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Course 101: Instrumentation, Software Metrics, Monitoring, Alerts

Since the 1920s, higher education institutions have been using this term to describe the nomenclature of the early years of study. Here we announced some time ago our intentions to focus on tutorials, but we believe that as knowledge is important, we have brought you different kinds of articles because we consider that wisdom is a valuable asset (we include a source for some online encyclopaedias).


Thinking corporate: Bulletproof's first quarterly update

A company’s first few years can often give an indication of where it’s going, allowing us to make assumptions about its future. Bulletproof is still in its early phases, being just a couple of years old, but having been privy to the first official quarterly update, it’s clear that the business has a great deal of potential.


11 Signs You Need A New Help Desk Ticketing System

Choosing when to opt for a change in help desk technology isn’t easy. There are a lot of factors, but sometimes knowledge of whether you need to switch can be tough to find. So, based on many talks with leading industry experts, let’s look at some of the top signs businesses often notice when they need a new help desk ticketing system…


HTTP Checks Now Supported on Windows Agent

Metricly’s Windows Agent now offers support for HTTP Checks. You can configure HTTP checks to send an HTTP GET request to a URL; if a successful response is returned, then a check is sent to Metricly. These checks allow you to monitor URLs, create policies around their responses, and receive alerts when a check fails. By default, no HTTP checks are configured—but setting them up is easy.


Black Friday Performance of Magento, Oxid, Shopware shops 2016/2017

With all the customers running Tideways on their Magento, Oxid or Shopware shops I was interested in how in the aggregated average, those shops usually perform on Black Friday compared to the 8 weeks before and the weeks after leading up to Christmas. A lot of e-commerce shops have either large Black Friday, Cyber Monday or week long christmas campaigns, which can increase the traffic to the shops significantly.


Best Practices for Building Secure APIs

API (application programming interface) designers and developers generally understand the importance of adhering to design principles while implementing an interface. No one wants to design or implement a bad API! Even so, it’s sometimes tempting to look for shortcuts to reach those aggressive sprint timelines, get to the finish line, and deploy an API. These shortcuts may pose a serious risk — unsecured APIs. Developers should remember to wear the hat of an API hacker before deploying.