Don't let anomalies hamper your automation

Growth is the key to every business and monitoring business performance is the key to growth. Current generation businesses have multiple offerings in terms of products or services and span over multiple geographies which make collaboration and monitoring even more complex. “Time is money”, so companies leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to come up with smarter techniques to have competitive advantage and growth potential to succeed in the marketplace.


Behavior Driven Development(BDD) With Gherkin

How can we bridge the gap between business and development? How do we make sure that features being developed are according to the business requirements from the beginning? The answer is BDD, a framework that allows the business requirements to be converted into test cases that are reviewable by business and users when needed. Let us start with understanding what is Behavior Driven Development and the purpose it serves in detail below.


Save on your cloud spending: Five essential cloud cost management strategies that work

Digital transformation can be a rewarding endeavor for any enterprise, especially now considering the current remote work scenario. Often, organizations leverage the support of the cloud to set up robust digital transformation frameworks. The cloud offers scalability, making it easy to scale up or down. The cloud is also far more dynamic in terms of consumption—you pay for what you use.

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Heat monitoring system: Heat maps with Pandora FMS

One of the great pleasures of life, next to sunbathing parallel to a swimming pool, walking along the beach at sunset or eating chocolate in all its aspects, is the fact that we can relate, in this blog, elements of science fiction with elements that we can count on today in real life and that no one seems to have noticed. That’s why today, in “Pandora FMS News“, we’ll talk about temperature monitoring, something that’s already available to everyone.

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7 Challenges Virtual Teams Face (And How To Tackle Them)

Struggling to manage your virtual team? There are many advantages to hiring remote workers — but only if you’re prepared enough to overcome the challenges of virtual teams. However, with the sudden COVID-19 outbreak, most teams aren’t prepared to deal with virtual work immediately. This is why we’ve decided to cover the 7 biggest challenges of virtual teams and cover how you can deal with them!


The Zero Trust Authorization Core

The Foundation of a Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) talked about the guiding principles, or tenets of Zero Trust. One of the tenets mentions how all network flows are to be authenticated before being processed and access is determined by dynamic policy. A network that is intended to never trust, and to always verify all connections requires technology that can determine confidence and authorize connections and provide that future transactions remain valid.


How To Spring Clean Your Workflows (And Life!) With Trello

It’s that time of year! Not only are you spending more time at home than anticipated, but it’s also spring for many of you around the world, so it’s time to bring out the mops! When you think of spring cleaning, you often think of tidying up your home or apartment (and don’t worry—Trello’s got you covered on that, too), but you should also consider some digital spring cleaning—like your Trello boards!


Infrastructure Engineering in a Hyper-Growth Environment

Bitrise, the CI/CD Saas scale-up with multiple offices around the globe, keeps growing: we are looking for our new colleagues, especially for our Infrastructure team. Gergely “Felhő” Hodicska (VP of Engineering) and Artúr Herczeg (Engineering Manager) share their insights about the company, the Infra team, and its challenges.

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5+5 Remote Collaboration Software and Tips to use during COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home has become a norm and remote collaboration software has become more important than ever. In fact, due to the coronavirus outbreak, a vast number of employees are working from home for the first time - which can be daunting for the unversed. And it can be even more complicated if you don’t know the right tools. Fortunately, we live in a world where remote collaboration can be as effective as face-to-face interaction.

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The COVID-19 Crisis and the need for Citrix XenApp 6.5 Monitoring!

The COVID-19 crisis has put organizations in a position where 100% of employees need to work remotely from their homes. Popular technologies used for supporting remote employees include Citrix virtual application and desktops, virtual desktop technologies based on VMware Horizon, cloud-hosted desktops (DaaS), or just VPN connectivity. Until now, remote access from home was something a small percentage of employees used.