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HP Operations Manager: Legendary multifaceted software

We have talked about reviews of legendary software in the area of monitoring, such as the colossus IBM® Tivoli® Netcool®. With equal pleasure, and at the request of the editorial team of this blog, today we bring up the second legendary software. That time we directly compared Pandora FMS with that giant, but this time we only refer to common features, because the HP Operations Manager is not currently on sale…

time doctor

Run Successful Virtual Meetings With One of These Top 3 Programs

There are several benefits to hiring remote workers. Benefits include flexibility, wider access to global talent, reduced costs, and more. Proximity, however, is not one of those benefits. Rather than calling everyone into a conference room for a quick meeting, you have to rely on technology to bring everyone on your team together…no matter where they are located.


JReport 15.6 Features Precision Layouts for Embedded Reporting in Web Applications

Rockville, MD – November 19, 2018 – Jinfonet Software, the leading embedded analytics and reporting software provider, announces the general availability of JReport 15.6. The latest release offers pixel perfect and paginated reporting in a web application environment. Report developers and power users benefit from new streamlined workflows for designing precision layouts and deploying them from a web interface.

periscope data

Delivering Product Data with Embedded Dashboards

Once your team has developed a strategy for using data to help with product management decisions, there’s still a lot to do. You need to combine all of the necessary data sources on a single platform and dig into the analytics. I’ve already gone into detail about the three types of analyses that I use at Periscope Data, but we still need to discuss the final critical piece of the analytics process: delivery.


Getting Started with Talend Open Studio: Building Your First Job

In the previous blog, we walked through the installation and set-up of Talend Open Studio and briefly demonstrated key features to familiarize you with the Studio interface. In this blog, we will build a simple job to load data from a local file into Snowflake, a cloud data warehouse technology. More specifically, we will build a new job that takes customer data from your local machine and maps it to a target table within Snowflake.


Cybersecurity Is (Still) Everyone’s Job

As noted previously—and as we all know—an organization cannot be secure until the entire workforce is engaged in reducing cyber risks. Each member of the group has the power to harm or to help, since each one has access to information systems, handles sensitive data and makes decisions every day which maintain, erode or strengthen the human “attack surface” of the organization. But most employees lack the interest or knowledge to contribute positively to the organization’s security.