Office365, Azure and SCOM - Monitor and Control Hybrid Microsoft Environments

Watch our webinar presented by Zvi Uretzky, Senior Software Developer, and Justin Boerrigter, Technical Sales Manager, to learn about bringing full visibility to your Azure and Office 365 migration, and how to monitor and control your hybrid Microsoft environment.
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The Evolution of the Monitoring Industry and Why Customers Should Run the Show

Recently, OpsMatters marketing consultant & copywriter Lauren Detweiler sat down (virtually, of course!) with Lucian Daniliuc, founder & CEO of uptime monitoring service Monitive, to chat about the monitoring industry, the process of rewriting an application from scratch, and why customers matter to the process so much.

Introducing Incident Insights for status pages

Did you ever have your customer success team (if you have the chance to have one!) overwhelmed by customers throught the support chat when facing minor incidents or even major outages, having to update all those worried customers in real time throught dozens of different channels as the engineering team finds out and resolves the issue? Support costs time, energy and money. What if all of your users could all connect to one single status page that would answer all of their questions?


Five Benefits of Network Monitoring Software You Can't Deny

What’s happening on your network? How does network performance impact your end user experience? Where is the performance bottleneck? What will happen if your users start using bandwidth-intensive applications? If you do not have answers to these questions, it’s high time you enhance your network monitoring software capabilities.


The service mesh era: Using Istio and Stackdriver to build an SRE service

Just to recap, so far our ongoing series about the Istio service mesh we’ve talked about the benefits of using a service mesh, using Istio for application deployments and traffic management, and how Istio helps you achieve your security goals. In today’s installment, we’re going to dig further into monitoring, tracing, and service-level objectives.


User Interface Release - Beta 6.0

We are proud to announce the release of beta user interface 6.0 which will has been rolled out for general availability to all Spambrella partners/customers. All users can now try out the beta version of our new user interface experience by clicking ‘Preview Version 6.0 (BETA)’ located below the search bar on the upper right side of the existing user interface.


Building a Searchbot using Slack, Zapier, and Elastic App Search

Wouldn’t it be helpful to build your own Searchbot that you can query from Slack? Imagine looking through thousands and thousands of customer records, articles, server logs, or Helpdesk tickets, from within Slack channel. We will build such a helpful Searchbot by weaving together Elastic App Search and Slack using Zapier.


SRE vs. DevOps

Site reliability engineering (SRE) has gained traction as an effective engineering practice over the last few years. In IT operations and software development, DevOps and SRE are often conflated into a single definition. But, SRE and DevOps aren’t one and the same. While the job responsibilities can often look similar between organizations, there are a few fundamental ways in which site reliability engineering differs from DevOps.