6 Reasons to Start Monitoring the Performance of Your Applications

It’s no use computerize your entire company and introducing a poor, slow, or difficult usability system. To effectively anticipate this type of scenario and avoid jobs and headaches for your team, APM – Application Performance Monitoring – comes as a good alternative. Through it, you can analyze how your team is using enterprise applications. With this, you can better understand whether these applications are offering problems or solutions. But the advantages do not stop there.


Do mobile messaging apps have a role in government and the public sector?

The answer is: “Yes, but it depends on the app being used!”. Public sector employees are no different to their private-sector counterparts in that they’re demanding more modern, mobile solutions for collaboration and communication. However, without clear direction from ICT leaders, many are becoming reliant on consumer-grade tools that put data, and digital compliance, at risk.


Using Automation to Deal with Infosec Grief

Security managers go through stages of grief when their networks are breached by hackers and malware. There's the initial shock of the breach, then denial that their equipment was at fault, and then anger at the hackers for having targeted their company. Eventually, everyone gets down to work trying to fix the problem, and finally the last stage of grief materialized: acceptance that the breach happened.

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Periscope Looks Good in Plaid

As a tool trusted by over 1000 data teams, Periscope Data has been able to work with some of the best businesses in data and Business Intelligence. Many of our top users help their companies track metrics that are key to making effective business decisions. But the analysis doesn’t stop at helping their company find key business insights, the most critical Periscope Data users have created ways to improve themselves.