Container Logging & Devops: the Future of Kubernetes Integration

I hosted a webinar where I covered why logging is important, how to choose a logging provider. And then shared our experience of setting up logging on Kubernetes containers, the Kubernetes logging framework and the logging best practices we’ve implemented internally and supported our customers who run Kubernetes in production.


Announcing the Latest Apigee Edge Installer for PCF

With proven product-level integrations, Apigee and Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) have helped enterprises boost the consumption of their applications and microservices, modernize legacy systems, and chart a smoother path to cloud migration. Today we’re excited to strengthen our partnership even more by announcing the general availability of Apigee Edge BOSH Installer for PCF for our Private Cloud 4.18.05 version.


Why is Log Management Important

Ever since humankind developed the ability to write, much of our progress has been made thanks to recording and using data. In ages long past, notes were made on the production and gathering of resources, the exact number of available soldiers and other important personnel, and were compiled and stored by hand. Because of this documentation method, important information was also prone to being misplaced, lost, or even mishandled.


Drive Velocity and Keep Teams Focused On Customers with Latest Updates to AppDynamics

Today, we’re excited to deliver new AppDynamics functionality across observability, intelligence, and usability. With these updates, we continue our ongoing efforts to help enterprise companies provide world-class customer experiences with the help of real-time performance monitoring. You can also now take advantage of the newest Machine Agent enhancements and bug fixes without waiting for a Controller upgrade.


Retailers Struggle to Keep Applications Running for Shoppers

Retailers are bracing for their biggest holiday season to date with Deloitte predicting that holiday retail sales will top $1.10 trillion this year, a 5 percent growth from 2017. And it’s eCommerce retailers who have the most to gain – or lose – after the Thanksgiving leftovers are put away. Deloitte is predicting eCommerce sales alone to reach as much as $134 billion this holiday season, compared with about $110 billion a year ago.


How Voice Assistants are Creating an Excellent Customer Service Experience

In today’s digital world, almost everyone knows about voice commands thanks to Google Assistant and iPhone Siri. It’s becoming more and more common for people to call a friend, open an app, or search for a café using voice commands. In addition to phone-based voice assistants, Amazon has introduced an exclusive product named Alexa that can play music, do online shopping, initiate payment transaction and make your home smart solely based on your voice commands.


How to Prepare Your App for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Since Black Friday first became a thing, roughly 15 years ago, practically every big name in digital retail has experienced some form of outage while trying to cope with its demands. Last year alone, international retailers Lowe’s, Debenhams and Game all suffered downtime at one point or another, bringing howls of complaint and derision from customers.


Setting Up Application Performance Monitoring with the ELK Stack and Logz.io

Application Performance Monitoring, aka APM, is one of the most common methods used by engineers today to measure the availability, response times and behavior of applications and services. There are a variety of APM solutions in the market but if you’re familiar with the ELK Stack or are a Logz.io user, this article describes using a relatively new open source-based solution — Elastic APM.