4 CX Leaders on How to Build a Community

All of us are in the expectations business now, and with customer expectations reaching an all-time high, it’s up to companies to re-invent the wheel to stay relevant and engaged. But how do you identify the right channels to engage with your customers and how do you nail it the first time? That is always the burning question!


Expert tips for managers on managing remote teams successfully

Managing a team remotely comes with its own set of pros and cons. If you’re managing a remote team for the first time, it’s easy to focus on the cons rather than the pros. You’re probably having a tough time staying on top of what everyone on your team is working on. In tandem, you’re most likely doing all you can to make sure that your team has everything they need to work conveniently.


A Remote Work Guide For Parents

Remote work can become a possible alternative to working in an office for many reasons, and becoming a parent is probably one of the most rewarding ones. You might be able to transition to remote work on purpose in order to gain more flexibility and be closer to home while still going after your professional goals and desires. But you also might find yourself suddenly working at home due to unforeseen circumstances.


How Keeping Customer Support Morale High Influences CX

Especially in an era of remote work, it can be difficult to manage the morale of your customer support team. After all, a support agent isn’t a career choice for professionals who are afraid to talk to people. Support teams in the B2B (business-to-business) industry are often full of social personalities and employees who choose to work in an office environment where they can collaborate with colleagues to solve problems.


Managing Team Projects with OneDesk

If you work in a team, OneDesk offers an easy way to manage and share projects amongst team members. While you can share projects with individuals, often it is faster and more consistent to share your projects using teams. In OneDesk you can organize your users into ‘Teams’. Using teams is a great way to manage access to projects, with the least amount of managerial overhead. Here’s everything you need to know about teams in OneDesk.


10 tools you need for remote work

As more and more teams adjust to working remotely, we’ve been relying on technology to help us to keep work going — even when we can’t be in the same physical space. Today, we wanted to share our remote work tech stack: the tools that have been helping us to continue working without interruption behind the scenes. Some of them we’ve been using for years; some of them have been on our radar for a while but we’re only fully utilizing them now.


How InVision Makes Onboarding Remote Employees Easy With Trello

First impressions can set the stage for a lasting relationship. That’s why according to Bamboo HR, employees who felt that their new hire onboarding was effective were 18x more likely to feel highly committed to their organization. You read that correctly—eighteen times! It’s for this reason InVision has dedicated time to creating a detailed, thoughtful, and pretty foolproof onboarding process for their new employees.


WFH tips: 7 ways to make your remote workshop a success

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to require employees to work from home. It’s a new normal for many, but at Grafana Labs our team has always recruited and operated with a remote-first culture in mind. To help everyone transition to a home office environment, we launched a new WFH series in which Grafana team members have been sharing their best advice for staying productive at home – yes, even if you have kids around.


Coronavirus Software Making a Difference

When the harmful effects of the coronavirus pandemic began to accelerate globally, Axosoft wanted to step in and do what we could to help as an organization. While we have always offered GitKraken Pro license free for students, teachers, and nonprofits, we wanted to extend our offerings in these especially trying times. We recently announced the GitKraken Pro for a Cure Program, offering free GitKraken Pro licenses for teams of up to 25 developers working on a COVID-19 related project.