Adaptability to Unpredictability: What COVID-19 Can Teach Cloud Businesses

In December, when reports emerged of a new flu strain ravaging Wuhan, most of us assumed the problem would fade away. It is only three months later and we are dealing with a global pandemic. Citizens have been ordered to stay indoors as healthcare systems attempt to “flatten the curve.” These changes have been unpredictable. With all of this change, the question most relevant to the world is: How adaptable are you? The economic ramifications of this pandemic will be extreme.


AI and Machine Learning for DevOps: An Origin Story

Founding a successful AI and machine learning company is no walk in the park. It takes graft, commitment, creativity, and improvisation. This April, as we celebrate the anniversary of our seed funding, it’s the perfect time to give our Opsani users and followers the fun, untold story of Opsani’s early years.


How AI Technologies are Helping us Battle COVID-19

I was worried about COVID-19 long before most people. Back in January, reports of a new pneumonia-like virus tearing through the Chinese region of Wuhan just wouldn’t go away. I know a little about the history of pandemics. I know it’s very unlikely that China will be able to contain a highly communicable, novel virus within its own borders.

DevOps Interrupted: Addressing the Complexity of Optimization with AI

In this webinar, Amir Sharif (VP of Product & Marketing), will be sitting down to talk to Blake Watters (Director of Enterprise Services), to discuss optimization. What was once an integral part of new product releases, has somehow disappeared from the process altogether. Tune in to our webinar to hear a discussion on “where optimization has gone” and why we think this shift has happened.

A Brief Guide To The Datadog AWS Integration For Application Monitoring

The cloud offers unprecedented access to resources that can be trivially provisioned via a web console, CLI, or API invocation. This power and flexibility comes at a cost: each additional resource is another moving piece that has to be managed and monitored in order to get a complete picture of your application’s health and performance. Modern APM tools such as DataDog – empowered further by the Datadog AWS integration – enable you to manage this complexity. How?


5 Key Working From Home Tips

The unfolding COVID-19 pandemic has made for a frightening and unnerving start to 2020. Amidst the terrible suffering and pressures on medical systems, people are also being forced to reconsider the simple things of daily life. Quarantining and lockdown restrictions mean that many of us are now having to work from home, every day. Unlike many, I am a twenty-year veteran of working from home.


Managing the Cloud Spike of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is teaching America that it is very possible to maintain their lives effectively from home. Due to the outbreak, virtual meeting companies and cloud meeting companies have been an essential tool to keep businesses, schools and social lives running smoothly. These tools are all of a sudden our main channels for communication and interaction — leading to a cloud spike.


The Future of DevOps

The paradigm shift happened fast. Nimble companies leveraged cloud to break down silos between operations and development and embraced agile development for faster cycle times to create strategic advantage. They merged teams of engineers across the application lifecycle from development and test to deployment and operations and created new roles requiring a range of skills not limited to a single function.


KPIs: The Foundation of Effective Cloud Optimization

Is your application running in its optimal state? Perhaps you have auto-scaling enabled, and your application can scale up and down dependent on user load. Perhaps this may appear optimal. But the reality is: there are so many parameters that can be modified that the meaning of optimal is always in flux, and true cloud optimization often lies just out of reach.