The Open-Source SOC (Whiteboard Video)

Siemplify Technical Account Manager Arnaud Loos is back with another whiteboard, this one building on his previous discussion around the value of Elasticsearch and the ELK Stack for your security operations. This talk goes beyond the theory and into specific examples of products you can use to build an “open-source” security operations center.

McAfee CTO Michael Leland on Automating Threat Response with SOAR

Michael Leland, CTO of the Americas at McAfee, a Siemplify partner, joined us at RSA Conference 2020 to draw the connection between security operations challenges & objectives and security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) technology – and discuss the benefit of combining SOAR with McAfee's Data Exchange Layer (DXL).

Security Automation & Orchestration Needs a Unified Platform

Today's Security Operations Centers are inherently at risk. Plagued with skill shortages and increasing incident volume, CISOs need to counteract widespread threats-like phishing, exfiltration, ransomware and lost devices-fast. A unified Security Incident Response Platform helps expedite your response by optimizing processes and empowering your security team.

Getting to Know Your Data With Elasticsearch and the ELK Stack - Whiteboard Series

The Elastic (ELK) stack is a central logging platform for searching, analyzing and visualizing data. It also complements SOAR in its ability to help security operations teams detect threats and reduce response times. Our latest whiteboard video gets you up to speed on the capabilities of ELK.

How Security Orchestration Supercharges Your SOC

A security operations center (SOC) is responsible for preventing any cybersecurity breaches in an organization’s network. This huge undertaking involves a team of analysts, engineers and managers tracking all activity on a company’s or enterprise’s networks, databases, servers, sites and other connected systems. With so many moving parts, keeping track of security operations and ensuring that everything works together cohesively is a considerable challenge to many businesses.

Accelerating Security Incident Response

It's virtually impossible for today's typical security teams and Security Operation Centers (SOCs) to quickly and accurately respond to the massive volume of threat-related events encountered across their networks and systems. The trajectory of many security operations is unsustainable and alert fatigue is a real concern. What can you and your teams do to better mitigate risk?