CIS hardened Ubuntu: cyber attack and malware prevention for mission-critical systems

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) is a nonprofit organisation that uses a community-driven process to release benchmarks to safeguard enterprises against cyber attacks. It is one of the most recognised industry standards that provides comprehensive configuration checklists to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities in a computing environment.


An adventure through the Snap Store

An application store with a large number of entries is a double-edged sword. It’s often a good sign of a vibrant, thriving community of software creators, developers and users working together. But then, people new to the ecosystem may struggle finding relevant content right away. The Snap Store currently offers about 7,000 applications, so exploration and discovery can take quite a bit of time and effort.


The Wellcome Sanger Institute: sharing genomic research worldwide securely with supported Ceph

A world-leading genomic research centre, the Wellcome Sanger Institute uses advanced DNA sequencing technology for large-scale studies that surpass the capabilities of many other organisations. Among other works, the Institute is currently heading the UK-wide Darwin Tree of Life Project to map the genetic code of 60,000 complex species.

The Wellcome Sanger Institute turns to Canonical for high level Ceph support

The Wellcome Sanger Institute, a global centre of excellence for genomic research, leads the scientific advancement of areas such as cancer, infectious diseases and cellular genetics. With a need to collaborate and share data with other centres around the world, The Institute has to store, process and share vast amounts of data.

Release 1.21: Introducing new collectors, faster exporters, and improved security

We’re in the middle of a scary, uncertain time, and we hope those of you reading are staying safe and healthy. Despite the current challenges, the 40+ members of the remote-first Netdata team have been hard at work on the next version of the Netdata Agent: v1.21.0. This release is foundational: While we do have fantastic new collectors and three new ways to export your metrics for long-term storage, many of the most significant changes aren’t even those you’ll notice.


LXD 4.0 LTS stable release is now available

The stable release of LXD, the machine container hypervisor, is now available. LXD 4.0 is the third LTS release for LXD and will be supported for 5 years, until June 2025. This version comes with a significant amount of new features including adding virtual machines (VMs) support, the introduction of projects and improved networking, storage and security capabilities.


OpenStack distributions: How to choose the right one?

Choosing the right OpenStack distribution is essential to the success of an OpenStack project at every organisation. When selecting one, organisations should always follow certain criteria. Is it possible to operate the considered OpenStack distributions economically? How easy is it to deploy them? Can the organisation upgrade its production OpenStack cloud without affecting the workloads? Everyone planning to deploy OpenStack should ask themselves these questions.


FIPS 140-2: Stay compliant and secure with Canonical

FIPS 140-2 is a set of publicly announced cryptographic standards developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It is an essential part of FEDRamp requirements for many governmental agencies in the US and Canada, as well as their business partners from all around the world. Furthermore, as a well established and verified security standard, an increasing number of large companies and financial institutions are asking for FIPS compliance.