DevSecOps for the Public Sector

It’s not uncommon for government entities to look to tech leaders in the private sector for trends and technologies. Specifically, the Department of Defense (DoD) has made a concerted effort to modernize software development processes and tool acquisition. In this article, we will reference two 2019 reports created to guide the DoD’s DevSecOps implementation and ongoing success.


Under the Hood of GitOps

To quote the English writer Aldous Huxley, “Speed provides the one genuinely modern pleasure”, and how true could he be. Even in the realm of software, we talk about ‘velocity’. The fastest way of sending code from ideation to production, that is the dream. A dream that is slowly becoming a reality with the rise of DevOps and its ancillary practices such as the novel concept of GitOps.


Searching GitHub: Improving developer efficiency with Workplace Search

More than 40 million people use GitHub as a collaboration tool for building software around the world. For most companies — including distributed teams like Elastic — GitHub has become a critical content source for building software, holding much of the information and knowledge upon which the organizations are built, across items like issues, pull requests, and more.


2020 Trends in Software Development

Coding Sans has published the State of Software Development Report since 2018 in an effort to uncover the rapidly evolving trends of this particularly agile industry. Each year, the report highlights challenges, best practices, and the tools that are driving the software development industry, and how things have changed year over year.


Best Tools for Remote Dev Teams

Earlier this week, our organization made a big decision. From Monday to Tuesday, Axosoft transitioned from being an in-person company to an entirely remote-based workforce overnight. Our organization’s leadership determined this to be a necessary and preemptive measure in our efforts to minimize effects of the CoronaVirus Pandemic and how it affects our team members. Starting tomorrow, my company, Axosoft, is going all remote until further notice.


The GitOps Kubernetes Connection

In the first article in this series, we talked about making Kubernetes essential to your DevOps pipeline. We reviewed CI/CD and DevOps and why their relationship with Kubernetes is so powerful. In this article, I’m going to dive into another term in the application development and management mix: GitOps. We’ll cover what GitOps is, how it affects an organization and how it aligns with Kubernetes.


How GitLabs QA team leverages GitLab's performance testing tool

We’ve set up several initiatives aimed at testing and improving the performance of GitLab, which is why the Quality team built a new tool to test GitLab's performance. Performance testing is an involved process and distinct from other testing disciplines. The strategies and tooling in this space are specialized and require dedicated resources to achieve results.