Gaining Insights from Application to Mainframe with DX Dashboards

This post will help you to learn how to gain insights into modern application environments by leveraging the value inside your data lake with DX Dashboards. The main goal of having a common data lake is to eliminate the “fragmented” view of the IT landscape where each domain manager has a view of what is happening within their domain (e.g. APM monitoring tools has no visibility about what is happening on the network domain).


APM's Evolution to AIOps

Application Performance Monitoring has been my career for 20 years. When our biggest customers have mission-critical production problems, I've been in the war rooms and on the midnight bridge calls, ensuring that teams are able to determine the root cause to fix the problem. I always questioned: why did I have to be on that call? Or get on a redeye to be at the client's doorstep the next morning? The answer is simple, application architectures are complex and only getting more complex overtime.


How Modern Network Monitoring Can Deliver a Healthy Customer Experience for Remote Workers

During this current time of global stress, major companies like Twitter, Amazon, and Google are asking their employees to work remotely and restricting all non-essential business travel as a measure to keep their employees healthy. So what's the impact of all these new remote workers on IT teams and specifically the network? Let’s look at a very real and recent network monitoring use case from one of our customers.

IDC Overview: Adopting BizOps to Accelerate Digital Transformation Results

Stephen Elliot, IDC Program Vice President, walks through BizOps, a new framework for data driven decision making that's aligned to business outcomes. Learn how BizOps extends DevOps to include continuous measurement and strategic business planning to enable digital transformation at the speed of business change in this video.

Broadcom's AIOps Architecture and How It's Different From Existing Solutions

For businesses today, the pressures on IT teams continue to mount. IT teams work under this pressure while they strive to track and manage service levels, and contend with the increasingly dynamic, hybrid, and distributed nature of their computing environments. To meet their charters, operations teams need AIOps from Broadcom®.


How Modern AI and Machine Learning Techniques Can Provide Intelligent Automation to IT Operations Teams

When we look at the IT operation space, there are three key monitoring domains. There is the application domain, which includes user monitoring and digital experience monitoring. There is the infrastructure domain, which includes monitoring servers, cloud assets, and virtual machines. Lastly, there is the network domain which covers LANs, WANs, wireless networks, and their software-defined radians.


Moving the Broadcom AIOps Monitoring Platform from a Monolithic Architecture to a Modern Microservice Architecture

Monolithic architectures tend to consist of one code base and components like a database, user interface, and server-side application, all contained in one unit and managed in one place. Although this type of structure is easy to manage at first, as companies grow and need to develop and deploy quickly, traditional monolithic architectures are becoming obsolete and the need for modern architectures is becoming vital.