Toronto, ON, Canada
Nov 2, 2018   |  By EasyMorph
We've just released EasyMorph v3.9.1 (both Desktop and Server). One of its major new features is the easy publishing of datasets from Desktop to Server and retrieving from Server back to Desktop. While it may look as a minor feature at first glance, there are 4 good reasons why you may want to start hosting your data on EasyMorph Server.
Aug 30, 2018   |  By EasyMorph
EasyMorph version 3.9 is now available for downloading on our website. The new release adds powerful new automation capabilities to EasyMorph.
May 6, 2018   |  By EasyMorph
Version 3.8 has been released and is available for downloading on our web-site. Here is an overview of the most notable changes.
Apr 19, 2018   |  By EasyMorph
TORONTO, April 19, 2018 — EasyMorph Inc., a provider of self-service data preparation software for non-technical business users, announced record growth in its first quarter ending March 31, 2018. The company has achieved its highest revenue since its inception in 2015 and added its one-hundredth customer, a 300% increase in its customer base within the past year.
Jan 22, 2018   |  By EasyMorph
With version 3.7.1 we continue expanding the automation capabilities in EasyMorph together with making data transformation more convenient.
Nov 21, 2017   |  By EasyMorph
A brief introduction to EasyMorph that explains the user interface and shows basic operations such as Importing a file, querying a database, merging two tables and calculating/modifying a column.
Oct 12, 2017   |  By EasyMorph
Short video that demonstrates uploading and downloading files to EasyMorph Server using a web-browser.