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Emerging Customer Service Stats and What it Means For Your Business

Are you keeping up with the new customer service trends to serve your potential clients? In the fast-ever-changing landscape, if customer satisfaction is not your top priority, your customer service will go for a toss. Hence, it’s imperative to ensure that customer support executive agents are up-to-date and equipped with the latest requisite skills. Only those businesses that are harvesting the latest tools and technologies can deliver the best customer service and experience.


Why Moving to the Cloud Gives you an Advantage in a Time of Crisis

Business continuity is a challenge we are all currently facing, as most of us are unable to step into our office. During this time of social distancing, businesses rely on technology and software to collaborate with our team, interact with clients, and update information. Software applications can be broadly categorized into two categories: ‘on-premise’ and ‘cloud’.


How to Build an Effective Crisis Communication Plan

Communicating an ongoing crisis is a mammoth task for any business. Even more so in the time of a pandemic like the novel coronavirus. Unless you have a detailed crisis communication plan in place, the lack of clarity and information might put your frontline support reps in a tight spot when they are trying to reassure your customers.


Maintaining Strong B2B Customer Relationships Without Face-to-Face Interaction

In an era where remote work has become commonplace, many customer success managers aren’t too happy. Why? Don’t the enjoy working from their home office? Sure, many professionals do, but their dissatisfaction is because the home office lifestyle inhibits their ability to meet face-to-face with customers. These in person interactions are the foundation of many excellent customer relationships, and it can sometimes be a challenge to build or sustain relationships without them.


Mastering The Art of Customer Experience - The Apple, Disney & Tesla Way

What do your customers want? This question has been asked more than any other question in today’s competitive business world. Undoubtedly, this era belongs to customer experience, and every company is striving to provide the best possible experience to its customers. While it is crucial to understand your customers, it is equally important to explore the fundamentals of customer interaction. Every great business works on the rule of thumb of seeing the world through the customer’s eyes.


How to Set Up Your Customer Support Software in the New Rules of Remote Working

Against the backdrop of the novel coronavirus pandemic, different business operations have adopted a new style of working (work-from-home) and have started functioning remotely to maintain business continuity. Customer support teams too have started supporting customers from the safety of their homes. Amidst the uncertain times, as Jack Ma said, you have to adopt new practices, change existing processes, and do it quickly.


Mobile Help Desk Apps: Benefits & Customer Support Tips

Poor customer service can result in negative reviews. And, that alone is enough to damage your business reputations and lose your customers to the competition. You missed responding to a customer email seeking support or your agent was not available when the customer was trying to reach you desperately. Such mistakes are quite common. But the implications of such mistakes on your business can be devastating. Then, how do you prevent such mistakes?