TestComplete Furthers Test Automation Scalability and AI Innovation with Version 14.4

TestComplete is excited to announce its next release that will continue to accelerate your testing initiatives, ensuring confidence in the quality of your application. The 14.4 Release of TestComplete includes features that will scale your tests to the cloud across devices and configurations, solve for complex controls such as tables or grids, and adds AI-powered improvements to self-healing tests. At SmartBear, we know this industry is complex, so we strive to simplify it at every level.

SmartBear Strengthens Enterprise-grade Portfolio with Acquisition of TM4J from Adaptavist

TM4J is the #1 user-rated test management app in the Atlassian Marketplace and offers enterprise teams unmatched BDD support and powerful integrations with leading agile and DevOps tools

SmartBear + Test Management for Jira: Delivering testing solutions and BDD within Jira

We are thrilled to announce that SmartBear has acquired Test Management for Jira (TM4J), the #1 user-rated QA and test management app in Jira for enterprise teams, from London-based Adaptavist. Today’s enterprises know they need to become more agile in order to meet increased business demands, but they often find themselves held back by the limitations of legacy or inefficient testing solutions.


Sample Deployment Checklist

Imagine it's midnight and you're packaging up your web application. Upload it via FTP, run server updates, and manually execute SQL scripts to update the database schema. If something goes wrong, you might have to undo everything — step by step — and hope that you can revert the application to its prior state before morning. Fortunately, these late-night deployment processes are (mostly) gone and Agile deployment has taken its place.


Checklist of Load Testing Metrics

Load testing is a critical part of the Agile development process. By identifying potential bottlenecks before deployments, you can help avoid costly downtime and poor user experiences. The challenge is converting the massive amount of data into tangible insights that developers can quickly use to make fixes. Take a look at three of the most important performance metrics to watch in your load tests and how to interpret them to diagnose bottlenecks in your application.


Performance Testing's End to End Evolution

Software development practices have evolved over time in order to meet new and growing demands from customers. One example of this evolution that we're seeing today is around delivery teams beginning to fully understand the importance of application performance. Customers have never had less hesitation to leave one solution for another because it's never been easier to do so.


Checklist of Load Testing Best Practices

User experience is rapidly overtaking price and product as the most important brand differentiator. It’s no wonder: poor user experience can devastate a brand’s reputation. Load testing can help ensure a consistent and positive user experience by identifying performance bottlenecks before they impact users – and you. Most performance engineers are familiar with JMeter, the open-source load testing tool developed by the Apache Foundation.