Nov 14, 2018   |  By Ken Wood
Hitachi Vantara Labs is excited to release a new version of the experimental plugin, Plugin Machine Intelligence version 1.4. Along with several minor fixes and enhancements is the addition of a new execution engine for performing deep learning and executing other machine learning algorithms using neural networks.
Nov 13, 2018   |  By Ken Wood
In addition to the LiDAR Motion Sensor real-time data feed from the 8th floor lobby of the HLDS facility, we've added another sensor to the configuration. The new real-time sensor data PMDustSensor.pngcomes from a prototype sensor that is being developed by the same LiDAR Hitachi LG Data Systems (HLDS) development team. This sensor is a Particulate Matter sensor, or dust sensor.
Nov 13, 2018   |  By Ken Wood
There are currently 3 Installation Guides to accompany the Plug-In Machine Intelligence (PMI) plug-in and one Developers Guide. Also, the demonstration transformations and sample datasets are available. These sample transformations and sample datasets are for demonstration and educational purposes. They are downloadable at the following...
Nov 2, 2018   |  By Ken Wood
REAL! Real-time IoT data stream available for Pentaho Analysis and Visualization. Everyone knows how hard it is to get access to real-time data feeds. Well, here is a chance to access real-time data using a 3D LiDAR motion sensor.
Oct 16, 2018   |  By Ken Wood
For those of you that have installed and are using the Plugin Machine Intelligence (PMI) plugin that Hitachi Vantara Labs released to the Pentaho Market Place back in March 2018, get ready for an exciting new update. This fall, we will release PMI version 1.4 as an update to the existing PMI which is an experimental plugin for Pentaho Data Integration (PDI).
Nov 11, 2018   |  By Hitachi Vantara
Data is your most valuable asset, and you need to make the most of it. This e-book explains how intelligent data governance solutions that extend across your private and public cloud data footprint can help drive more business value from your data and simplify compliance for your organization.
Jul 1, 2018   |  By Hitachi Vantara
TABB Group Perspective - Achieving Competitive Advantages with Innovative Data Management Strategies
Jul 1, 2018   |  By Hitachi Vantara
Download this e-book to discover the most common big data use cases that organizations are implementing.
Jul 1, 2018   |  By Hitachi Vantara
Read this ebook to know about common tactical and strategic mistakes to avoid when implementing Hadoop, which are identified by executives and IT teams.
Jun 1, 2018   |  By Hitachi Vantara
Read this white paper to see how Hitachi Vantara introduces predictive maintenance in the smart rail sector. Hitachi’s IoT solutions emphasize railway engineering elements, IT and data-mining, predictive and prescriptive analytics and rail as a service.
May 24, 2018   |  By Pentaho
James Dixon has a unique perspective on the big data space - he coined the term "data lake." In this webinar the Big Data Maverick talks big data - watch to learn more about the technology landscape and evolving use cases.
May 24, 2018   |  By Pentaho
Radiant Advisors’ analyst Lindy Ryan shares research on the accepted, principles-led practices being used by Fortune 500 companies that will become tomorrow’s best practices for extending data governance frameworks to enable governed data discovery.
May 24, 2018   |  By Pentaho
Discover what the near-term technology landscape looks like for data transformation, orchestration, and analysis, and learn which up-and-coming open source projects to keep an eye out for.
Jul 19, 2017   |  By Pentaho
The internet of things holds the promise of transformative business outcomes when it comes to big data. Often, IoT analytics has a simple flow from the edge all the way through to business outcomes.
May 21, 2017   |  By Pentaho
Pentaho 7.1 delivers a unique approach to support Spark, adds more cloud options with Microsoft Azure, visualizations for data prep and Hortonworks Hadoop security.