecedented consumer demand has led to a global chip shortage. The major names in the industry confirm that the supply problem may last in to 2023. At a time when many companies are having to shift more processing to the cloud to support remote workers – this supply problem could not have come at a worse time.

Next Generation AWS Lambda Functions Powered by AWS Graviton2 Processors

Modern computing has come a long way in the last couple of years and the introduction of new technologies is only accelerating the rate of advancements. From the immense compute power at our disposal to lightning-fast networks and ready-made services, the opportunities are limitless. In such a fast-paced world, we can’t ignore economics.

Delivering a seamless customer experience and high-level services

The digital economy is placing new demands on businesses of all sizes for smarter services and the capability to work from anywhere. When we at Sify Technologies in India see a challenge like this, we say, “Bring it on,” and this is how we break down the barriers to innovation. Sify is India’s most comprehensive information and communications technology (ICT) solutions and services provider.

Integrating Cyber and Physical Security Can Better Protect People and Save Enterprises Time and Money

Cyber security and physical security grew up at different times and in different neighborhoods. In fact, long before digital transformation was even a concept, physical security had staked out its corporate territory and was on the job protecting the company’s people, buildings, and other assets. Then, as the business world grew increasingly more reliant on information technology, digital security started flexing its muscles on its own turf.

Then and Now: Distributed Systems Alerting and Monitoring

Distributed systems are everywhere. Although many teams don’t think of their applications as distributed systems, if they’re developing using container-based microservices and serverless functions instead of a monolith, they’re creating a distributed system. This change also means that monitoring needs are becoming more complex.

Taming Hybrid Cloud Complexity: One Platform for Monitoring Your IT Universe

The transition to the cloud continues unabated, along with the dramatic increase in operational complexity. Unfortunately, legacy monitoring tools only compound this complexity. This white paper examines how today's hybrid cloud infrastructures pose unprecedented challenges and require modern management approaches.

Making Hybrid Infrastructure Monitoring Work For You

To deliver information, transactions, and interactions quickly and efficiently to your customers, you need to rely on a vast collection of interconnected technologies that work seamlessly together. But as transactions grow in complexity, so does your IT infrastructure. This eBook examines how today's hybrid cloud infrastructures pose unprecedented challenges in complexity and what you can do to meet these challenges with a modern approach to monitoring.

Achieving PCI DSS Compliance in the Cloud

In the current digital world, businesses should ensure that they protect cardholders’ data at all costs. As such, any business that stores, processes, or transmits cardholder data or any other sensitive information should comply with the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards released in 2018. However, this can be overwhelming for most decision-makers. Below is a guide on how you can achieve PCI DSS compliance for your cloud operations.

Qovery raises $4m to build the future of the Cloud

I am thrilled to announce that we have raised a $4M seed round with top notch investors. Join us in building the future of the Cloud - we are hiring! ----- The round is led by Crane and joined by Speedinvest, with participation from Techstars and angels including Alexis Le-Quoc (CTO and co-founder at Datadog) and Ott Kaukver (CTO at Checkout, ex CTO at Twilio).

Android App Update: Mute and enhanced 'Do not disturb' override

With our latest Android app update (3.1., build 242) you will never miss a critical SIGNL4 alert again. Even if your phone is muted or in do-not-disturb mode, SIGNL4 can now make a lot of ‘noise’ and wake you up reliably when a major or critical incident occurs. Here is how it works…. Announces The Beta Launch Of Hosted Grafana

We are pleased to announce the beta launch of hosted Grafana in addition to our existing ELK as a Service & hosted Open Distro services. As organisations around the world are constantly looking for ways that they can ensure compliance is being upheld, speeding up Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and reducing the risk of DDoS attacks, managed Grafana forms a vital role in improving metrics observability across the entirety of your infrastructure.

What's new in Sysdig - September 2021

Welcome to another monthly update on what’s new from Sysdig! Happy Janmashtami! Shanah Tovah! 中秋快乐! With lockdown lifting by varying degrees across the world, we hope you had a safe but pleasant holiday! It has certainly been long overdue. Here at Sysdig, we celebrated Labor Day in the USA with an extended weekend and a well being day for the team.

SQL and NoSQL Database-as-a-Service: Automatic Clustering, Scaling and Updates

Database clusterization is an obligatory requirement for highly loaded production applications to ensure data availability and high performance. However, the configuration of a reliable cluster is not a trivial task even for experienced developers and system administrators. To solve this problem, Jelastic introduced packages of popular SQL and NoSQL database solutions with pre-configured clusterization to make applications highly available by default. In this video you’ll find out what database clusters are available out-of-box, what complex topologies you can automatically get for your project and in what way they can be managed using Jelastic PaaS.

Avoid This SLA Fail - Q&A w/ Neil Keating (Chief Experience Officer, Bright Horse)

Recently I got the chance to speak with Neil Keating, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Bright Horse, a full-service IT experience consulting and training company. Neil’s candor and deep knowledge about IT Operations and digital experience was obvious from the start. Find a brief clip of our conversation here and several helpful nuggets for IT leaders in the text below!

Why Do We Need Network Management? A Practical Explanation

Network management is a necessity. With today’s modern infrastructure, there isn’t a whole lot you can do effectively without it. It’s like tech’s version of the old American Express slogan, “Don’t leave home without it.” You have to deal with the ever-changing needs of the business, constant cybersecurity threats, and complex private and public networks.

What Is Data Observability and Why Do You Need It?

The word observability has its root in control theory. R.E. Kálmán in 1960 defined it as a measure of how well you can infer the internal states of a system from knowledge of its external outputs. Observability is such a powerful concept because it allows you to understand the internal state of a system without the complexity of the inner workings. In other words, you can figure out what’s going on just by looking at the output.

Automate, Group, and Get Alerted: A Best Practices Guide to Monitoring your Code - Part 1

As companies grow, so do their products, teams, and the number of external tools. For engineers, that can mean code sprawl, data silos, notification fatigue, and some “what the…?” moments along the way as they try to make sense of it all.

Key concepts of systems and networks

In the middle of the information century, who has not surfed the Internet or used a computer, be it a desktop or a laptop? But do you really know what a computer is and what it is made of? and what about the Internet? It is important to know at least the most superficial layer of something as important as computer systems and networks, and therefore, we are going to talk about the key concepts of these two topics.

Transforming customer self-service with User Experience Analytics

We all want fast access to the information we need, when we need it. With a few simple clicks, we expect our questions to be answered and our problems to be solved. We want to be empowered to solve problems on our own, intuitively, and without friction. We expect seamless, quick, and easy self-service. According to a Gartner® report, 85% of customer service interactions will start with self-service by 2022, up from 48% in 2019.1

CircleCI delivers 664% ROI and $13.98M NPV according to Total Economic Impact Study

Today we’re sharing findings from The Total Economic Impact™ Of CircleCI, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of CircleCI. The study revealed that CircleCI delivered a 664% return on investment (ROI) over a three-year period and highlighted that our platform increased developer productivity by 10%. This results in a greater efficiency value of more than $4.3 million, enabling organizations to increase engineering velocity that drives business success.

What's New: Updates to Runbook Automation, Partner Integrations, and More!

As we welcome Fall and such a transformational time of the year, we’re excited to announce a new set of updates and enhancements to the PagerDuty platform. From updates to Runbook Automation, ChatOps and Customer Service Ops Applications, to PagerDuty Community Events, users, and customers can.

Troubleshooting the Internet: If You Can't Have Authority, Visibility Will Do

The vast majority of businesses aren’t all on-premises or all-cloud, but rather in some form of hybrid IT middle ground. That means “who owns the system” (and a closely related issue: “who owns the problem”) continues to be a thorn in the side of many IT pros. In this conversation, SolarWinds Technical Content Manager for Community Kevin M. Sparenberg and Head Geek Leon Adato break down some ways technical teams can get around the lack of authority needed to solve problems and keep critical services up and running.

How Splunk IT Service Intelligence Assures Business Service Performance for Financial Institutions

With an influx of data and technology, financial institutions are transforming their digital services to adapt to shifting regulations, customer expectations and geopolitical trends. They need to digitally transform their business while protecting service performance and availability of their critical business services. Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) is a premium analytics solution that empowers these teams to gain visibility across their environments and predict incidents before they impact customers. Unlike legacy IT or point-monitoring solutions, Splunk ITSI correlates and applies machine learning intelligence to monitoring data for 360° service visibility, predictive analytics and streamlined incident management.

What Exactly is a Website Monitoring "False Alarm" and Why You Should Care About It

What Exactly is a Website Monitoring “False Alarm” and Why You Should Care About It You know what falsehoods are. You know what false teeth are. You may even know some falsehoods about false teeth. But do you know what a website monitoring false alarm (also known as a “false positive”) is? If not, then please keep reading to find out — because it’s a very big deal.

With the Salesforce plugin for Grafana, easily visualize your SFDC data and correlate it with other data sources

Good news for Salesforce users: With the new Salesforce plugin for Grafana, available now with an Enterprise license, you can instantly visualize your SFDC data in Grafana dashboards. Plus, Grafana allows you to visualize the Salesforce data alongside all sorts of other data. One interesting use case is correlating sales data to system metrics and logs, which would be valuable if your company uses any software systems at all to help generate revenue.

The Cost of Going Before You Know

Like many things in life, when you’re new to the cloud you don’t know what you don’t know. Given that migrating workloads to the public cloud is often a key component of a business transformation initiative, you want to avoid a long, expensive learning curve—especially since accelerating time-to-value is often a major impetus for the move.

New Milestone for Freshworks

“Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve ever done before” – Bonnie Blair, five-time Olympic gold medalist. By that definition, Freshworks is a clear winner. Recording a personal best, Freshworks has been positioned on the Challengers quadrant in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSM Tools.

Apache Kafka Tutorial: Use Cases and Challenges of Logging at Scale

Enterprises often have several servers, firewalls, databases, mobile devices, API endpoints, and other infrastructure that powers their IT. Because of this, organizations must provide resources to manage logged events across the environment. Logging is a factor in detecting and blocking cyber-attacks, and organizations use log data for auditing during an investigation after an incident. Brokers, such as Apache Kafka, will ingest logging data in real-time, process, store, and route data.

Improving the Employee Experience with Proactive Service Management

Recently I was thinking about the topic “How do you improve the employee experience?” Many organisations drive this from an IT perspective with concepts like a Self-Service Portal, or Teams Channels, chatbots, even Social IT boards. These are all great ideas, but are they truly addressing employee experience? Let me elaborate on this concept.

Boss-Level Log Management for WordPress Site Administrators

WordPress is the most dominant content management system (CMS) in the enterprise website market today. Its open-source nature, thousands of plugins, and wide adoption by commercial hosting providers have bolstered its success. In addition, it’s highly compatible with other website technologies like web servers, database servers, or middleware.

Conan Center Celebrates 1,000+ Recipes

We’re delighted to thank the Conan community on reaching a major milestone, the public contribution of over 1,000 Conan recipes to Conan Center, the repository for hosting C/C++ packages! Conan recipes are Python-language files that describe how a Conan package is consumed. Each recipe is used to produce hundreds of C/C++packages, so this is an achievement with huge community impact.

Adopt the "Beyonce Rule" for Scalable Impact

Recently, I started to read the invaluable book Software Engineering at Google. It’s a great book by Google, describing their engineering practices across many different domains. One of the first chapters discusses the matter of making a “scalable impact,” which I find very interesting, and something that I believe has been overlooked by many organizations.

How to Keep Your eCommerce Retail Applications Open

In my last blog on preparing for Black Friday, I teased how easy it is to gain insight into the state of your eCommerce retail applications and all its components with an enterprise observability platform. As promised, I’ve set up OpenCart with Instana’s AutoTrace instrumentation on a small demo environment, which we will walk through from infrastructure to end user monitoring.

Optimizing Continuous Testing with Continuous Test Data Management

Continuous testing has emerged as a popular practice within DevOps, assisting teams in their quest to release high quality software on demand. While test data management (TDM) practices are extremely important to ensure that testing is effective, various surveys have indicated that TDM issues are one of the leading causes of delays in testing and application delivery.

Lightning-fast Kubernetes networking with Calico & VPP

Public cloud infrastructures and microservices are pushing the limits of resources and service delivery beyond what was imaginable until very recently. In order to keep up with the demand, network infrastructures and network technologies had to evolve as well. Software-defined networking (SDN) is the pinnacle of advancement in cloud networking; by using SDN, developers can now deliver an optimized, flexible networking experience that can adapt to the growing demands of their clients.

Rollbar Tip of the Day: Auto-Resolve

Simplify your error management workflow and configure Rollbar to automatically resolve items on deploy, or set an inactivity timer to resolve items if they have not occurred in a certain number of days. Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that proactively discovers, predicts, and remediates errors with real-time AI-assisted workflows. With Rollbar, developers continually improve their code and constantly innovate rather than spending time monitoring, investigating, and debugging.

Publishing to Rubygems with CircleCI

If you maintain a Ruby gem, you are definitely familiar with the recurring manual tasks surrounding the release of a new version. After doing this for a while, you inevitably start thinking that some of these steps could be automated. They can! With a few lines of code, you can bring the amazing world of continuous delivery to your project and increase the reliability of the whole process while freeing up some of your time. Double win!

Fireside Chat: Going GitOps with Argo

Argo CD is the world's most popular, and fastest-growing open source GitOps tool. In this fireside chat, we'll explore just what makes Argo tools so popular for GitOps. Including: Argo CD Argo Rollouts Argo Workflows Argo Events Join Alexander Matyushentsev, one of the principle engineers and maintainers on the Argo Project as he shares his stories and experience leading this popular project.

Top 5 Tips to Help Relieve IT Pro Job Stress

Aches in your back and neck? Clutter eating up your desktop and desk’s top? Feeling so absorbed in your to-do list that you forget to breathe? You could be suffering from IT job stress. And you’re not alone! Let’s look at ways to identify stress before it gets to be too much, and some helpful tips for letting it go.

Hard-to-find data is a key threat to digital transformation

CIOs can finally claim victory in information hide-and-seek with help of AI-powered search technology Why do companies still struggle to respond to a service complaint, recommend a product, or connect employees with the data they need to make critical decisions? These tasks are critical to retaining customers and engaging workers in a competitive marketplace, yet each relies on finding the right information, and that’s no easy feat.

Announcing Cloud 66 Prepress

Today we are releasing a completely new product: Cloud 66 Prepress. Prepress is a DevOps product for pre-rendered web applications - particularly those built around Jamstack architecture. We announced Cloud 66 for Rails in 2013. Our Rails product helps developers deploy Rails applications to any cloud with a Heroku-like experience. Today, tens of thousands of developers worldwide use our products to deploy their applications to any cloud.

AIMS teams up with the Norwegian Computing Center for the PReVENT project

At AIMS, we strive to alert as early as possible that some problem is arising for a business-critical system. We want to arrive as far as to make predictions to alert of a possible problem even before the problem itself arises. However, this is an incredibly complicated task, especially considering that AIMS builds monitoring tools that are technology agnostic and that simultaneously monitor an incredible number of parameters.

The 15+ Best AWS Cost Optimization Tools (Organized By Category)

While AWS offers significant benefits compared to traditional on-premise infrastructure, its inherent elasticity and scalability tend to give rise to uncontrolled costs. AWS costs can be opaque and difficult to analyze — and without some system of identifying the source of costs and how to manage them — they can quickly undermine your profit margins. However, a number of tools have emerged over the past few years to help organizations manage and optimize their costs.

Import ECS Fargate into Spot Ocean

AWS Fargate is a serverless compute engine for containers that work with both Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). With Fargate handling instance provisioning and scaling, users don’t have to worry about spinning up instances when their applications need resources. While this has many benefits, it’s not without its share of challenges which can limit its applicability to a wide variety of use cases.

Best Grafana dashboard for IoT Device monitored via MQTT metrics and Graphite

Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices and technologies have penetrated into our life. Nowadays, we can easily find IoT devices around us. Home appliance manufacturers produce IoT products for smart homes. Car makers invest in smart vehicles that can communicate with other smart cars and IoT objects nearby. Governments allocate huge resources to build smart cities with IoT technologies to improve the quality of life for people and promote economic growth.

Aligning Your Enterprise Network With SaaS

Just as mass adoption of the public cloud ushered in an era of digital transformation for most enterprises, the ready availability of Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) applications is changing the very DNA of organisations. In this article we look at the role that connectivity can play in improving the performance of your mission critical applications. Chances are your business already uses a variety of SaaS tools in its day-to-day operations.

Who is a Change Agent and What is their Role?

Change agents oversee implementation of changes in an organization. They are the ones who make sure that the new strategy is being followed by everyone as they have the power to bring about change in an organization. A successful change agent should have the following skills: knowledge, leadership skills, understanding of factors that are involved in bringing about change, and knowledge of different forms of change management.

Edge Cloud Launches Platform as a Service (PaaS) Powered by Jelastic in Philippines

Edge Cloud Technology and Solutions, a 100% Filipino owned cloud provider company announces the launch of Edge Cloud PaaS, powered by Jelastic. This new cloud hosting service is designed for developers and customers that uses advanced automation to ensure trouble free operation of web sites and applications. The Edge Cloud PaaS is a “next generation” cloud hosting service that is designed for developers and is rock solid for production.

SigNoz - Open-source alternative to Dynatrace

If you're looking for an open-source alternative to Dynatrace, then you're at the right place. SigNoz is a perfect open-source alternative to Dynatrace. SigNoz provides a unified UI for both metrics and traces with advanced tagging and filtering capabilities. In today's digital economy, more and more companies are shifting to cloud-native and microservice architecture to support global scale and distributed teams.

Introducing Pre-Installed Metrics Dashboard Bundles

We are proud to announce the launch of direct dashboard uploads with These new metrics dashboard templates are available for 25 different tools and more to come. Each of these templates is now available to customers and covers the gamut of popular monitoring tools used by DevOps teams. Some of these tools also include multiple options. The process is simple. Head into the app and head to your metrics account.

Private Package Repositories Part 2: The Influencers

In part 1 of our package repositories series, important terms like packages, metadata, dependencies, and upstreams were explained. In this part 2, we will take it further, diving into trends within the software landscape that have changed what developers and organizations want from a package repository. In recent years we’ve seen a push to use managed services in the cloud, automation, supply chain security.

A Zero Trust Approach to Enterprise Kubernetes Deployment

According to a Forrester survey 43% of respondents indicated that security is a challenge hindering container adoption. As enterprise companies shift left to run containerized applications in production, comes many vulnerabilities. Finding the right level of access for the different users and groups of users coming, going, and moving around within these clusters should be top of mind. By 2022, Gartner predicts that, “more than 75% of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production”.

The Questions You Should Ask Your Software Providers

Software providers everywhere are under attack by cyber threat actors. Whether it’s a ransomware, the latest zero-day exploit, or a highly sophisticated, well-resourced, and persistent supply chain like SUNBURST, our entire industry faces an increasingly treacherous threat landscape, and nearly every news day brings with it another wave of announcements and urgent system updates to be made.

Is Application Sprawl in Government Really a Big Problem?

When considering whether to add more applications or monitoring components to your IT system, the answer should always be quality over quantity. Agencies often fall into the trap of application sprawl by adding more and more to their systems—more applications, more tools—without realizing this actually has the potential to reduce system effectiveness. Instead of simply adding more apps, consider instead interoperable ones, or ones you can plug into a common platform.

Reliable Applications for Cloud Desktops with Spot PC and Rimo3

Moving employees to Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) or Windows 365 can have many advantages, including: But migrating to a virtual desktop environment also has its challenges. Perhaps the largest is ensuring that applications can be installed on the virtual desktop environment. And then, beyond installation, ensuring that each application performs at least as well as in the users’ former environment.

Threat Hunting Like a Pro - With Automation

It’s no secret that cyber attacks are on the rise. Not only are they becoming more frequent, but the malicious actors who mount these attacks are constantly improving their skills and evolving the tools in their arsenals. Protecting your organization is challenging at best; especially since we measure the return on investment for cybersecurity as ‘preventing losses’ instead of ‘increasing revenue.’

How mature are your digital operations? Take a look at our 5-tier model to find out

With an increased reliance on digital services, companies have more at stake when things go wrong. Those without a way to manage unplanned, real-time work are putting a lot at risk—including the long-term success of the business and its reputation. Technical teams are the backbone for digital transformation projects that drive the business forward, yet every moment that ITOps professionals or developers spend troubleshooting or fixing issues takes time away from opportunities for innovation.

3 Things to Consider When Investing in On-Call Scheduling Software

On-call scheduling software modernizes the way healthcare administrators assign responsibilities to care team members. The software helps create an equitable workforce among care teams and eliminates manual errors during the on-call scheduling process. Administrators can set up digital schedules to contact the right clinicians at the right time. This ensures that on-call providers quickly resolve patients’ issues to improve patient experience.

Ingest data directly from Google Pub/Sub into Elastic using Google Dataflow

Today we’re excited to announce the latest development in our ongoing partnership with Google Cloud. Now developers, site reliability engineers (SREs), and security analysts can ingest data from Google Pub/Sub to the Elastic Stack with just a few clicks in the Google Cloud Console. By leveraging Google Dataflow templates, Elastic makes it easy to stream events and logs from Google Cloud services like Google Cloud Audit, VPC Flow, or firewall into the Elastic Stack.

How to visualize real-time data from an IoT smart home weather station with Grafana dashboards

One of the experiences I’ve truly enjoyed over my first year as a senior solutions engineer here at Grafana Labs has been learning from our community and customers about their own Grafana journeys. I’ve been impressed by some remarkable dashboards for home automation, personal health data visualizations, family Minecraft statistics, and energy usage projects.

Technical Account Management Software (Guide)

Are you leveraging technical account management software to fast-track technical support requests and increase customer satisfaction? To retain customers, your team must focus on providing technical support and guidance to ensure customer success. Increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by between 25% and 95%.

Monitoring AKS Clusters with Epsagon

Azure Kubernetes Service is a managed service that you can use to manage a Kubernetes environment in Azure. AKS makes it simple to install, develop, deploy, and maintain your containerized workload. AKS automatically handles the scalability and availability of the Kubernetes control plane, whereas you manage the data nodes and only pay for the VMs your nodes run on.

TL;DR InfluxDB Tech Tips: Multiple Aggregations with yield() in Flux

The yield() function determines which table inputs should be returned in a Flux script. The yield() function also assigns a name to the output of a Flux query. The name is stored in the default annotation. For example, if we query the following table: Without the yield function: The following Annotated CSV output is returned. Notice the default annotation is set to _results by default. Now if we add the yield() function: The following Annotated CSV output is returned.

SigNoz - Open-source alternative to AppDynamics

If you're looking for an open-source alternative to AppDynamics, then you're at the right place. SigNoz is a perfect open-source alternative to AppDynamics. SigNoz provides a unified UI for both metrics and traces with advanced tagging and filtering capabilities. In today's digital economy, more and more companies are shifting to cloud-native and microservice architecture to support global scale and distributed teams.

We Will All Be Remembered Forever - And There's Nothing You Can Do About It

I want to be remembered. I think a lot of us do. At least, that’s what I used to think. Now I am not so sure. I have a bad habit of looking at the universe through an existential lens where value is measured by impact. Impact, meaning the measurable change created by specific action. Since everything physical ultimately decays, the longest lasting impacts are those that linger in our collective memory. Great works, great triumphs, great discoveries, and great inventions – great impacts.

This Month in Datadog: September 2021 (Episode 5)

Datadog is constantly elevating the approach to cloud monitoring and security. This Month in Datadog updates you on our newest product features, announcements, resources, and events. This month we put the Spotlight on Session Replay, go around the Water Bowl with Decalog, introduce a bunch of new features, and give you more information about our flagship conference Dash..

Micro Lesson: Introduction to Observability Solution

This video describes what observability is, why we need observability, and how it is different from monitoring. The video also explains how Sumo Logic's Observability Solution helps in all the stages of the incident remediation process to ensure the production apps are functioning reliably.

Getting Started with Citrix Remote Monitoring and Management Services

Brian Diamond, CEO, LANStatus has dedicated the past 25 years to help educate and support people just like you to find economical, custom-fit solutions that complement existing teams, not eliminate them. Brian is interviewed by Goliath Technologies CEO Thomas Charlton.

Git for Teams

You groan. Perhaps not audibly, but your eyes widen and then slowly shut with dread. After a lucky streak of merging feature branches without incident, you finally hit a Git merge conflict. Unsure of where to start, you sheepishly bring up Slack and direct message a plea for help. Maybe this has been you, or maybe you’ve just seen it happen. Either way, it means spending time untangling the code by yourself, or with the sympathetic assistance of another.

Functional vs object-oriented programming

Programming is as much an art as it is a science. Personal preference plays a large role in determining your programming style, so you may not be surprised to find yourself in a debates with a peer. One ongoing debate is the choice between two different programming paradigms called functional programming and object-oriented programming. Which one is better? Which should you use?

Low code, high impact: Empowering citizen developers

Now is truly the digital age. In a world where operations are increasingly powered by code, there’s enormous potential for changing the way people work. But you need to know how to code to create this change…right? Wrong. Using ServiceNow App Engine Studio, ServiceNow’s citizen developer program empowers anyone with little to no coding experience to innovate and create the apps they need, when they need them.

How to Re-Imagine IT Self-Service for the Best Employee Experience.

It all starts with asking yourself how you would rate the IT portal’s employee experience at your organization. Think about it. Do your employees love using your IT self-service portal? Or do they simply put up with it to get work done? In a recent webinar on IT self-service portals and their effect on employee engagement, 42% of organizations said their employees aren’t the biggest fans of their organization’s IT self-service portal but still use it.

Extending Observability to App Infrastructure

We know organizations today rely on software applications to drive their digital transformation, providing customers with the tools, features and experience end-users have come to expect when doing things such as transact, work and communicate, to name a few. Ensuring a great user experience, however, means making sure the various elements making up a usable application are running smoothly and reliably.

Instana Named a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for Application Performance Monitoring

Instana, an IBM company, has been recognized as a Customers’ Choice in the 2021 Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Application Performance Monitoring, and we are thrilled. Our team takes great pride in this distinction, as customer feedback has shaped our products and services since our inception. This recognition is particularly rewarding because it is based on verified end-user professionals, including both the number of reviews and the overall user ratings.

How Adaptive Incident Management Gives You the Upper Hand

One of the great things about the TV detective Columbo (played so brilliantly by the late Peter Falk) was that he never made a hasty decision based on first impressions or appearances at a crime scene. It didn’t matter how obvious it seemed to be who committed the crime (or how good the frame up), Columbo always dug deeper into motives, opportunities, and methods to uncover who the guilty party really was.

The data-driven organization is within reach - if CIOs can tap the power of cloud

Most companies don’t really put their data to work. These strategies can enable IT leaders to maximize value of cloud investments and drive business growth The amount of data businesses store in the cloud is growing 33% per year. Yet more than two-thirds of that information is never used. This failure is undermining CIOs in critical ways.

Heroku vs AWS: What is the cheapest for your startup?

In today's digital age, the internet and computer technologies have become a part of our lives. Organizations are moving their applications to the cloud to gain benefits of flexibility and lower costs. Heroku and AWS are two popular cloud service providers. AWS is a cloud services platform offering computing power, database storage, content delivery, and many other functionalities. Users can choose individual features and services as required.

Troubleshooting vs. Debugging

The life of a developer these days is more complicated than ever, as they are increasingly required to expand their knowledge across the stack, understand abstract concepts, and own their code end-to-end. A major (and very frustrating) part of a developer’s day is dedicated to fixing what they’ve built – scouring logs and code lines in search of a bug. This search becomes even harder in a distributed Kubernetes environment, where the number of daily changes can be in the hundreds.

SigNoz - Open-source alternative to New Relic

If you're looking for an open-source alternative to New Relic, then you're at the right place. SigNoz is a perfect open-source alternative to New Relic. SigNoz provides a unified UI for both metrics and traces with advanced tagging and filtering capabilities. In today's digital economy, more and more companies are shifting to cloud-native and microservice architecture to support global scale and distributed teams.

How to Set Up a Reverse Proxy in Nginx and Apache

To work efficiently, the client and server exchange information on a regular basis. A webserver typically employs reverse proxies. A client sees a reverse proxy or gateway as if it were a regular web server, and no extra configurations are required. The client sends standard requests to the reverse proxy, which then determines where to send the data, providing the final result to the client as if it were the origin.

Leveling up your IT management game: 4 best practices for IT infrastructure management

IT infrastructures are constantly evolving, meaning conventional management processes have become outdated and inadequate to tackle complex IT issues. A study by ESG found that 75% of IT decision-makers admit that complexity of IT infrastructures has increased drastically from two years ago. This rapid surge in complexity has disrupted admins’ understanding of network behavior and decreased the chances of foreseeing unanticipated network issues.

All About Network Topology-Types and Diagrams

Every network has a specific collection of nodes and links that connect them. The arrangement of those nodes and links, or the network topology, informs performance, maintenance costs, and more. You should know the network topology models in use today when designing or managing a network, including the ring, mesh, bus, star, and tree topologies.

How Humio Outpaces Traditional Logging Solutions

From time to time, people ask us exactly what we mean when we say things like Humio lets you “stream live data” or Humio provides “real-time observability.” In this blog, we provide a high-level overview of traditional log management and explain some of the terms we use when explaining what makes Humio so powerful and unique compared to other solutions.

ServiceNow recognized a Leader in 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Low-Code Application Platforms

I’m excited to announce that, for the second straight year, ServiceNow has been named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms. We believe this is due to our ability to execute and our completeness of vision.

PagerDuty goes global with national preparedness month: Preparing our workforce for crisis

The effects of climate change mean we’re increasingly seeing black swan weather events impacting our working lives. From wildfires and hurricanes to the ever-present threat of earthquakes, 2021 has seen its share of crises. This obviously raises serious questions for companies about the safety of their workforces. As a global company, PagerDuty has employees across the world. When a disaster strikes, everyone needs to have the necessary training, resources and tools to act.

How Dynamics 365 Business Central Accelerates Business Transformation?

Growing organizations often outgrow their basic finance/accounting software or legacy #ERP #systems that are unable to handle increased inventory and transactions, lack integration with other line-of-business systems, and have reporting limitations. Customers also feel pain around scalability, mobility, and cloud. Here are signs that your current solutions won’t be ready to handle additional growth.

The Queen was 'interested' in a blockchain journal she received in the post, according to her private office

Queen Elizabeth II received a blockchain journal in the post, and was “interested to learn that the publication is the first open access blockchain research journal available both in print and online, according to a letter from her office. In a letter to the British Blockchain Association, which sent the journal, a member of her office said the queen “much appreciated thoughtful gesture,” as first reported by the Financial Times.

Breaking The Tag Barrier: A Better Way To Organize Cloud Spend

Tagging, as a means of organizing our cloud environments, has utterly, totally, failed us. If you have authored a tagging policy document, begged your engineers to properly tag their stuff, or just plain given up, then you know what I'm talking about. Tagging is broken, and I don't mean broken in a way that can be fixed, but rather that the entire concept just isn't getting the job done.

News Roundup September 24, 2021

On this day in 1979, CompuServe (CIS) offered one of the first dial-up online services to the masses. It was the dominant internet service provider through the 1990s. By 1981, it had 10,000 subscribers. Within a decade, that number was in the millions. Speaking of how technology makes life easier, here’s the latest news in AIOps, ITOps, and IT infrastructure monitoring.

8 Amazon S3 Alternatives

Companies are considering switching from Amazon S3 because of: Amazon S3 is seen as the safest choice due to the native integrations, but as object storage has become used for anything from being a cloud data lake, to storing thumbnails for blog posts, Amazon S3 can't be best-in-class in everything. The question remains, is making the switch worth it, and to whom should you switch? ‍

How to Build and Run Your Own Container Images

The rise of containerization has been a revolutionary development for many organizations. Being able to deploy applications of any kind on a standardized platform with robust tooling and low overhead is a clear advantage over many of the alternatives. Viewing container images as a packaging format also allows users to take advantage of pre-built images, shared and audited publicly, to reduce development time and rapidly deploy new software.

Backing up 10,000 SQL Server Databases in a Lazy Afternoon

Customers using Microsoft SQL Server tend to grow horizontally in terms of the number of databases. For recent versions of SQL Server, the max number of databases you can have on a single instance is 32,767 and it is common to see customers push that limit. At Rubrik, we have run into several customers who approach 10,000 databases on a single host. As SQL Server accelerates the push into the enterprise segment, one needs to address the problem of managing and protecting these servers at scale.

Lightstep participates in AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry

As co-founders and active contributors to the OpenTelemetry project, Lightstep is excited to participate in the GA release of AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry (ADOT) for tracing for exporters supporting Java, .Net, Python, Go, and JavaScript. AWS has validated Lightstep's use of the ADOT OTLP Exporter, OpenTelemetry's native protocol, to send telemetry to Lightstep without requiring any custom plugins or integrations.

How to Monitor Multiple Websites With

Monitoring a website can already mean hundreds of checks on all sorts of different pathways, URLs, and other services. Monitoring multiple websites is an ever growing web that can make you start to feel like you’re trapped in an episode of Law & Order. The format of the show (I am talking about the real Law & Order, not its offshoots) involves the crime from occurrence to trial outcome and every beat and interrogation in between.

What you need to know about the Accelerate State of DevOps 2021

Every year, the Accelerate State of DevOps Report examines the capabilities and practices that drive software delivery, operational, and organizational performance. The 2021 report from the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) team at Google Cloud has now been published and provides highlights from seven years of research and data from more than 32,000 professionals worldwide. So what are those highlights? Where should IT teams be focusing their efforts on their journey to DevOps?

5 Best Tools for Log Collection and Archiving With Guide

Collecting and archiving logs is an essential practice for any organization looking to maintain the performance and security of their network. Logs are like a diary for your devices. They record every message sent from any of your network systems. This information can prove essential for everything from understanding the daily activities of your infrastructure, to improving functionality across your platforms, to identifying and troubleshooting issues.

Catchpoint Digital Experience Score Is An Industry-First

Catchpoint recently announced the Digital Experience Score. This score is the first all-encompassing metric to represent all essential drivers of digital end-user experience. With pressure on IT teams ever growing to fix the IT issues of a remote workforce, we wanted to make troubleshooting as straightforward as possible. The score provides IT teams tasked with improving employee experience with a quantifiable measurement of what each employee is experiencing digitally.

Winning on Black Friday - IT Incident Response Made Simple

Even with all the changes in consumer behavior due to COVID-19, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is here to stay. Social distancing measures that limited instore shopping in 2020 has only led more people to shop online, and this trend is expected to continue in 2021. Preparing your e-commerce website and business for the seasonal business surge around Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 is crucial.

Why Net at Work employees are sleeping soundly again

Net at Work is a German IT company with over 100 employees that provides its customers with solutions and tools for digital communication and collaboration. Their product NoSpamProxy offers reliable protection against spam and ransomware, legally compliant email encryption and more. Customers of Net at Work are using it as a SaaS solution, and it is being monitored with the agentless network monitoring software PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler AG.

Are Your Employees' Tickets Resolved or Are They on Vacation?

Every year during the holidays, our customer, a multinational professional services organization, has thousands of IT tickets built up due to employees on vacation. As the IT teams reached out and didn’t receive a response, their performance metrics ticked up, impacting their quarterly goals and customer satisfaction. In defense of these employees, we all know what it is like to come back to an overflowing inbox.

Best Grafana dashboard for Graphite Metrics

It is an old cliche adage, but there is no better statement than “a picture is worth a thousand words” that explains the effectiveness of visuals to deliver a message. Especially, in the data domain where a raw message often exists in numbers, visualizing with graphs and charts is the best way to share information. There are a lot of visualization tools in the market at the moment, and each has unique strengths.

Grafana vs Kibana: The Updated Guide For 2022

If you have any experience with comparing open source data visualisation tools then it is very likely you will have encountered both Kibana and Grafana during your research and discovery phase. As two of the most popular solutions for logs and metrics analysis, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two and make the choice to use either Grafana or Kibana depending on the analysis task at hand.

Automation, is it just a buzzword?

When you hear Opmantek refer to ‘Automation’, it’s not just a buzzword – it’s kind of a big deal! But..what exactly is it, and why should you care? Let’s get to the nuts and bolts of it. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) focuses on automating human processes and functional tasks. Operational Process Automation (OPA) is the next evolution of RPA, which delivers specifically to IT and network operations teams and carries out advanced analysis and troubleshooting tasks.

Why LogDNA Received the EMA Top 3 Award for Observability Platforms

We’re honored to be included in Enterprise Management Associates’ EMA Top 3 Award for Observability Platforms. This award recognizes software products that help enterprises reach their digital transformation goals by optimizing product quality, time to market, cost, and ability to innovate—all the things we’re passionate about at LogDNA.

Modern SRE Practices for Incident Management

At VMware, we make use of modern development and site reliability engineering (SRE) practices on a regular basis. And those of us who work on the VMware Tanzu Observability product marketing team regularly get exposure to various SRE teams that implement modern practices with the observability technology we create.

How Puppet Enterprise gives you the tools to scale your infrastructure - and your success

This is the second post in a four-part series on why Open Source Puppet users have made the decision to move to Puppet Enterprise. If you’re considering making this change, read on for pros and cons! As more and more businesses are moving from Open Source Puppet (OSP) to Puppet Enterprise (PE), they are experiencing multiple benefits. In this blog series, we’re exploring the biggest benefits we hear from customers about their experience moving from OSP to PE.

Controlling Cloud Cost Requires a Change in IT Financial Perspective

For IT practitioners, cloud can initially seem like a candy store where everything is enticing and delicious and cheap enough to seem free. What they don’t realize is how quickly costs can add up or be amplified when cloud options are opened to teams across the organization. In this video, SolarWinds Technical Content Manager for Community Kevin M. Sparenberg and Head Geek Leon Adato discuss the need for IT professionals to become more proficient in speaking the language of business and seeing cloud solutions from more than just a technology perspective.

How the French Ministry of Agriculture deploys Elastic to monitor the commercial fishing industry

Within the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food (the Ministry), our team of architects in the Methods, Support and Quality office (BMSQ) evaluate and supply software solutions to resolve issues encountered by project teams that affect various disciplines. As data specialists, one area we’ve been involved in includes reconfiguring the traceability of activities for the commercial fishing industry.

Elastic APM iOS agent technical preview released

We are proud to announce the preview release of the Elastic APM iOS agent! This release is intended to elicit feedback from the community, while providing some initial functionality within the Elastic Observability stack and is not intended for production use. Now is your chance to influence the direction of this new iOS agent and let us know what you think on our discussion forum. If you find an issue, or would like to contribute yourself, visit the GitHub repository.

How to monitor Redis with Prometheus

Redis is a simple – but very well optimized – key-value open source database that is widely used in cloud-native applications. In this article, you will learn how to monitor Redis with Prometheus, and the most important metrics you should be looking at. Despite its simplicity, Redis has become a key component of many Kubernetes and cloud applications. As a result, performance issues or problems with its resources can cause other components of the application to fail.

Kubernetes Master Class Windows Container Support with Rancher

In this session, we’ll focus on the new support for Windows containers on RKE2 in Rancher 2.6, powered by Calico and containerd. Furthermore, we’ll be covering the following important aspects within this ecosystem: Lastly, you’ll get to see a demonstration of deploying Windows and Linux workloads side-by-side in Rancher, and how to scale.NET applications in Windows containers.

Intro to distributed tracing with Tempo, OpenTelemetry, and Grafana Cloud

I’ve spent most of my career working with tech in various forms, and for the last ten years or so, I’ve focused a lot on building, maintaining, and operating robust, reliable systems. This has led me to put a lot of time into researching, evaluating, and implementing different solutions for automatic failure detection, monitoring, and more recently, observability. Before we get started: What is observability?

Unlocking Data Literacy Part 1: How to Set Up a Data Analytics Practice That Works for Your People

Does your team know how to use data analytics to their advantage? For the vast majority of companies, the answer may be “no.” According to Accenture, only 21% of people are confident in their data literacy skills, and just 32% of companies have realized tangible, measurable value from their data. While the definition of data literacy varies depending on who you ask, at its core, the term means equipping anyone in your organization to know how to use data in a business context.

Streamlining order management in telecommunications

Most people wouldn’t consider order management the most exciting part of business, but perhaps they should. For Deutsche Telekom, order management sits at the very heart of our business operations. It’s the activation point, the moment when things start to get real. Done badly, it can create disparate silos, inefficient orchestration, slow delivery times, high costs, and a poor customer experience. We don’t want that.

Observability: The 5-Year Retrospective

Two years ago, I wrote a long retrospective of observability for its third anniversary. It includes a history of instrumentation and telemetry, a detailed explanation of the technical spec, and why the whole “three pillars” thing is nonsense. At the time, it’s what was needed to steer conversations away from silly rabbit holes about data types and back to what matters: how we understand our systems.

Getting Started with Citrix Remote Monitoring and Management Services

Brian Diamond, CEO, LANStatus has dedicated the past 25 years to help educate and support people just like you to find economical, custom-fit solutions that complement existing teams, not eliminate them. Brian is interviewed by Goliath Technologies CEO Thomas Charlton.

NodeJS Application Manual Instrumentation for Distributed Traces

In this blog series, we are covering application instrumentation steps for distributed tracing with OpenTelemetry standards across multiple languages. Earlier, we covered Java Application Manual Instrumentation for Distributed Traces, Golang Application Instrumentation for Distributed Traces, and DotNet Application Instrumentation for Distributed Traces. Here we are going to cover the instrumentation for NodeJS.

SRE Back-to-School Checklist

Whether it's in classrooms or on Zoom calls, the kids have headed back to school! Bright-eyed students are gearing up to study new subjects and test their brains. Hopefully on their report cards, failure isn’t inevitable. Before the first day, parents load up their kids’ backpacks with everything they’ll need. Being well equipped with good supplies is the best way to stay focused and educate “reliably”. Likewise, SREs need the right tools and practices for the job.

A Peek at JFrog's Iron Bank Accreditation for Xray and Artifactory

JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray recently underwent a rigorous hardening process to earn accreditation for inclusion in the U.S. Department of Defense’s Iron Bank, a centralized repository of digitally-signed and hardened container images. In this blog post, we’re pulling back the curtain on the process, in order to share our insights and lessons learned with our customers and with the DevOps community at large.

Use Ocean's Cluster Roll to update nodes

Kubernetes has what you may consider an aggressive release cycle. There have been three to four releases per year since 1.0 was released in July of 2015. Perhaps you’ve found it all too easy to get behind a couple of versions. Running the latest, or nearly latest release will help protect your organization from security issues. This is because releases are deprecated once they fall three minor versions behind the latest. Staying current isn’t just about security though!

Portainer and Canonical Expand Partnership Launching Business Charm for Charmed Kubernetes

Auckland, New Zealand – Portainer announced the launch of its Portainer Business Charmed Operator, allowing for seamless integration with Canonical’s Charmed Kubernetes distribution. The new Portainer charm allows users of Canonical’s Charmed Kubernetes distribution to automatically install and integrate Portainer Business as part of the Kubernetes cluster deployment process, using Juju, the Charmed Operator framework.

Simplifying your Software Asset Management Journey

Software Asset Management (SAM) involves a complex set of challenges, requiring high levels of support and engagement blending the right mix of people, processes, and tools. In the face of this complexity, in organizations that lack the required sponsorship or dedicated SAM functions, managing software assets can disproportionately fall into the asset management tools themselves.

Streamline Migration and Application Onboarding in DX APM with EasySeries

To realize the full potential of APM, many customers are migrating from their existing APM 10.7 clusters to DX APM. In addition, they continue to onboard new applications for monitoring. These efforts require a series of steps, including the configuration of experience views, universes, and DX Operational Intelligence services.

StackStorm announces Partnership Program with the 5 founding Partners

Earlier this year StackStorm established a partnership program with some first partners that supported StackStorm in its Open Source journey when the project joined the Linux Foundation. The Partners Program was created to recognize companies and organizations that provide ongoing assistance to the StackStorm Open Source project. Because of the substantial support provided by these partners, we have been able to expand and improve StackStorm.

How retailers are improving productivity, transforming incident response, and empowering teams with PagerDuty

For retailers, uptime is money and issues can cost thousands of dollars per minute. With infrastructure comprising complex services such as payment gateways, inventory, and mobile applications, maturing digital operations is vital for ensuring services are always on and customers get the best experience.

Circonus' Zero-Gravity Data Eliminates Challenges and Limitations Associated with Massive Data Sets

Telemetry data – the metrics and measurement data emitted by all machines and devices from servers to robots – is exploding. Telemetry data generation is growing so fast, there are no reliable estimates of just what that growth rate looks like. Theo Schlossnagle, founder of Circonus and widely respected computer scientist, estimates that telemetry data is growing at the rate of 1×1012 every ten years. Suffice to say, that’s a lot.

Civo update - September 2021

Welcome to the Civo update for September 2021. In case you missed the big news... this week we successfully launched our first region in Frankfurt, Germany. Plus we announced our new strategic partner, THG Ingenuity, who invested $2 million into the company. This will allow us to quickly invest in our infrastructure, including more regions across the globe throughout the next 12 months.

How to Choose an AIOps Tool? An Beginner's Essential Guide

The shift to SaaS and next-gen container and microservices-based IT environments has made it clear that SRE, DevOps and IT operations teams need new solutions to do root cause, automation and observability. This blog summarizes the need for AIOps, how it works, its benefits and how to choose an AIOps tool.

IT Beware: The Chip Shortage is Coming, Here's What You Can Do

According to CEOs of Intel, IBM, Cisco & other major tech companies, the current semiconductor chip shortage will impact price and availability of IT hardware for the next 12 to 18 months. News coverage about the shortage reveals many factors impacting the production crunch, but there is one common underlying issue – many IT departments are updating their asset plans now based on unknown conditions (which I’ll make ‘known’ at the end of this article 😊).

Gaining a Clear Path to Digital Experience Success

The technology landscape is constantly evolving, requiring organizations to keep up with continuous digital improvement. According to Acquia, “40% of global consumers report buying more online than they used to.” Improving employee digital experience is also increasing in importance, with only 38% of employees reporting that they are satisfied with work-related tools and technology.

How to Choose an AIOps Tool? The Beginner's Essential Guide

The shift to SaaS and next-gen container and microservices-based IT environments has made it clear that SRE, DevOps and IT operations teams need new solutions to do root cause, automation and observability. This blog summarizes the need for AIOps, how it works, its benefits and how to choose an AIOps tool.

What Are the Limitations of Dashboards?

For modern businesses faced with increasing volumes and complexity of data, it’s no longer efficient or feasible to rely on analyzing data in BI dashboards. Traditional dashboards are great at providing business leaders with insights into what’s happened in the past, but what if they need actionable information in real time? What if they want to use their data to estimate what may happen in the future? Companies are taking notice.

How ORAN is moving the industry to a cloud-native model

Open RAN or ORAN is a game-changing Radio Access Network (RAN) evolution combining RAN functionality with cloud-native design, scale and automation. Legacy RAN was and is still intentionally designed using closed and proprietary architectures that locked operators to a particular vendor, for both radio and supporting hardware (baseband units). Now with ORAN, operators can not only decouple vendors, but also software from hardware, facilitating the migration to a cloud-native model.