Using Træfik for internal tools at Bleemeo

At Bleemeo, as many geeks, we use a couple of tools on a day to day basis. Most of those tools are small Open Source web applications and, to be trendy, we deploy those tools with Docker. In the past, we used to create a virtual machine per service, deploy the tool and configure web server on each machine. Moreover if you are using https, you need to deploy certificates and private keys on each server.


How to use statsd and Bleemeo for Minecraft server monitoring

Let's discover some features of Bleemeo Cloud platform! In this article we will define custom statsd metrics, status, Nagios check and monitor them with Bleemeo. We will use Minecraft as an example. However, this article is still relevant for you even though you are not keen on building castles. In this article we will assume you have already installed a Bleemeo Agent on your server.

30sec to integrate Content Security Policy in your apps with Sqreen

Content Security Policy (CSP) is an HTTP header that instructs the browser to limit loading of external assets, such as scripts, styles or media to specific sources. It prevents wide categories of attacks, such as cross-site scripting (XSS), click-jacking and other code injection. Enabling Content Security Policy into your app is straightforward with Sqreen.