Deprecating Our Legacy JavaScript SDK

Sentry is full of engineers, so we know how painful it can be to deal with breaking changes caused by third party libraries. But we also know those third party libraries have to continually update and stay on top of their games, or they’ll become irrelevant. For that reason, we try to only introduce breaking changes when they’re really (really) required. Especially when those changes are made to an API surface.

SolarWinds Lab Episode #81 - Debunking the Cloud Hype Curve With Microsoft Azure Advocate Rick Claus

Hype isn't helpful, especially in IT. And cloud has now reached a special status: Zombie Hype. It just keeps coming back over and over. In this session, Microsoft Cloud Lead Advocate Rick Claus joins SolarWinds Head Geeks Patrick Hubbard and Thomas LaRock to break down how SolarWinds customers are using cloud in the real world. Learn what hype curves are, how they're different from adoption cycles, and how to gauge your organization's journey relative to your competitors.

Run a Perfect Bug Hunting Event in DevOps - Szilard Szell | SmartBear Talks

Szilard Szell, DevOps and Test Automation Expert, is sharing how to excel in exploratory testing and make bug hunting events a crucial part of the team life and where this concept fits into Scaled Agile Framework and DevOps. Watch the interview with Szilard and share your experience after doing bug hunting in comments.

Yellowfin 9: Our new developer platform

Seek, one of our customers, came to us with a laundry list of functionality that their developers wanted. Like many enterprises, they have their own developers who are asked to deliver a design for their UX team and they need and environment where they can do that. They didn’t want us to worry about the UI, they just wanted the ability to code what they wanted directly into the Yellowfin dashboard environment so this was the catalyst for Yellowfin 9, which is our developer platform.

Building an Interactive Machine Learning Application with CML

What’s more fun than uncovering insightful trends and patterns buried in piles of data? Being able to easily share and explain them to colleagues and other business teams! New in the Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) 1.2 we’re excited to announce support for hosting persistent web based applications and dashboards using frameworks like Flask, Dash and Shiny to share analytics results and insights with business stakeholders.

pandora fms

Network baseline: new technologies, new challenges

The issue of network baseline arose quite some time ago. Everything started from the understanding that networks are not static entities, but are a set of elements that change over time. It was also understood that networks are not only made up of physical and tangible elements, such as a router or a switch, but we must also have more abstract elements, such as the traffic pattern over a WAN link, for example.


ICYMI: Grafana Labs at PromCon

PromCon was held in Munich again this year, and this year was the best. I had a great time meeting lots of old friends and interacting with the amazing Prometheus community. I want to give a big shout out to Richi H for organizing the conference, and to everyone who attended for being an amazing audience! This year Grafana Labs carbon offset travel and food for the conference – but this post is not about that. Grafanistas gave 4 talks in the main track and another 6 lightning talks.