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Azure Monitor (Part 9): Azure Service Health

Now that we’ve talked a lot about how to monitor your Azure resources, let’s talk about how to monitor Azure itself. As the classic statement goes, “there is no cloud – it’s just someone else’s computer” – and all computers can go down. Even Microsoft’s. So how do you know when poor availability or performance of your resources is actually a result of Azure itself being sick?

Introducing SquaredUp dashboards for SCOM

Despite its wealth of monitoring data, SCOM is often seen as a source of noisy alerting and can lack visibility of problems before they impact the business. SquaredUp transforms SCOM into one of the most visible and highly valued tools in your IT organisation. Founder and CEO, Richard Benwell, gives a quick taste of what SquaredUp for SCOM can do in your SCOM environment.

Do yesterday's tools still work for your business today?

The world of work has had to quickly adapt to the new rules of society. Now more than ever traditional businesses are having to look beyond their immediate goals of sales and revenue and put society at the heart of their business operations. Government legislation on COVID-19 means as many people as possible must work remotely to protect staff, customers and the community.


Want to be able to work even faster and smarter? Download Discovery 1.5, live today!

Our ServiceNow Discovery Connector extends your ServiceNow discovery sources into SCOM, allowing you to leverage the rich management pack discoveries and wide SCOM agent deployment to populate your CMDB with everything from servers and devices to databases, clusters, and services. All with no extra agents, so you are up and running in minutes not months! Our latest version also brings with it some new features.


We've just launched Alert Sync 1.5 and it's even more functionally fantastic than before!

So, what shiny new functionality have we added for you to enjoy? As well as all the great stuff Alert Sync did before, you can now benefit from even more features: Wait Rules allow an incoming SCOM alert to be held for a specified period of time; before being evaluated against Incident Creation rules. This is really useful for those incidences when a SCOM alert might open and close itself in quick succession (like a CPU usage threshold monitor).

Cookdown Alert Sync Wait Rules Explained

From Cookdown Alert Sync 1.5 onwards, the SCOM connector for ServiceNow allows you to hold alerts for a period of time before deciding whether to create an Incident in ServiceNow for them or not. This is great for preventing alerts from port flaps or CPU utilization spikes from being raised as Incidents. We call this functionality "Wait Rules" and this video explains how they work
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Why remote workers need a dashboard

Over the last few days, most of us have been getting to grips with this new, albeit temporary, norm of remote working. At SquaredUp, we’ve always been able to work like this as all of the tools we use day-to-day are SaaS products or hosted in Azure, but while we’ve always had the right tools, we’ve never actually had to experience everyone being out of the office at the same time.