New York City, NY, USA
Apr 1, 2020   |  By Dan Kaplan
Security researchers around the world have their work cut out for them keeping track of malicious scams and campaigns surrounding the coronavirus. Cybercriminals are unabashedly pulling out all the stops to take advantage of a weary (and largely remote-working) public to spread malware, siphon sensitive information, hold critical systems hostage and line their coffers with ill-gotten gains.
Mar 27, 2020   |  By Dan Kaplan
Siemplify Technical Account Manager Arnaud Loos builds on his “Open-Source SOC” whiteboard video with a deep dive into the Malware Information Sharing Platform, or MISP, an open-source threat intelligence sharing project that allows for the sharing, storing and correlation of indicators of compromise of targeted attacks.
Mar 25, 2020   |  By Nimmy Reichenberg
Today we announced the general availability of v5.5 of the Siemplify Security Operations Platform. Like all our major releases, the new version is packed with new features that enable smarter, more automated security operations at scale. Here are the highlights.
Mar 24, 2020   |  By Dan Kaplan
The coronavirus pandemic is reshuffling our priorities and changing life as we know it, and with the climax of the disruption – never mind its conclusion – still unclear, the uncertainty of when our routines will “return to normal” is only adding to the discomfort many are feeling.
Mar 17, 2020   |  By Dan Kaplan
In a perfect world, every security product you brought into your environment would meet every one of your needs right out of the box. However, we know that is not always the case. No matter how good a product is there will always be the need to tailor the solution. To that end, the Siemplify Security Operations Platform includes an integrated development environment (IDE). The IDE enables organizations to customize playbook actions and integrations.
Mar 17, 2020   |  By Siemplify
The managed security services market is growing - and for good reason. Within businesses, skills are short, budgets are tight and there is more surface to cover than ever thanks to the rise of mobility, cloud and connected devices. As a result, they are looking for a partner that can help them offset some or all of their security responsibilities. Cue the rise of the MSSP.
Jun 26, 2019   |  By Siemplify
No business is immune from digital attacks, making the ability to detect and respond to cyber incidents more important than ever. And that's where security operations come in to play. Because they are built around monitoring, analysis and triage, SecOps have become the centerpiece of an organization's security program.
Feb 24, 2019   |  By Siemplify
MSSP security operations teams face unique challenges in addition to those that plague the average SOC. Siemplify's security orchestration and automation buyer's guide outlines the features and outcomes MSSPs should prioritize when considering a security orchestration solution.
Feb 24, 2019   |  By Siemplify
Acquire security orchestration and automation best practices, tried and tested by our global customer base. Developed by our in-house experts who provide guidance to security teams worldwide, these playbooks facilitate and integrate alerts handling and incident response plans. These are the earliest in a series that continues to grow over time.
Feb 1, 2019   |  By Siemplify
Security Orchestration, Automation and Response platforms are rapidly becoming a must-have solution for SOC teams. Understanding the business case is a key step to implementing SOAR in your organization.
Mar 26, 2020   |  By Siemplify
Download the free community edition and experience the full power of security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) from Siemplify in your environment, allowing you to ingest alerts, download integrations and build playbooks to automate repetitive tasks.
Mar 23, 2020   |  By Siemplify
Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) from Siemplify helps intelligence-driven detection and response provider Cyberint propel its threat hunting services to contextually and expeditiously corner menaces before they can inflict harm on an organization.
Mar 20, 2020   |  By Siemplify
Siemplify Technical Account Manager Arnaud Loos picks up a marker and returns to his whiteboard for a session on how to assemble a high-functioning SOC with only open-source and free software, including SOAR technology.
Mar 5, 2020   |  By Siemplify
Michael Leland, CTO of the Americas at McAfee, a Siemplify partner, joined us at RSA Conference 2020 to draw the connection between security operations challenges & objectives and security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) technology – and discuss the benefit of combining SOAR with McAfee's Data Exchange Layer (DXL).
Feb 22, 2020   |  By Siemplify
The Elastic (ELK) stack is a central logging platform for searching, analyzing and visualizing data. It also complements SOAR in its ability to help security operations teams detect threats and reduce response times. Our latest whiteboard video gets you up to speed on the capabilities of ELK.